NYT publisher warned Trump about labeling journalists enemies

president Trump tweeted just a little while ago that he met with ag salzburger the relatively new publisher of the New York Times at the White House recently and they talked about the vast amounts of fake news being put out by the media from says it was a good meeting I wonder what what happened in the meeting well now we know in the past few minutes they just over this statement explains why he decided to meet with Trump in the first place he said there was supposed to be off the Record but now that Trump put it on the record here’s the response my main purpose stepped in the meeting was to raise concerns about the president’s deeply troubling anti-press rhetoric I told the president directly that I thought his language but enemies are people was not just Avista but increasingly dangerous and harmful I am far more concerned about his labeling journalist the enemy of the people I warned the distance flammatory language is contributing to a rise in threats against journalist and will lead to violence that’s the new publisher of the New York Times AJ salzburger in the statement about his with President Trump all this comes a time when Trump is keeping his distance from the Press Corps he’s tweeting a lot but he hasn’t answer a single question from reporters since Wednesday that’s the day you remember this happened Good Michael Cohen betray you mr. president did Michael Cohen betray you mr. president is going to bed at Peter’s are you worried about what is on the other tapes mr. president why is Vladimir Putin not accepted your invitation those were the key questions asked by CNN’s Caitlin Collins she was acting as the pool reporter for all the TV networks and as you know the response from the White House was to disinvite her that means ban her from a gathering later in the day that was open to all press that was way back on Wednesday ever since then every time the reporters have been able to shop questions here the president he hasn’t responded it’s really telling that he’s avoiding any opportunities or any interactions with the Press Corps I think it shows the Caitlin’s directions were spot on these issues about Cohen and about his twister relationship with Putin these are Big stories and we’re not going to answer some Trump let’s talk about it with our panel now Olivia Knox is here he’s the brand new president of the White House Correspondents and the chief Washington correspondent for SiriusXM Kenny Rogers is here White House correspondent the New York Times and SE cupp is here the host of HLN SE cupp unfiltered Katy lucky you you’ve got the president talking about your newspaper today what do you pic of the president’s decision to make this a private meeting with your boss the publisher all of a sudden a public spat on its own and for itself I agree as a reporter that the president’s words about journalism broadly definitely have wait out in the field when we go cover Rally’s the president rallied in my hometown about 6 weeks ago it’s very clear that his rhetoric about enemy of the people is resonating across the country he is the president what he says matters and as a reporter you go into the field talking to Republican voters having to hear that you know it’s fake news we’re enemies and it adds a different component to our jobs broadly the president is entitled to feel however he wants about the coverage about him other presidents have done the same what is different is that this President is coming out and calling us enemies of the people tell me about Wednesday Olivia the news broke out right before your radio short start a radio show started on Sirius XM but within an hour you were out with a pretty strong statement condemning the White House’s actions are you trying to take a harder line when it comes to the White House trying to punish reporters are you trying to show solidarity forever with the waca does advocate on behalf of the men and women who cover the White House will try to bring Americans news about the president the president see what the government is doing in their name we want to make sure that when they are television pictures coming from the White House from the news media when their photos that come from the news photographers radio Sound by the radio folks and of course to try to get as many opportunities to ask questions of senior officials up to and including the president that’s that’s our core function in this instance a program from a radio show I had my my board operator basically muting my microphone in-between questions my first interview with a friendly type on my laptop wow this was this wasn’t just a defense of CNN just defensive Caitlin cause I think what you saw in the unanimity of response across platforms across news outlets New Fox News jumping in other other outlets coming out with their own strong statement was the sense that could be someone else tomorrow it could be someone else in the next Administration and that’s what led to this kind of unanimity of spirit it’s truck at one of our core functions again Caitlin was basically told she could not attend an event at literally every other credentialed reporter on the house grounds that day could attend it was important that we draw that we draw the line there that we explain to people why that wasn’t okay that he has wanted to block certain I’m coming to events the post name is Jim Acosta April Ryan as two of those reporters surprised operated as assertive putative for Simon I think he really likes to punish people to throw send up send a message or or make examples or look like the strong man that tough guy the brass and and labeling Us fake news labeling us the enemy of the people has actually been very effective as you know trust in the media is at an all-time low so this is having a significant impact the difference now I think is that finally our news institution or Media or press is sort of uniting around in solidarity around around each other and that is something you and I brand have talked about it time that we used to see in past administrations Jake Tapper calling out President Obama for discrediting Fox News or or other organizations calling out the Obama Administration for targeting VAP work we’re trying to keep fox out of out of the press pool for an interview there were those moments of solidarity they had not happened under Trump until the past few weeks starting with John Roberts of fox being pressured to make a statement about Trump’s calling CNN Jim Acosta not a new Real News Network he he eventually did write a statement released a statement defending CNN on the the week following that you had Hallie Jackson and NBC news reporter who was trying to press Sarah Sanders in a press briefing she wasn’t getting answers another Hill reporter seeded his time back to her those moments of solidarity including the kaitlan Collins incident are a really welcome a show of strength and show of force that that I think has has really taken too long there have been several episodes cynical for a second are we really going to see this frequently or were these just one-offs what was the time you don’t see it at all because what we’re doing is we’re having this conversation behind the scenes with meeting with Sarah Sanders another communication to prison for work out our problems behind the scenes it’s not typically this heated what we often have debate and argument about how much the Press will see on a foreign trip for example can we get the pool that is to say the small group of 13 or so outlets and follow the president everywhere can we make sure that they stay in the motor we make sure that they see the present actually meet with say British prime minister Theresa May so a lot of the solidarity a lot of the work is happening behind the scene but this was a very very public moment they made a decision to exclude Caitlin from which Everly every other Prudential reporter at the white house that day could have tent and it seems like maybe he just kind of fell for it I am now he saw this all the reaction hey real quick One More Story to touch on KTU and Maggie Haberman reported this week about an amazing leak out of the White House it was this email that showed how Trump was angry when he boarded Air Force One and saw that melania’s TV was tune to to see you what happened to all the TVs tune to Fox he wants all the TVs tune to Fox it’s now standard operating procedure when the president boards Air Force One that all TVs will be on Fox when he returns to his hotel suite when traveling the TV’s will be June the fox I think what the emails I mean the emails are they there a smaller example example of this broader issue going on that the president does not want to take in opposing or possibly opposing views he’s at a phase in his presidency where he does not want to hear anything other than his own messaging or supportive messaging and the emails are just a small example that illustrates this larger issue Trump won her team put out a statement saying she will watch whatever Channel she wants and she did she did give that statement to your network
In a statement, New York Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger gave a different account of the meeting he had with President Donald Trump saying that it was the White House who made the request for a meeting. The statement goes on to say that Sulzberger warned Trump that his language toward journalists was dangerous.

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