Online misinformation contributing to measles outbreak, says U.S. surgeon general | Power & Politics

Online misinformation contributing to measles outbreak, says U.S. surgeon general | Power & Politics
Online misinformation contributing to measles outbreak, says U.S. surgeon general | Power & Politics
Once almost eradicated, the measles are back and countries around the world in the US, the number of cases has reached 704, the highest level in 25 years here in Canada, 41 cases have been confirmed this year, but the outbreak has Public Health, the importance of vaccinations and They’Re hitting a growing wall of quote-unquote anti-vaxxers have received death threats from opponents of vaccination. So just how serious is a situation dr. Jerome Adams, General of the United States – and he joins me now in studio, hi, there. You’re nice to see you thank you for coming. In French I appreciate it, can you talk about the level of the outbreak in the United States and what, from your Viewpoint precipitated, it would be dealing with measles. You know we are now at 704 cases. The highest number of cases since 1994 and folks have to remember that measles was declared eliminated in the United States in the year 2000. So we are going backwards very rapidly and it’s a bit concerned. A children in the United States are vaccinated. So there is a minority of folks out there who are choosing not to get vaccinated, but if an important minority of folks and within that 6 %, who aren’t getting vaccinated, you’ve got some who are vaccine. I called resistant. Some folks call anti-vaxxers, but that’s a small but vocal percentage. The majority of folks out there are parents who just want to do the right thing for their kids and aren’t getting the proper information they’re going online on Google and then on social media. I’M getting inaccurate information, and so one of the things that we’re doing today and I’ve been working with us Health Canada to do this is to get the word out to the folks, particularly Health Advocate that we need to make that information more readily available, so that Parents who want to do the right brother kids can make the proper choice socias to should help Canada gauge with antibiotics, because you lift up the misinformation again. The maturity of folks who aren’t vaccinating parents who just want, what’s best for the kids and just want their questions, answered, and so Healthcare Providers really need to take the time to 8 people’s questions in a in a low-risk environment. You know that 15-20 minutes when you’re into the doctor, the nurse’s office, isn’t really enough time to adequately to spell weeks and weeks of misinformation, they’ve been getting on the Internet. So when I was in wash in the state of Washington where one of the big outbreaks is occurring in the US, we learn that doctors were we’re having one into our Q & A sessions after hours with people in the community to answer their questions. In a compassionate way, and when they did parents more often than not made the right choice or something more going on any of those people who has the way you described the people just have questions and aren’t sure about things that exist for a long time. There’S something that’s that’s changed. Chief Public Health officer said last week that she thought social media Bots for or trolls were spreading false information. Do you share that view point when you look at social media and when you look on the internet, if you go on the internet and research, facts you’re more likely to get 10 hits of misinformation before you get accurate information. Other people out there who are trying to sow distrust in our institutions info again, it’s important that were out there and they were sharing the proper information this week is National and international infant immunization week in one of the things we’re doing in the u.s. is really Having a full court press approach to helping folks understand that vaccines are safe, that they’re, effective and they’re the greatest Public Health of the last 100 years, not only in the United States and Canada, but really across the world. There was a time when we had millions of people dying of measles. There was a time when people were dying from polio in our country smallpox. Is it just really baffles my mind that we’re going backwards? What you seen in the United States solutely think this country’s acceptable out. For instance, I was talking earlier with dr. Tam, the chief Public Health officer, and I flew to Los Angeles two weeks ago. Took me half the amount of time to fly here to Ottawa from Washington DC. The different me to fly from DC to La diseases. Don’T respect borders and I think that if we don’t pay attention to the misinformation, that’s out there on the internet, which also crosses borders, and I really help restore that faith and trusted institution and we’re going more and more vaccine-preventable outbreaks occurring. Even though we’re now, at a record number of cases, that’s a real opportunity for folks to understand the importance of Public Health. The challenge of Public Health in a vaccines is when everything goes right. No one pays attention, so we need to use this opportunity to help folks understand vaccines, are safe, they’re, effective and and really lift up the importance of getting your child vaccinated according to the recommended schedule and and and if we can do that, then I’m hopeful that Next year will actually turn this negative into something. That’S a turn positive perspective. I know various constituencies is made their own decisions, but should kids who haven’t been vaccinated, he banned from schools. I think it’s important that we have that discussion about the rights of individuals versus the rights of communities and we know in the United States my perspective is that end in communities that are that have slid on the vaccination policy. This mandatory vaccination policy, we see more people unvaccinated and they are at risk and that’s where many of these outbreaks are occurring so from a public policy point of view to say that if you’re going to go to school, you need to have your vaccinations. That’S absolutely something that we promote in the US from a public health point of view. But again we have to balance that with states rights of individuals right. So I always say the science fair. Let kids should be vaccinated before they come into school, to protect themselves and to protect their schools and vaccines are safe and effective. And, quite frankly, the courts in the United States have shown over and over again that that is not only scientifically valid, but also leave valid as an approach doctor that dr. Jerome Adams, Surgeon General of the United States. Another video thanks for watching
U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams says misinformation online is contributing to the measles outbreak in his country and that it’s a big concern that when people seek to learn more about vaccines online they are more likely getting inaccurate information.

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