Officials cancel high school rugby in Nova Scotia

Officials cancel high school rugby in Nova Scotia
Officials cancel high school rugby in Nova Scotia
The Nova Scotia School athletic Federation says time’s up for high school rugby. The season is now scrapped, despite pleas from athletes to let them play Rob bezo here to break down the story for us, and we hear talk about encouraging kids to get active out there. What is behind this decision to cancel right before these students, injuries and some numbers that the Federation just did not like the request, these numbers over a five-year span, and they said we wanted to find out if actually, what the injuries are and how often they’re being Stated specifically in dealing with concussions, and when I got the numbers back like I said they weren’t happy with it. If you look at both categories, rugby led the way: concussion 149 cases, Washington, rugby 33 and hockey 32in football 26 and soccer, and the same sort of order when you’re talking about just total injuries when they saw that they came to the conclusion that rugby is a Safety issue and they don’t want to put their players in situations where continue to suffer concussion. I should mention the study was missing a lot of information. How many athletes played how many games were played? Obviously, you’re talking about whether a concussion was diagnosed undiagnosed, how it happened so they’re a lot of Mark when it comes to this study, but the Federation said you know what we don’t like seeing this. We don’t like to continue put rrr athlete in the situation where they can get hurt and they scrapped the program altogether. Triathletes, coaches parents, all of them saying let them play, there’s a petition being circulated. That’S got over 10,000 signatures already saying. Let them play one parent said I don’t want to be. I have to wrap my child in bubble, wrap it. Physical sport, injuries are going to happen. A lot of these complaints have been going to the rugby Nova Scotia president Gino Carew. Let’S hear from him for once a little disheartened, I guess it’d be a good way to put it upset with the decision and kind of want. What’S driving the decision has been made. I don’t think that refuse any riskier than than any other sport that involves contact and accidents can always tragically occur and, and they have and rating the that risking and taking steps to mitigate it wherever possible. As far as timing goes because a lot of these athletes, coaches and parents, the bed one night with a rugby program, the next day, they’re told you’re not playing rugby anymore. They have requested a meeting with the Federation just to maybe get a little bit of background. As to why this decision was made, but something tells me, the story is not going away and I think, like a rabbit hole, if you start with rugby, you know I can’t exactly any sport that has people contact, acting technical director for rugby Nova Scotia for the Under-20 Women’s National Rugby team, we reached him in Victoria. The team is there for a selection Camp so Jack. Thank you for the intro of notes, X-Men that something some tragedy. It happens and that’s exactly what you happen to know. You’Re there, a Victoria you have a few players from Nova Scotia on your team. They are so what are they saying? Yeah? I think that’s the one thing that where would I even see I’m not closer? I think that was a real moment where it it hit. It hit home for me. I just want to go back to a word. You used, you said tragedy. Can you explain that more for me why I have one of the best jobs in the world. I get to work with some of the most incredible athletes around the country vote for primaries. A lot of these athletes change the game fight between 1617, and it’s one of those last four that you have an opportunity to see. It’S for all shapes and sizes. To take that away from people from high school students to express themselves and in my opinion I think that’s the real tragedy about the reasoning here and I don’t know how much you know about the statement put out by the Nova Scotia School athletic Federation. But I’m just going to read a little bit to you where it says. After a thorough review of incident report data provided by the school insurance program, the board has decided to take this action. Student safety Remains the top city of the Federation. What does that tell you about how they came to this decision? We understand we’re contacts for there’s a lot of contact Sports at their one thing that I’m really private it back to our membership is that we haven’t get away from these issues. Okay and anyway, we want them to make sure that they are comfortable in in those two years. I think, if anything, we’ve certainly got coaches and players referees and supporters to make sure that the contact out of mrs. there and make sure that everyone is comfortable. Should we have from Aruba Nova Scotia point of view? Is we haven’t been brought the table here again, these memos windows and we heard them at second hand, information. We wouldn’t call him and try and stop any any research from being doing bring more research. We don’t. We just don’t want to take it away from these players and talkin about the research. Those stats to show that concussions are possible. Concussions have occurred in rugby more than four times as much as either hockey, or how do you square that up? It’S not available anymore. Again, players of nature that they are recognizing removing I’m not pretending that this contact is not happen in our sport all right. We really appreciate your opinion on this and your Insight. Thank you. So much Jack Jack Andrade is the acting technical director for rugby Nova. Scotia he’s also the coach for the under-20 Women’s National Rugby team.
Players, parents and coaches are angry the Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation has decided to cancel public school rugby games across the province because of safety concerns. Jack Manratty, acting technical director of Rugby Nova Scotia and coach for Canada’s U-20 national rugby team, calls it a “tragedy.”

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