On the frontline with US troops fighting IS – BBC News

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On the frontline with US troops fighting IS – BBC News
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On the frontline with US troops fighting IS – BBC News
Us artillery unit getting locked and loaded. This is rocks border with Syria. There are more than 200 u.s. and French. Frontier set up trust. In months ago, we haven’t given exclusive access to d space on Eric’s Porter Vesperia, look up the militants and the threat here is very real ASDF locations at least half a dozen Vehicles full of Fighters. The reality is that Isis is very fluid and you can, of course, just blend back in with a population. You know they can be just driving a white pickup truck one day and and move within just a few kilometres of the Iraqi border. We visited the Space a few days before President Trump’s surprise announcement to pull troops out of Syria ready you’re, going to see him soon estimated kimya. The boots on the ground here in Europe will stay. We have been told that these remote USS post will now take on a much more important role in the fight against Isis to try to put a timeline to this fight. I think what’s important, is that not only do we defeat Isis Wahpeton, also healthy Rocky Security Forces to be able to prevent the reemergence, so it’s not so military defeat, but also a long-lasting partnership that we want to maintain with your. I can security forces and questions remain about America’s, why their role in the Middle East, it’s killer. What their allies think about the plan u.s. highways are concerned. The departure could create Impala vacuum in the region, a vacuum that could be filled for your on. How many different forces have the Syrian Army, Lebanese Hezbollah and forces royalty Ron and on the left? There is the Syrian Democratic forces bad for the us, as well as always, Easyhome Backs paramilitaries play the key role in the fight against Islamic State. What they have always opposed the US presence in the region for them, newest leaving stereo, is good news. The grounds on Tuesday White House has made a clear decision. These soldiers, in rock, will be waiting in the wings of his BBC news on the US border with Syria.
Soldiers at an army base on the Syria-Iraq border have described the fight they face against so-called Islamic State.

This particular base is only one-month old but is home to hundreds of French and American troops.

However, doubts have been cast over their future in the region after President Trump announced he was pulling US soldiers from Syria.

The BBC’s Nafiseh Kohnavard reports

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