Nora Quoirin: Family ‘heartbroken’ after body found in Malaysia – BBC News

Nora Quoirin: Family ‘heartbroken’ after body found in Malaysia – BBC News
Nora Quoirin: Family ‘heartbroken’ after body found in Malaysia – BBC News
The family, A fifteen-year-old noracora in her, said that hearts are broken off to her body, was discovered in the Malaysian jungle. Yesterday, a post-mortem examination is under way with the results expected later this morning and email reports released a new photo of the fifteen-year-old they cooled than most precious girl and in a statement they said, we would like to thank all the people that’s been searching for Nora. I’M trying their best to find her Nora is at the heart family, she’s, the truest most precious girl, and we love her infinitely. The cruelty of her being taken away is unbearable. A hearts are broken. We will always love ignore vitense jungle about two kilometers from the resort where she was staying in a cage supported by a police officer searching a line when one of them so her body lying across the smooth stream. He shall see if they all stopped and then sometime later the police arrived to tape off the area. North family said her learning difficulties. She would never have left her bedroom to a window on her own. She was wearing only night clothes. They suspect Foul Play Malaysian police are keeping an open mind, saying they can’t rule out of possible criminal inquiry. So much depends the results of the post-mortem examination, which started a few hours ago. North time they have already identified in hospital – and I feel the same to lose a child in Days is now over. The results of the post-mortem examination will go to the attorney general, who will decide the police need to investigate further and emo. Is it that you’re hearing hi John, I guess we’re waiting for a press conference in the next hour, or so it should release some details from the post-mortem. Examination is taking place here today that started more than 5 hours ago. Playing a senior facility just came down from the capital city Kuala Lumpur to begin this examination we’re still waiting for the details. What’S the police officers are out here next to me to this story here in Malaysia yesterday, and we have to stop news that the body had been discovered. It is hilly area close to the results found next to a small stream. We’Ve had detail today from the hikers saying that they found the body in the corner of the Stream stream. The South was quite shallow and they weren’t sure what it was like she connected to the river that flows past the Suisun result when she went missing 10 days ago. Let the moment this is still being treated as a missing persons case. That hasn’t been any evidence until perhaps this forensic examination is post-mortem. Examination revealed more details of death still being treated as a missing person case, but they finally have instructed a lawyer to be on standby in case it does new truth to a criminal investigation. But as things stand right now, we’re still waiting for confirmation of how Laura died from cassina pathology came down here today and stayed put out a statement thanking the 350 people. You would get involved in searching for her and they said that I told them we saw them going into the do some result yesterday. So someone being consoled in the back of the car clearly distraught from the snooze today and this press release, they said Nora has brought people together, especially from France and Britain in Malaysia, Magic Kingdom support for her and her family. She has truly touched the whole world to all our friends and family at home. We can’t thank you enough for all of your love. As you can imagine the media here, I giving them that privacy at the moment is still in the Cyrus O’Leary. We understand, and I think they’ll be on hand until this. The details of this forensic examination of the body are released later today to see what happens next, have any ideas sweet that could win? The details might be released? How long it might take the police say. They’Re going to give a press conference in an hour’s time, so that’s 5 UK time right here so soon as we get that news will bring that to you.
The family of British teenager Nora Quoirin, whose body has been found in Malaysia, have said their “hearts are broken”.
Nora, who had special needs, was found just over a mile away from the Dusun resort on Tuesday.
The 15-year-old Londoner had been on holiday with her family when she disappeared from her room on 4 August.
In a statement, her family thanked the 350 people who had been hunting for Nora in dense jungle near the resort.
They added: “Nora has brought people together, especially from France, Ireland, Britain and Malaysia, united in their love and support for her and her family.
“She has truly touched the whole world.

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