On Italy’s new pro-European government

On Italy’s new pro-European government
On Italy’s new pro-European government
Apparently there is a lot of riling of the fact. The leader of the five star gets the farm Natalie since the second world war of the largest party in Parliament. So it’s not completely unreasonable, but I think Chris is right. Thank you for your plug on my large piece. What is always been ahead of the curve and most of its revolutions have been right wing and I think they went. Salvini has been able to do and what the current Italian government passed until culture Clash about values and use social media to kind of rile people up in the same way that the leave campaign in Britain, dead and and in the same way. Or will this government be able to kind of Compton
Salvini ‘weaponinzed immigration and turned it into a culture clash about values’ says Rachel Donadio, The Atlantic Paris correspondent. But will he last in the opposition knowing that he no longer has ‘public fund to run his propaganda machine.’

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