NYT top editor bashes Trump unity headline as ‘f*cking mess’

NYT top editor bashes Trump unity headline as ‘f*cking mess’
NYT top editor bashes Trump unity headline as ‘f*cking mess’
Well, the New York Times trying to come to terms with its disastrous decision to change a neutral, objective, positive Trump headline in order to appease the far-left Twitter mob executive, editor dang back at stating that the original headline was a quote: expletive mess and the headline writer. He said feels terrible for having been fair and balanced the New York Post, Michael good, summing up the papers problems earlier today. The times has created a monster in that it has to give its readers a daily dose of hate Trump every day. And if you don’t, if you do the ball on one head line, they will come after you, because this is now what they expect of the New York Times cure for to have you here. It is crazy to think that the executive editor the time speaks like that and actually was apologizing a by implication telling the poor assembled editorialist that they headline writer was awfully sorry and feels terrible about the whole thing of being fair and balanced for the president of The United States, what kind of incentives does this produce inside the New York Times Newsroom, which already has tons of incentives to be anti-trump, but that you just showed it on the on the screen? It said Trump urges Against Racism, given the news of the day. The present statement that was a perfectly accurate and neutral headline, describing what the president had done. As you said, Twitter went nuts a lot of people. They said they would cancel their subscriptions, and so they have to have a essentially a town meeting inside the New York Times about this. The editor has to say that the that the poor guy who wrote the headline just feel terrible sick over it. And why me? What incentive does is, does that give for anybody doing that again, me. Basically, the messages we did an objective straight headline about Donald Trump and will never do it again. It’S horrific what the left-wing the leftist media in this country is doing and will continue to do. They will persist throughout their 2020 election without doubt making. If you will a pivot here, he’s pivoting on illegal immigration. He is pivoting on border security, he’s doing so, and I expected for anyone pivoting, but nonetheless, it’s happening, he’s pivoted on gun control and what is there? A Breaking Point here with the base, but they’re certainly is – and I think I know you’ve talked about this – is the wall. If, if the president is running for re-election a year from now 14 15 months from now and there’s, he cannot show a lot of progress on the border barrier, the wall, whatever you want to call it, I mean that’s a serious problem, because you heard all of The presidents rallies in 2015 and 2016, it was his Premier campaign, promise premiere paying promised and there were opportunities to get it that he did not take and then, when he pursued it, he pursued it under conditions in which, after losing the house in which it was Virtually impossible and had to use executor power after that in the house, because it seems to me there is an analog for this upcoming election was Ryan and the house in this election, it’s McConnell and the Senate, or is this growing? It seems to me false confidence in the Trump campaign structure and the White House itself in policy that the president can do pretty much what he, because the base has nowhere to go. It’S a peculiar kind of arrogance. It seems to me, because they just received a lesson from Paul Ryan in the house of it is in the midterms and it’s like they want to continue to make mistakes by not affixing themselves, to the reasons and to the people who made Donald Trump possible. You’Re. Talking about is is when I look at the Democratic field. I think we’ll who among them could beat president Robin and the answer they believe is nobody, but when you say the base has nowhere to go, the base always has somewhere to go, which is better, not
Washington Examiner chief correspondent Byron York discusses The New York Times headline change and President Trump’s stance on immigration and gun control.

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