Not voting for one of the 3 main parties?

Not voting for one of the 3 main parties?
Heading into the election season, we asked people what they thought. The main issues would be in the response we saw. There was a lot of political dissatisfaction on media. In fact, a large number of the comment said that they wouldn’t vote for any of the three big political parties, not the Liberals, not the conservatives or the NDP. A big conversation online was about Quebec, MP Max and Bernie’s newly-formed People’s Party of Canada, and it was formed only a few weeks ago and on the other end of the spectrum, the green party generated a lot of too. So we wanted to find out why people were saying this, and you were mentioning that you would consider voting for a party other than the three big political parties what he puts out for where his platform is by will. I would give you Maxine Bernie a chance if, if so, I thought he had the veterans and the economy it and interest for sure. One of the things you were mentioning is that you vote depending on how the parties will treat veterans. So is that really what you’re looking for in the next election in 2019, when I was a kid we looked up to our veterans and, and we took care of them – and it just seems like these days, the government just or more of a hindrance that yeah I’Ll be definitely one of the hot topics for me entering the election. Just how competitive will those two parties be well, let’s bring in PVC Pole. Animals are grainy to answer those questions.. What about the People’s Party People party right now is not doing very well. At 1 % support, but we have seen that show anywhere from 10 to 5 percent of Canadians would consider voting for The People’s Party. So there is an opportunity there for maximum hernia. The greens are still pulling some around 6 7 % nation wide, but it’s the impact of having some provincial relay races in New Brunswick in Ontario and right now, they’re leading in the polls in Prince Dylon. So that’s where the action really is for the green party right now. Interesting. So we saw a lot of political dissatisfaction with the three big parties. Is that really what’s happening out there? Or is this really a lot of talk on social media keep an eye on because we have seen party like the People’s Alliance in New Brunswick and the Coliseum with Nikki back into back to very well, new parties could exelator as well. So there is an appetite out there for those parties, but you still see the Liberals and conservatives leading in the polls raising a lot of money. A lot of cash you’re still tied to those two options, but we’ve seen that they’re willing to shop around. Thank you for your insights or any of the three big political parties. Why or why not hello or send us a video in Instagram, don’t forget to tag us at CBC News!
We’re seeing a lot of political dissatisfaction online from people who say they’re not voting Liberal, Conservative or NDP in the next federal election. Is it serious or just social media grumbling?

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