Notorious: Trump Invokes Murderous Gangster To Defend Manafort | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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Notorious: Trump Invokes Murderous Gangster To Defend Manafort | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
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call it Donald Trump’s alcapone defense today on what is just a second day of Paul manafort’s trial Donald Trump comparing his former campaign chair to the notorious mobster asking who is treated worse Trump has made this bizarre comparison before. Paul manafort music really is a nice man hitting you look at what’s going on with him it’s like Al Capone 2005 tax case it’s just a sad thing it’s a very sad thing for a country to say this so to be clear comparing a defendant to Al Capone is usually something prosecutors are critics to because of the story of Crime and Punishment Capone the person who did many bad things and got in trouble for only some of them facing charges for tax evasion and not the other violence and murders that his game was accused of pay no taxes nothing to his name if we can establish any payments to him at all we can activate order for not paying his taxes try a murderer for not paying his taxes that’s the movie version in real life that 1931 trials a national spectacle Hill cameras outside the Chicago courtroom citizens and obviously concerned about more than tax evasion but because of his reputation as a violent gangster famously also portrayed by Robert DeNiro there was the denial of violence violence with a twinkle in the eye and we used to say you can get further with a kind word and a gun then you can with just a kind word there is violence in Chicago of course but not find me and I’ll fight anybody I am Floyd not by anybody I employ note that is a specific denial of a conspiracy which is of course if he charged in the Russia probe now that jury District Capone cotton 11-year settings manafort faces more time than that if convicted in legal experts do say the prospect of dying in prison can change the minds of even the most stubborn defendants which applies to alleged tax evaders as well as mafioso so the question that hangs what is now day two of this trial why is Donald Trump comparing his former campaign Chief to a gangster could this trial change Paul manafort’s my door is he ready to face the risk of prison and death pondering I don’t know something later salvation to quote another man steeped in the Criminal Minds set the musician Master P the question may boil down to is there heaven for a Gangsta Gangsta gangster is there heaven for a Gangsta Gangsta Gangsta cancel Edge mafioso John Gotti Jr a perfect casting Richard painter also back with me and former a lawyer in a republican Administration I begin with you is there heaven for a gangster number 1 what in God’s Earth is Donald Trump doing comparing this man to Al Capone in three when you look at the legalities of this case how does it relate to how you approached Mafia in this case sad to say but the number one similarity is you are trying to penetrate a closed secretive with a potentially criminal organization and the number one way you do that is by flipping people by getting cooperating Witnesses and I think it on something I think the president is probably scared to death that pull men for may try to flip if he’s convicted you read that as what’s happening this week in other words for a long time Trump dismiss manafort and avoided talking about it lately as we show I think we can even show he’s been tweeting more about him lately a handful more tweets up from zero you’re saying that means what do not think Paul manafort is willing if he gets convicted to go die in jail and if he gets convicted you 69 years old he will die Behind Bars I’ve done it so we can pick it up murder he got sentenced to life we thought he had Dynamite information same way mother might think manafort has Dynamite information we went into the jail and ask him if he would cooperate no he was an old-school stand-up guy but the point is prosecutors are still sometimes willing to cooperate defendants African the matter of prosecutorial tactics you were prepared even with a life sentence to dial part of that back to get information metaphor can you imagine can you imagine getting to sit in to brief him at the prosecutor and learn everything he knows it would be a gold mine if I was in their shoes and I convicted metaphor and he was willing to come in on absolutely pay the price for it Nautica shoes many people have filled as a prosecutor you know how to spot unanswered questions you did not answer the Master P question physical aspect of this I Turn to You on Donald Trump’s shifting approach a metaphor take a look at how we used to talk about him because this does backup the point is made on that he is now warming to him after dismissing him take a look Paul manafort was replaced long before the election took place he was only there for a short. Of time like a couple of months how do you view that ship which is clearly change now that child again worried that the airport is going to flip on it man I believe the prosecutors would offer metaphor time very good deal because from the law enforcement perspective while he’s done some Very Bad Things Donald Trump and various other people who are at high part of our government and is an ongoing conspiracy to obstruct dangerous for a National Security I saw the prosecutors I got to offer mount for a very good deal I certainly would if I were the prosecutors he got the information on the people who are really dangerous who have included with the Russians obstructing I’m really above but radar contrast so I would be scared to death just reflexively Trump critics who think this plays in to some public on ramp to what would be a very controversial pardon to say the least I’m reading here from The Spectator to publication quote is using the Capone comparison to set this stage to pull another Arpaio depict manifold as a victim of the deep state whose unjust predicament can only be rectified by a presidential pardon your thoughts I think there’s a lot of signals being sent at a minimum here and you know the other possibility is again to use the metaphor does being a stand-up guy and that means someone help lead you don’t talk you don’t cooperate with your trial to take your consequences in the normal World they go to jail here it’s an exceptional circumstance so it could be the sort of unspoken understanding could be you stand up and I’ll take care of you right which is itself potentially inappropriate guess would be a very questionable use of the part of power right in that goes back to a report we’ve done earlier on the show about how all the pardon power is unilateral the president gets to do it and has legal Force immediately as we all three of us know or just like auctioning it off or Blagojevich auction off of unitary power that was going to be make check payable to Donald J Trump that has to be a crime the check would be made payable to Trump organization so that he can pay lower taxes on it but I think you were unfair and saying it would be they’re from MSNBC you can see more videos right here or better yet subscribe to our YouTube channel below you could have been anywhere in the world that you’re here with us and we appreciate that
President Trump defends his former campaign chair Paul Manafort, by comparing him to the notorious mobster, Al Capone, who had a reputation as a violent gangster. Former Prosecutor for the Southern District of New York, the same office currently handling Michael Cohen’s case, tells Ari Melber that Trump is likely “scared to death” Paul Manafort will flip and notes that prosecutors are sometimes willing to make deals with defendants “after conviction”.
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Notorious: Trump Invokes Murderous Gangster To Defend Manafort | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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