Normal Corruption Scandal Highlights Distorted News Climate | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Normal Corruption Scandal Highlights Distorted News Climate | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Very happy to have you with us: let us start with a simple thing: let us start with a new development that is almost pure and its Simplicity and it’s straightforwardness and it’s clear crystal implications for what should happen and what likely will happen next. This is just kind of perfect the way like a pecan pies perfect today. This new story I have found has been sort of my my order in the midst of chaos. You ready to be calling yourself with me right now, right now. The white house chief of staff, John Kelly, is the second white house chief of staff. In less than two years, he replaced the first one reince priebus, but now mr. Kelly has also been fired, just as reince priebus was, and so now a third white house chief of staff will be coming in soon John Kelly to leave his post in January, when He took over his job, you may remember he came over from the Department of Homeland Security or Trump appointed him to me, Homeland Security secretary. He brought with him a young staffer who had worked with him very closely at Homeland Security. His name is Zack case and Zack years old and when John Kelly left Homeland Security, white house chief of staff – and he gave us a really good job. That is a big job in its own right, but because Deputy Chief of Staff job, because of his close association with John Kelly now that John Kelly has been fired, there is a widespread expectation that Deputy Chief of Staff will also have to go too. This is all very simple right. This is a plastid news story, almost normal, even when the Scandal part kicks in it’s still kind of a normal Scandal. It’S at least a very Noble, very simple scandal. Are you the New York Times today, even though there have been these widespread expectations that exact one taste would leave the administration when John Kelly does next month, mr. apparently been working on an alternate plan quote mr. Fontes told colleagues that, after his mentor, John F Kelly Left his job as chief of staff at the end of the year, he would quote Hideout at the Eisenhower executive office building adjacent to the White House for 6 months. Why would the deputy next month quote remaining on the payroll in a nebulous roll mini? He wouldn’t have much work to do, but then quote in July. After his six months of hiding out, he would hit his 15-year Benchmark for his service in the coast because it has been serving as Deputy white house chief of staff. He has also been an active duty Coast Guard officer and if this plan of his works, if he could successfully hide out and stay on the payroll, even if you didn’t really have a job for six more months after John Kelly leaves in January, that would put Zac Puentes on track to hit the 15-year Mark at the coast guard and that would allow him to take advantage of an early retirement program at the Coast Guard and it might have worked. He might have been able to like Berlin to the paneling somewhere and stay on the payroll for 6 months, with nobody noticing that his mentor and his boss was gone, and he was no longer doing anything if he could just hit 15 year Benchmark, essentially invest into The retirement at the Coast Guard he could retire at the age of 37 boom right excellent. Just one problem, though, with this plan quote program referred to as temporary early retirement Authority had lapsed for Coast Guard officers at the end of the 2018 fiscal year, which totally screwed up this plan right. What is program you would have to do that for like 5 years, if this was your scam, if this was your plan, what would you do when confronted is terrible fly in the ointment that the early retirement program you were going to take advantage of the only Needed a bridge 6 months to early retirement program is gone. Well, here is apparently what mr. fun taste did quote discussed the early retirement program with officials at the Department of Homeland Security and November quot Department of Homeland Security officials begin pressing Congress to reinstate the early retirement program. It almost worked just this past month. The Coast Guard, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security, they package together a package of of of small tweaks and changes that they hoped would quietly passed Congress without any controversy. They’Re just little technical matters just little fixes to put some colons in there. That really should be semicolons. We got to go through and clean that up before its official law when it came to the early retirement program. Five and reinstate that program was quote. The need for parody with other Armed Forces. Always program also also came with what appeared to be a sense of urgency quote. They also told the policy writers that there might be an immediate need for the early retirement Authority for ten individuals, one guy named Zach, and then I don’t know if you up, maybe just I don’t know if there’s other guys, maybe him maybe just him. Apparently, this did not raise any red flags at all. With the republican-controlled Congress corporate representative Bill Shuster of Pennsylvania, the retiring chairman of the house, transportation and infrastructure committee accepted the requested changes, and this week introduced. Legislation in the house that would codify them into law means got the retirement program extended. This exact is going to get to retire at 37. All he has to do is hide under a desk for 6 months. Without anybody noticing he’s on the payroll without a job and then he’s going to get to it was on track Bill. Shuster accepted the request of changes this week introduced legislation, the house that would codify them into law totally going to work until somebody knocked out exact for what he was trying to do, and so now, thanks to these meddling New York time, reporters asking questions about it. It has all falling apart, quote house lawmakers were preparing to push the package through the chamber on Wednesday, but confronted with questions about the early retirement extension, they decided to pull that provision to ensure that the rest of the technical changes could become lot. Perhaps my favorite part of all of this is the bull puppy supposed argument about why this change of the Coast Guard was no big deal and the Coast Guard just needed to extend this little program right away just for a few officers, just as a technical matter That argument that they would need to do that was in that they needed to have parody with the others. The other armed services write the other services in the military. Apparently, nobody in Congressman Schuster’s office North Congressman Shuster himself. Nobody, Google that nobody fact check that arguments, because the Coast Guard reinstating that sweet early retirement program turns out with not give them parody with the other services. The US Army in fact ended that exactly gram last year and got a whole bunch of it. So when somebody snuck in in the dead of night and said Coast Guard needs to do this in order to match up with what the Army is doing, I’m sure that sounded good in theory, but literally just just Google. It Google army early retirement program, and this is what pops up literally these hands – Google, it wasn’t bothered, didn’t see anything wrong with this at all so bottom-line this story in the New York Times. The Scoop from the x is that the White House, Deputy Chief of Staff, County Clerk, embezzlement style scheme to change US law and the policies of the US Coast Guard just for a minute just for him, specifically to give himself a sweet, early retirement plan. And he almost did it, except now he has been caught, and this is what counts for beauty right now in American National politics. This one, you could just tell as a paid Public Service Announcement right in your Civics textbook when you get to the chapter on public corruption, subsection self-dealing. This could just be one of those like shaded side bars and italics. It’S so tiny. We even know how this one ends. I mean I don’t know in this white house if trying to pull off a scam like this amounts to a firing offense, if possible in this White House. This is like one of the things you do to prove yourself. Get your phone and then you can move up when you pulled off some sort of scam like this. Maybe that’s how they run, but the Democratic party is about to take over standby, almost letting it happen. Committee, which is house transportation and infrastructure committee. It’S not going to be headed out by Schuster anymore, to be headed up by a democratic Pitbull named Peter DeFazio comment today about the story that we have not yet heard back from him, but we will let you know if we do, but what happened here is In fact, a pocket-sized platonic, ideal of corruption and self-dealing from the White House, Deputy Chief of Staff. Presumably this will be a matter of Investigation under that committee when it gets its new leadership in a couple of weeks. Presumably, they will investigate it and fix it, and if there was a crime here, they will make a criminal referral for prosecution. This is how I relax now. This is like my happy place, it’s like a relaxing comforting to turn in the news these days to Twitter best pictures. Those likes will just look like hedgehogs eating kernels of corn, and it’s like this is the equivalent of that. That feels like a place of rest right now, which is telling about what else is going on right now, in the news I mean we expected going to shut down at midnight. We expected to be covering this. Our ongoing wrangling and negotiations potentially even last-minute votes. That is not the circumstances that we are in, because around dinner time, East Coast time tonight just decided and anyway, why fight it? Why stay up late, where old, guys so they’re technically, will be a partial government shutdown that initiates as of midnight tonight when funding for the government runs out? It’S because there is no deal, there’s no five billion dollars for the president to build a wall remote or steel slats or a decorative pergola on the long southern land border between our country and Mexico. There’S none of that is no deal send it’s gone home. The house will convene tomorrow at midday at as possible. They will then pass something that could shorten the shutdown, which means there are important questions now to ask him to figure out about how long the shutdown is likely to last. But there really no questions laugh about whether or not we are going to have a shutdown we will in back at 1, the latest news from Capitol Hill, both from a senator involved in the process and from an NBC crack Congressional reporter coming up shortly. I will say, though, that’s the whole reason we are going through this ridiculous exercise. He watches the Fox News Channel and they remind him about his campaign promises in which he said he was going to build a wall. I mean I will just point out that, if that’s going to be the basis on which we shut down the federal government, there is this issue that his campaign misremember, was technically that Mexico was going to pay for the wall right. If this whole fight right now was about whether Mexico was going to shut down their government rather than paying for the wall, that would be relevant to his previous campaign. I’M going to build the wall and you are going to pay for it, and Democrats are going to vote for that that wasn’t the campaign promise that wasn’t even what he said he could do. But the other part of this is that he’s got a new incoming staff. I mean on his way to burrowing into the paneling for 6 months, Skye Mick Mulvaney, the director of The Office of Management and budget former South Carolina Republican Congressman. Well, it does not signify the kind of commitment and united front and true belief. You need to blindly follow a fairly same non-rational policy and systems like the one we’re having right now, if you’re going to have a white house chief of staff, who’s on record saying this about the whole idea of a wall Seether play and stay. Are you cheating you get deported? What challenges does this plant pose? The fence is an easy thing to sell politically it’s an easy thing for a someone who doesn’t follow the issue very closely to say, Allah childish for someone running for president. To take that simplistic of you, it’s easy to tell people what they want to hear build the darn fence vote. For me, it is pablum that politicians like to feed people in order to tell people they want to hear as they’re trying to get them to vote. For them, it seems to me that Donald Trump is trying to really windy in motion. The emotional support of people 2015 interview from incoming white house chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney – that was first posted nationally out by Andrew Kaczynski, CNN federal government over this issue with not getting his wall. I think what supposed to happen is that, in the middle of that shut down he’s going to get his new white house chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney is on the record saying that this whole idea of building a fence or a wall that Donald Trump is trying To sell the people on emotional terms, he’s out there on the record, album absurd and almost childish for somebody running for president to be proposed name, something. That’S simplistic. He’S the guy who’s going to run the White House and organize everything during what the president is hoping and rooting for as to be a long shutdown specifically over the issue of not getting his wall. Shutdown is going to happen. Our closest allies around the world spent the day reeling in response to be surprised, protest, resignation of Defense, secretary James Mattis last night, United States Supreme Court. Today, i524 ruling brushed back President Trump and one of his policy changes that was designed to make it impossible for anyone to seek asylum in this country on a normal day. The big headline about that Supreme Court ruling would be that Chief Justice, John Roberts, joined the more liberal judges on the court to come up with that 5 for majority. But today the real headline out of that ruling other than the ruling itself is that liberal Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, had to cash that vote just before she went into the hospital for surgery today, she’s 85 years old will have more on that coming up. But on days like this, when it feels like the foundations are a little shaky, I firmly believe we can take comfort in the little things, like a nutshell: Ebola case, study, style, self-dealing, self-enrichment public corruption, scam, old school style involving the deputy white house chief of staff Law and things proceeding One Foot In Front of the other terms of how our government operates. You should also know that, even if the government does shut down for an extended. Starting tonight, law enforcement doesn’t shut down at the federal level. Law enforcement is considered a critical, essential function. You should also know that, as a specific matter, the special counsel’s office and then within the justice department, Robert Mueller and his prosecutors, their office will also not shut down in a federal government shutdown. It’S been a whole bunch of interesting Court. Things related to the Mueller probe. Today, I will tell you we’re going to get to that a little bit later on this hour to including the lifting of the gag order in the Maria butina case. I am organization the Mueller investigation. The special counsel’s office again will not shut down in the shutdown times like this and they clarifying orderly science of good reporting, clear explication of Ethan, complex processes, and so tonight we’re going to try to figure out a lot of the most complex stuff. That’S going on including a starting with a live report from Capitol Hill on what is now the impending. I believe it’s, the third government shutdown of the Donald Trump presidency, trying to go, live to Capitol Hill. Try to understand how long the shutdown is likely to last right after this MSNBC on YouTube videos were putting out you. Can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos?
Rachel Maddow shares the details of an old-fashioned example of political self-dealing corruption reported in the New York Times that is almost refreshing in the era of globe-shaking Trump scandals.
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Normal Corruption Scandal Highlights Distorted News Climate | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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