No solutions in sight to Mayotte’s chronic water shortages

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No solutions in sight to Mayotte’s chronic water shortages
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No solutions in sight to Mayotte’s chronic water shortages
No solutions in sight to Mayotte’s chronic water shortages
Surrounded by the ocean, but there isn’t enough water to drink. This is the sad irony affecting everyday life in my yards, a French overseas Departments of the coast of East Africa, a dire situation where the items poorest I hit the hardest yo-yo. That’S water, he’s going to use to flush, toilets was born and bred in my butt is still statins everytime. He sees how the people living in this neighborhood. That’S where people come to wash the dishes to wash cooking pots. It’S also a meeting place. This is that only access to water, itsnotsonia, washing area and it’s also where they drink from see I drink this water refugees live here alongside poor French families says she feels left out compared to her fellow Frenchman in women on the mainland’s. We don’t have the same life, but I don’t have much choice. I have to get used to all of this going to the river to bathe. My children wash my clothes. I don’t have a choice and it’s not only the poor areas that are affected two years ago during a large-scale shortage in the archipelago. Water access was rationed it once every three days the street started the public showers as people selves using emergency water tanks and diarrhea, and skin diseases spreads among children and events that left its mark on residence and some nail take precautionary measures. Not this Gerry counts. As a wolfish will take you never know when it could happen at any time, please make sure she’s just very frequent, this very little groundwater in my oats, meaning the population relies on rain water reservoirs. But despite these man-made Lakes, William is still concerned about the supplies. Normally, during the rainy season, it should be completely full up to here with all the excess water over flowing Downstream of the main islands totally only 2/3 full, it’s a never-ending problem that keeps coming back, and yet we can’t seem to find a solution. Estate set up at 25 million euros the issue this expert says the filtering technology is too costly and other Solutions I needed. If the normal water, it would have been purified for drinking the situation that is comparable to developing countries in West Africa will southeast Asia and it’s the island population grows year after year. Increasing Water Supplies has become a matter of emergency
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The Indian Ocean island of Mayotte is France’s poorest department, but still boasts the country’s highest birthrates. The booming demography makes Mayotte’s chronic water shortages all the more problematic. A third of all Mayotte households don’t have access to piped water supply, and for those who do, water shut-offs have become all too frequent. It’s a recurring problem but with no apparent solutions in sight… France 3’s Benjamin Delombre reports, with FRANCE 24’s James Vasina.

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