North Carolina Governor provides update on Hurricane Dorian (LIVE) | USA TODAY

North Carolina Governor provides update on Hurricane Dorian (LIVE) | USA TODAY
North Carolina Governor provides update on Hurricane Dorian (LIVE) | USA TODAY
Good afternoon everyone hurricane Orient hour has arrived in North Carolina, win ring and tornado earlier today are southeastern coastal towns started to experience the storm impact with the truck at tornadoes, Heavy Rain, damaging winds and power, outages 9 inches of rain already insured. Of time. That area due to flooding and downed trees, condition for continue to work today throughout the night tornadoes have touched down today: areas including Brunswick, Lenor Wayne and Craven County and, of course, that MRI, your local media, tornado, warning and watch it. The risk for Dangerous flash flooding continue in major river flooding or pass along the northeast Cape Fear River near Burgaw, Terraria thorium activated 527 North Carolina National Guard soldier with the gun receiving additional aircraft with water rescue. Many communities are important curfews tonight to euro mooreville, open Avenida Drive how many dedicated workers and volunteers, shelter, food or non emergency information 6 to 3. It help you remember the name of the road covered with water closure. Storm gutters, if you happen, never use a generator indoors. Devil’S deadly levels of carbon monoxide can build up quickly and use the radio or another. You can stay informed by visiting ready for emergency information for If you want to donate your time or Mt., Gov / donate State Emergency Operations and they are ready to move into action when needed. With response and recovery for Hurricane Dorian. I talked to you this afternoon, General Jim current state highway patrol Commander, Colonel Glenn, McNeill andermatt, Warrior at the United States Coast Guard birthday today and leave Williamson in providing signing for hearing impaired black questions at the end of remember last night play Barry Gibb next Governor State of Emergency Operations Center remains activated. The level 1 hurricane Dorian clots operating hurricane impacts include through heavy precipitation, sounds River flooding I-95 from South Carolina border to the Virginia border. What medications acting to work Network flooding in your area? You can get there by logging in spyman You can sign-up National Guard high water Vehicles being Urban search-and-rescue team Angeles Strike Team and aircraft. We will continue to expand our greatest impact, her name during for the rest of the day, weird everyone in the impact there and stay the same place in off the road always follow the instructions from your local officials. Working on a detailed luminary damage assessment plan are Utility Partners or will position for power restoration operations, storm passing. We have begun to Bravo resources. The incident before they support Ragnarok medical journal population Shelburne operation continue, and we can support, picked up anywhere. Remind everyone Hollow Road. Everyone’S safety precautions have been given by local and state leaders I’ll be able to drive safely on there strong winds, heavy rain and flooded roadway driving conditions throughout the day overnight ability has a thorn move: north or property state Water, Mine, water in water Outlet, radio programming And information available to them. Rob De Niro Wikipedia 17 drawbridge. Well, we’ll ask Google directions home question for anyone on this page color for mr. Sprayberry. This morning you gave us some numbers was for Sprayberry. I wondered if there’s any update to those the 23 Bar Rescue 4823 by the time we getting all of them in heaven we have a war coming in 52, more 60s coming in from state of Maryland, and one more 16221 on aircraft Drive Governor. If I made forecasters, you said you have meteorologist at the end, you given any updates. When do you expect the worst tonight? What is the worst that you’re expecting? You gave a few numbers this morning. Anything change in that. Thank you for that question. across the coach and Outer Banks early morning hours on Friday, Before Sunrise Northern Tempe good afternoon. Tomorrow. got to remember that even when the sun is shining River, Drive and flooding can continue to occur with, people have to continue to listen to order. Castleton go to the final site without Direct Express during flooding in the area. Are people who are not in that evacuation zones keeps maybe they think that they are not in any danger? Can you give a message to those people or more Inland on how quickly condition contain North Carolina? What’S the weather forecast in Wilton for tornado Vincent Inland areas of flooding going to be careful tonight down North Carolina nursing homes about most of the buildings? Don’T like this corrugated? What is the best guess on tornado threat as far as how far west, that is likely to extend hours of the most significant danger of that sort of psychotic what it came with good morning hours Newburgh morning to call.? First of all, the prime incite you explain again soup with the letter stand for in the explain the people I take it that’s a good way for people in areas prone to flooding, Oregon river areas to monitor when they might get flood waters. Mapping a network net worth of river estuaries as well wear weave the website for able to use information I have to do is plug your address.
Hurricane Dorian raked the Carolina coast with howling, window-rattling winds and sideways rain Thursday, spinning off tornadoes and knocking out power to more than 200,000 homes and businesses as it pushed northward toward the dangerously exposed Outer Banks.

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