On brink of ‘worst famine in 100 years’ – BBC News

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On brink of ‘worst famine in 100 years’ – BBC News
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On brink of ‘worst famine in 100 years’ – BBC News
Well, this is where you can really see the tragedy of severely malnourished children in the world are more people at risk of starvation. I was here two years ago and see how much worse things are. No motive is two and a half years old, a victim of Yemen’s growing hunger in the bed across the way. Dr. show us another two-year-old called possum. It’S hard to look Nadia shares his torment, she’s malnourished herself into the poorest nation in the Arab world, but War has pushed jamming to the brink of now. The currency has come out. Food prices have doubled in a month Doctor Who is trained to Liverpool says only peace will save Yemen’s children. The finest do you have any hope for myself. No, we have no ventilators for them. Dr. Nigel has been displaced by the War 3 times. She keeps coming to work. Those salaries haven’t been paid years. United Nations is warning that if the war continues, Simon couldn’t go feminine in the next 3 months. I think many of us felt, as we went into the 21st century, that it was Unsinkable that week city of salmon, like we saw in Ethiopia, that we saw and then go that way. Song parts of the Soviet Union was just unacceptable. Many of us had confidence that that would never happen again and yet the reality is that her name – and that is precisely, but we are looking – we predicted. We could be looking at 12 to 13 million innocent civilians, who are risk of dying from the lack of food into think. We should be ashamed, there’s no question, we should be ashamed and we should everyday that we wake up when you our commitment to do everything possible to help the people that are suffering and in the conflict Saudi LED Coalition through one 2 weeks ago. Only just he has lost one leg and may lose both arms. I meant I was at a clinic. He says in the city of her data when I was his age. He wants us to hear his story, but is unable to say much more medical stuff. Tell us, God is an arse himself. He and his colleagues were his trying to save others. They heard airplanes above them, but they didn’t think they would be targeted. Treating victims of other airstrikes 5 people were rescued, but he’s the only one who survived a bitter Harvest for Yemen food. The money here come no longer afford. They are trapped between the houthi forces who control the capital until Saturday LED Coalition, which bones are called in the Civil War, which has become a regional power struggle. People here feel abandoned and wondering why the world has left them suffer for so long or message to the International Community on the European countries is to look at our situation. This month says it’s getting worse and worse. What are we done wrong to deserve to be besieged? What crime have we committed? Yemen has been called The Forgotten war with more than three years on many here say it is not for golfing, it is ignored or nadir, and BBC News Center
The United Nations is warning that 13 million people in Yemen are facing starvation.
It’s calling on the military coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, to halt air strikes which are killing civilians, and contributing to what the UN says could become “the worst famine in the world in 100 years”.
Yemen’s civil war began three years ago, when Houthi rebels, backed by Iran, seized much of the country, including the capital Sanaa.
Saudi Arabia, backed by the US, the UK and France, is using air strikes and a blockade – in support of the internationally-recognised government.
At least 10,000 people have been killed in the conflict and millions are displaced.
Our international correspondent Orla Guerin, producer Nicola Careem and cameraman Lee Durant sent this report from Sanaa.
It contains some distressing scenes.

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