Northam: “Virginia needs someone that can heal”

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Northam: “Virginia needs someone that can heal”
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Northam: “Virginia needs someone that can heal”
I’M joined by two political correspondents who have been covering the skin alongside us was relied on some of their reporting and certainly their perspective on screen right. Jeff Shapiro is the politics columnist for the Richmond Times-Dispatch and has been covering politics in the Commonwealth. For almost here’s and Jake Burns is a reporter for our Richmond to Philly wtvr CBS 6. We could not tell the story without the assistance of CBR600RR here. That Monday would begin with an introduction of Articles of impeachment by a delegate from Northern Virginia who saw the news Friday about a second accuser against lieutenant governor and then today seemed to come to Richmond and realize I’ll wait a second I’m a legislator. I don’t get to do this by myself. We have to hold meetings and see no other planning sessions before we figure out exactly whether or not we can try to increase the lieutenant governor, I’m just curious what you guys make Jeff. We could start with you this latest turn and it’s essentially, I delegate hope, didn’t, have support within his own Democratic caucus, and it was clearly a considerable concern among Republicans as well. This is never been done before felt when reads the papers. It appears the last time that the general KSAT to impeach an elected official he wasn’t elected by the general assembly. It would have been a judge, so this is Terra incognita, but it is also a reminder that this story is moving very quickly, and many of the steps that are being taken are not necessarily fully inform steps agreed that all three of these guys, the governor, had To go or on watch but then that Paul came out over the weekend for the Washington Post, suggesting that this is actually somewhat evenly split and African-Americans think the governor deserves a second shot. I’M curious did you today since the same level of oh? Maybe we got this wrong that we did I’m on somebody’s legislator. You spoke with her in Virginia is an important Point as well. We’Ve been speaking with folks on the street now for several days and they tell us much of the same thing, which is about half the people think he needs to step down, given the opportunity to clear his name and maybe do some good for this Commonwealth. So I think those numbers are very interesting to see putting data to what we have heard from people out on the street. Since the Scandal broke a couple of Fridays ago and is Generation younger African-Americans affect children pulled, nearly 60 % of African Americans may be supporting Northern, but he was elected with about 90 % of the African American. Definitely part of the Deep South Sand & Ruby Red Republican for quite some time has spent much of the past 10 years, really evolving, politically and demographically, and I think, there’s a sense among people who are Maybe politics of the national level outside of Virginia in recent Years that this is a democratic state but, as you reminded me last week, and I think that Paul reflects an understanding compared to most of Virginia’s history – and this is not your father’s or grandfather’s Virginia is, I think we discussed last week the majority people who live Here are from somewhere else. This is truly a multi-hued to Virginia when I land here in 1979 was on African American Caucasian with a smattering of Native Americans. Now we have 30 % of the population minardi that includes Asians and Latinos run each roughly six to eight percent of the population. Their presence was negligible 40 years ago. We have elections in this state later this year. That’S part of what that is part of what is making this so difficult for Democrats remind us of how Tik, Tok type B balance of power isn’t used to Chambers and what it is Democrats are hoping to do later. This year, the Senate and in the house of delegates and Democrats were really hoping after 2017 that election. That many call the Blue Wave here in Virginia, where they really close the margin, especially in the house, and they had an opportunity to take over both Chambers and also have a Democratic governor sitting in the executive mansion. That would’ve been a game-changer for Democrats in the state of Jeff, know so well right here in Virginia and could be a game-changer for everyone here. The capital remains to be seen at this point is come November. What the Scandal, first of all, what’s going to happen with it and, secondly, what voters will think about it when they finally had to the polls legislative elections. They are hyper local. They tend to be friends and neighbors affairs with very very low turnout, even in the bluest areas and state. The Democrats need to get out every vote and then some just curious if we wrap up this is a steak. That’S had Scandal before most recently was Bob McDonald, the former Governor, but that was mostly over and over price for refrigerator, not anything on the scale of what we seen in the last few days. What are your colleagues, your friends and neighbors here in town make of the national attention that this is drawn and the fact that it wasn’t one to but three of these? At the same time I spoke with someone on the street the other day. That said, they were getting calls from their friends across the country saying what is going on in Virginia and who is going to be leading your state as we move forward. I think that speaks just to what how big this has gotten. Macdonald controversy and and his trial was definitely a big National headline like what we see here where everyone in the country is looking at every single twist and turn the happens with a scandal. And it’s interesting to see how Virginians react obviously is very dependent on the person in the voter and the lawmaker that were speaking with, but just in general inescapable care Capitol Square in really anywhere here in Richmond Virginia West Virginia would like to be noticed. He’S Kentucky
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is resisting calls to resign over a scandal involving racist yearbook photos and admissions of wearing blackface. Jeff Schapiro, a politics columnist for the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Jake Burns, a reporter for CBS affiliate WTVR, join CBS News political correspondent Ed O’Keefe on CBSN’s “State of Crisis: Scandal in Virginia” to discuss the latest developments.

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