North Carolina holds special election, could give political insight into 2020

North Carolina holds special election, could give political insight into 2020
North Carolina holds special election, could give political insight into 2020
As we mentioned earlier, polls are open in North Carolina’s, 9th district. For today, special election Democrat Dan McCready is facing off against Republican Dan Bishop McCready lost to Republican Mark Harris. State officials ordered a new election over allegations of fraud, Harrison House in February that he would not run again in the special election. A vote for any Democrat in 2020 and a vote for any Democrat tomorrow in North Carolina is really tough language they’re from or what to expect from today’s special election. Let’S bring in Leslie Sanchez and antjuan seawright Leslie is a CBS News, contributor and Republican Prince tragic 2016 should Republicans be least comfortable in believing that they will hold on to speak positively Office of the Congressional race. Just on the Democratic side, they’ve spent 12 million dollars and most of that came outside if you’d. If you talk to me any other election cycle center spending $ 12, it a crazy, but that just shows you how much vested interest both parties are. Having you have a lot of outside congressional committees, Republican and Democrat millions of dollars in those coffers Million Dollars In Those ads? But what’s interesting about this particular it’s very much a Bellwether State because there’s about 41 % identified as Democrat 42 %, who identify as Republican and there’s only six states in the country that are that closed in terms of 0 or 1 % of dividing the state. So there’s a how to transformation. Republicans win 2010-2012 Democrats, one 2016-2018, so it really is going to be indicative of those counties and how much Trump’s effect is going to have on the boat turn out today. Democrats. How far do they have to be in? What is it is it? Is it about the issues? Is it about Donald Trump? Is it about these allegations of fraud? Last time this was actually conviction. In fact, his brother testified that it was the election for that’s what I want could argue. Is it the Trump effect? Is it a candidate, but what I do know cuz I’ve been involved in this race for 27 months. Dan McCready has been the consistent factor in the race. Republicans have had two candidates and then both races. We still have been within Striking Distance Democrats not once in 19. This again, this is a seat that the Republican National Committee uses to train your operative, because it’s a seat that should be better weather for them. But here we are one or two points either way, and so that says two things, one think it’s the environment but too, I think it’s the message, the type of care that we brought them. Damn this Marine, a father, small business, burger and a very visible light. Christian to all the things that Republicans try to attack him on, they cannot because he’s running a very non Washington DC message. The same message that can is one up and down 18 to get us into the majority. So I think it’s a toss-up tonight. Look, I’m cautiously optimistic because I’ve been down there for the past several weeks in the district when you go to places where traditional publicans would be saying, wouldn’t even talk to them and they embraced him saying. Thank you for speak into out issues, legal Healthcare. I think that’s a problem, long term. For the Republicans sure this is the Republican side. You have somebody who’s tied lockstep with the president, there’s not a lot of daylight between them and he’s drawing a big contrast which no kind of had a ripple effect across the country and in the end, was not really the social issue. That Republicans want to be talking about me. If you say this is someone who’s getting so much it money from outside interests such as Elizabeth Warren, such as better, who are really the extreme left of the party and what it’s kind of a false hope to think he’s a Centrist Democrat when he was somebody Pushing his big stack shelters: these are the talking voices of the closing points and I think that’s where you’re activating Republican campaign Style, calling Democrats socialists. This is this. What we saw last night was what we’re probably going to keep seeing at all these rallies throughout 2020 and if they don’t like it like that, maybe it’s not just the president. What we learn from Focus within the district is the issue is Donald Trump’s agenda that these people Independence and moderate Republicans who voted for dead lifetime last time. This is the reason why they’re coming home to him this time, National Committee in the on the issues from many Democrats in the country, including including some leadership. So he could not be taught to them, and it’s not because he playing is that the Republicans tried to paint the people North Carolina rejected because he stayed local and really make this about the local issues. And when you talk to people North Carolina, prescription, drug prices, Dan Bishop was terrible on as a state. Senator Dan McCready has been able to drive a wedge reelection. I want to play a little bit of you. Don’T have any choice you have to vote for me. I can leave right now, North Carolina, I’ve had it with you, I’m leaving right now, but it’s never been so far left that you here at the Trump rally. I bet you here sometimes from other candidates, are running for the Democratic nomination. It just strikes me on social media, America, language, because the president uses it quite often on the campaign Trail or uses it in his rallies. What president was saying with all come together, even though we knew kill each other in astronomical ctm CBS This Morning. This morning, talking about exactly that, the thing she fears the most is the divisiveness, because there’s a lot of baseball because you don’t agree with that, but they agreed fundamentally and free markets on promoting capitalism, and they feel that that is under attack. Just heard a former President George W bush talking about that, that’s his biggest fear extreme versus what is traditionally been in market-based Economy, Inn in free at personal responsibility. So that’s the tone and it’s going to be at one person run for a party’s nomination. Bernie Sanders declared as a socialist, the rest of them ever talk about issues that Democrats been talked about for a long time, we’re part of something. That’S fundamentally not true, and you look at this District, I hear you have a president who’s attacking the Marine to someone who signed up to serve this country after 9/11. Find Jesus Christ doesn’t apologize for being baptized the things that Republicans like to talk about his Dan McCready at the present last night, making up lies about not one protective order, Etc. When there was one of those people who went to sign up challenging, I don’t believe in. I can’t speak for him. The Integrity of a veteran and just because someone went to serve doesn’t mean that they have the same idea: policy on border security. That’S because again, I’ve seen these ads and been a part of process, some of the language and ideas that they break from this process and Brace from this President and that’s the unfortunate thing, because we look at the two past republican nominees, Mitt, Romney and John McCain. The country, regardless of their Ideology, Now you have a president ivanko
Voters are heading to the polls for today’s closely watched special election in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District. Political analysts Leslie Sanchez and Antjuan Seawright joins CBSN to explain on why some see this election as a referendum on President Trump.

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