On America’s trail of destruction – BBC News

On America’s trail of destruction – BBC News
Like the floodgates have opened and is nonstop, probably not it’s not heroin is killing our people. It’S it’s change the game. I don’t know what’s happening of the generation and I look out my window for fentanyl, whoever 20 overdoses, 80 overdoses in a matter of a month. But we’ve been chasing it ever since trying to get ahead of this. And it’s really tough to get ahead of something. Like this, I’m pretty exhausted my my personnel and I worry about what they do when I grow up in the fire service. We never saw this much. You know you’re not in on these types of calls over and over and over again all day long he’s going to give her another in a second one. If this crisis right now doesn’t worry, you then there’s something wrong. You not paying attention to it. Everyday people are out on the highway driving down that I-95 corner to the store City or Source cities. Chinese organization have these drugs readily available all day long and on the weekends and it’s nighttime daytime and during business hours. For these don’t have to worry about BMW. He picked up his looking around, so you can see how this works were set up in the park, with we’re sort of at a position where we can see what’s happening. We see. Customers coming in in the car are guys are calling it out to the surveillance unit. Surveillance units are taking him away to a place where, whether it’s in New Hampshire or Massachusetts, we can safely make these traffic stops vehicle, possibly going on 9595 New Hampshire now Chene Park and this woman to had the stuff stuffed inside of her body, cavity she’s pulling It out for the Troopers, the cartels will never change. They have found now with fentanyl, where they can make so much money. The dealers and now mixing fentanyl with everything we’re seeing an increase of fentanyl mixed with cocaine, fentanyl mixed with methamphetamine to the dealer. They almost look at this that just of money maker that killed more people than war hats Mike, we need rehab to learn how to live all over again. Fentanyl is very dangerous because it’s stronger than the heroin and before overdosing on it, you never always scary and very alarming and we’re losing a lot of people some go to rehab, but they always come back. I can never count throughout the years how many people that I’ve helped her known that have died from this disease, at least a hundred people in the last few years. It’S sad because there might you know next time we come, somebody might say also and so didn’t make it that happens often, especially since his fentanyl spending I chase fentanyl, I chase carfentanil, because it’s the only dope feel anymore. But it’s is a big brown because it’s so powerful that I have been clean for years and just recently decided to relapse. Then duh podium. You do not do that last 2 years. I guess nothing has changed, but everything is changing. That sounds really weird, but I’m still using I’m still down here, I’m still jumping from house the how I’m still with the same guy, I feel a little trap, I’m scared again and some flying. What did you spend your money on United? Then you said you had to go, get some more money had to do that and then go back out. I’M not sure. If I see my face right now I mean I think about it. I don’t know what I’m going to do in three years. I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow. I don’t know what I’m going to do in an hour I mean all I can do is hope that I will be the right thing. You know, and not what I’m this addiction changed me from being able talented, ambitious young kid into basically a degenerate, just a shadow, my family, my friends, my free time. It took everything my self respect, my friends and family, my education money. You wanted me to do with me. I couldn’t get a job. I couldn’t keep a job for my family members. Consider me dead. I wouldn’t say that it got better. I would say that it’s gotten worse, we see more more patients coming in that have experience multiple overdoses prior to coming in. I really don’t CNN, I don’t. I don’t see it getting better at all. It’S like the floodgates opened and it’s just nonstop when we met Stephen, he don’t want to hear any recovery, even though he was kind and sweet and respectful. I knew he just wanted to get up and go get high. That day. Gus me how I looked can’t even keep my eyes open. I couldn’t form a sentence. Learning and Ike Rose my wife, but I know it’s not too late. I can still still make it right. Two years ago, I couldn’t even dream that I can be here doing what I’m doing and then William call my girl everywhere is here. I’Ve seen it a little bit. I know an attic when I see one. It’S definitely here all right back home who I know that we had a hand in Saving his life. It’S worth it nobody’s life’s better than someone else. We all deserve a chance at success and to live Melissa, blah scaraway, poor people thing anymore. It’S not a inner-city ghetto drug anymore, it’s everywhere and it’s killing people left and right every single day, Something’s Got ta, be done or eventually there’s going to be. No. Coming back from that point already,
“Together we are going to end the scourge of drug addiction in America,” President Donald Trump said on Wednesday, as he signed a new bill to tackle the country’s opioid epidemic.
Authorities have seized enough fentanyl to kill every single American. It’s a crisis that lines one major highway. These are the stories of Interstate-95.
Filmed and produced by Darren Conway, produced by Sarah Svoboda and edited by Franz Strasser

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