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Alberta Premier Rachel notley and prime minister Justin Trudeau met yesterday their first sit down since a federal court halted construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion the meeting was brief less than an hour or so what was discussed and how does the premier expect the federal government to pursue joining me now from Calgary is Premier Rachel notley I permanently thank you so much for joining us that I know you spoke to reporters about a half hour ago and you describe our you characterize the conversation in the meeting as tense and concerned what do you mean by that well actually that meeting was a conversation I was describing a meeting with the energy CEO’s that I had just come out of in Calgary so that was the meeting that I was talking about in in and that’s that you quote the meeting that with the Prime Minister was certainly one where we were both the focused on talking about solutions to the problem you know the the Prime Minister reaffirmed what he said publicly that the government is committed to getting the pipeline bill I indicated that what I’ve said publicly again that we believe that there’s going to be a need for the federal government to assert The Authority that it has at its disposal to make this more timely and injectable and clear for investors and for energy owners and and of course for for workers across is province and well at the same time of course respecting the principles outlined in the federal court of appeal around indigenous consultation and accommodation and ensuring that the Marine safety is is guaranteed win the project go ahead do believe him you know why I do I think they are very seized of it you know we talked about how you know the people of this province and and workers and investors in the energy industry well as investors in Canada if any economic sector are going to see have to see a very clear plan of action with clear timelines from the federal government who of course the only people with the authority to let me deal with this issue and that they are going to have to see that time line you know in very short order and he understood that that was that was a thing that said that they were going to have to work on it from that point we just started talking about the very sore options that where we’re at our disposal and and you know our officials are working together and certainly Alberta officials have been working day and night to come up with different ideas for how to move this forward while still as I said respecting the suppose that are outlined in the federal court of appeals decision of legislative option in the House of Commons look at the different options and you know is I said before the bottom line is is our view no granted I mean I’ll be the first to admit there is what I’m referring to now is a growing team of lawyers both in and outside of the public sector who are analyzing the decision and also the legislation but at this point the consensus that I’ve been advised up is that to Simply follow the federal court of appeal path will will trap us on a regulatory Merry-Go-Round that didn’t stop that we can’t get out of where there’s just so many decision points that are appealable is just too open to illegal gamesmanship and so we need to respect the principles that articulated within the federal court of appeal but we have to find a way to move forward and and I know that they are considering that we’ve got a number of different options and and they are having their officials also look at them when you say short order what do you mean I’m I’m talking weeks not months we have to we need Clarity investors need Clarity financial markets need Clarity you no working people across this country need clarity he absolutely did yes what about the meeting that you had that you that you referenced earlier with with industry individuals you incorrectly assumed that it was the other way and concerned why was it so tense what are the concerns expressed you are very much aligned the people in that room in and in our government and myself very much aligned but I mean they talked about the implications that this having for their ability to attract Capital they talked about their own investment decisions they talked about what this does in terms of their ability to keep people employed in the industry I mean there is something that are good obviously they’re happening in the in the industry where do you know almost $70 a barrel but the differential for heaven sakes is over $30 a barrel that is not sustainable and that we are doing that to ourselves is ridiculous and an inter National investors and people from whom Canadian business people let alone you know others that are investing in Alberta from whom they get their investors are looking at this and and shaking your head and and we need to be better so absolutely we must respect the Constitution we must respect the obligation to consult and to accommodate and we must ensure safety but we cannot kick start another you know number of years of opportunities for legal gamesmanship are you worried though that if you if the government does pursue options outside of what’s being prescribed by the decision from the federal court of appeal that it won’t feel like respect for for example the indigenous people in groups who have expressed their opposition and and have been told that they did not have meaningful they did not get meaningful consultation when it comes to the matter of the indigenous consultation and accommodation that has to be done absolutely in alignment with what the federal court of appeal says no one is suggesting that we would try to short-circuit that or shortcut that or anything like that we have have to be it has to be meaningful it has to be authentic that needs to be accommodating all options need to be considered in terms of accommodating the issues that are raised so that peace no one is suggesting that yeah that the federal government assert any legal or other kinds of authority to to get around that but this issue of the vndb certificate and the fact that the NTB didn’t consider the over billion dollars of War that the federal government did invest in oceans protection after the anybody certificate was issued or didn’t consider it in the right format that kind of thing we need it we need to clarify me the fact of the matter is if you know you could have a million barrels of oil are bitumen event I show up in the Vancouver port on Rail and get into its little boat and carry right on off but because it’s in a pipeline we have to debate it for 4 years and years on end and that makes no sense I’ll leave it there thanks so much for your time Premiere really appreciate it thank you
Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says she expects the federal government to act quickly to resolve delays to the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.
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