Ont. jewelry store owner wields sword to chase off robbers

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Ont. jewelry store owner wields sword to chase off robbers
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using a vehicle as a weapon take a look at this shop van to use to break into a jewelry store good evening at there were people inside at the time CTV crime reporter Tamara Cherry to marry your live at the scene in Moulton was anyone injured incredibly zorayda know and you’ll see why it’s so incredible when you see the rest of this video there are so many things that could have gone awry to cause some serious injuries or death what you’re about to see now I should mention that I was speaking with one of the owners friends earlier this afternoon and he told me you have to understand that in our culture we don’t put up with people stealing our stuff but the owner tells me that when we’re watching his actions that are about to unfold in this video he says this had nothing to do with his stuff being stolen in DD thinks that these guys got away with close to $100,000 worth of jewelry he said his actions had everything to do with the fact that he thought his wife was about to get shot it’s just before 6 Saturday evening imagine his wife is working behind the counter helping a bride-to-be and her future in-laws pick out a necklace the young woman’s fiancee is sitting next to the front window you can’t see him now but you will see him soon now here comes the van and there goes a fiance up from his chair and to the back of the store and here comes the van again was this an accident they’re still not sure it was no accident the van stolen is it turns out slams the store until the bars are torn from the window then seconds later three guys pile out one with what appears to be a gun and a duffel bag too with hammers to my wife he swings a gun in front of her and smashes it to the glass man Janiyah thesis from the back of the store and he’s scared given to him as a gift from a preset is Temple about a decade ago a sword that’s been used before this isn’t the first time the store has been held up back in 2012 three men and a woman tried to rob the place by posing as customers they managed to smash the glass showcases but ended up taking off empty-handed after they were chased off by mentioning his brother who is wielding that same sword now back to Saturday as soon as they saw the store that was it for them . but wait there’s more because one of the thieves wielding a hammer has not gotten in the car and he’s not done and neither is Manzanilla he runs to the car and smashes the back window this is important a black four-door sedan with a smashed up passenger side window and Manzanilla wants to make sure it is gone for good chasing it and one of the Seas on foot down the street and then it is over but the story does not end here because those guys are still out there to the police sweet please tell me they’re looking up or any evidence that can leave them to these Brazen thieves anyone with information perhaps you saw that black 4-door sedan with a smashed-up window on Saturday evening anyone with information about to call the peel Regional Police commercial robbery Bureau and as always anonymous tips can be left your Crime Stoppers reporting live in Moulton and Tamera Terry 10 / 2
Video surveillance shows a red minivan smashing into a jewelry store in Malton before armed, masked suspects entered the premises.

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