Ontario appealing carbon tax decision to Supreme Court | Power & Politics

Ontario appealing carbon tax decision to Supreme Court | Power & Politics
Ontario appealing carbon tax decision to Supreme Court | Power & Politics
Ontario has the Supreme Court today Coquille the national price on carbon or Doug Ford had to say just last week once the people decide, I believe, in democracy. I respect democracy. We move on the people, have the opportunity, not the courts. Election results make the province change chorus from Queens Park for the show, but the people, not the courts, are going to decide this issue. Don’T your government’s actions today directly contradict what the premier set the government’s cap-and-trade carbon tax program. The people on Tara spoke very clearly, and yet the federal government had decided it has just died in April to put a carbon tax on our our citizens. We have said that we will use all the tools at our disposal to that’s a fight to the carbon Tech Ultra Levi should we do hope that we have a federal government that is willing to work with us is willing to to recognize all of the work That the people of Ontario have done isn’t in order to make a pair of targets because the people are going to decide when the elections held believe in democracy. I respect democracy we move on, so why go to the courts? If this election, according to the premier, will be the determining Factor, carbon tax, we did say that we would take all of the federal tax on the people of the province of Matera. We do want to work with the federal government to recognize all of the things that Ontario has done in order to meet it’s. It’S it’s Paris Target. Let the people want chair or paying a great price. For this. We started to make investments in reducing greenhouse gas emissions way back then this was the premier when we recognize the fact that we had to close down our qualifier Generating Station. We made Investments than that in green energy. We made investments in that in our nuclear we’ve made. You know we pay some 4 billion dollars a year to offset some of the Investments that have been made in in green energy, and we want the federal government to work with us to recognize that this is the case. Look. How is between what you’re saying what the premier said? Does that mean if Justin Trudeau – and I know it’s special to this point, but it’s Justin, Trudeau does win the election in October? That Ontario will drop its appeal. We had to bring forward to this. This today is today was the last day for us to bring forward this case, and we’ve said all along that we’re going to fight it with all the tools at our disposal and we’re doing that today. But but as I said earlier, if I should we hope we would have a federal government that works with us that recognizes the Investments that the people’s Montero have made will continue to make in the cost to the people want are over the next thirty years. Who said, we will meet our targets, that we will meet the other Paris to the Paris Accord and altered the targets from what the original commitment was when it was made by the previous provincial government matches, with that 30 % below 2005 just eat weekend, pan on A promise to meet Paris Accord targets were going to do that with made significant progress in the province of progress in the province of Ontario, 22 %. Of that that Target we made a huge commitment. The people of Ontario are paying a great price for the original 22 % that we’ve hit already and we said, will make more progress to meet in those those pairs Target. They’Re saying earlier, people come to me in your comments and what the cost of a fruits and vegetables are increase in the cost of back-to-school supplies. There are increasingly don’t they can’t afford this anymore me and made a commitment to meet him at Target. We’Re going to do it without a carb PacSun. We want the federal government to recognize that we want them to work with us alternative turn of the gas tax at the problem. If the goal – and I believe the federal government’s goal is to bring down it to me to Paris Accord targets, if that is the goal of the federal government, we have a plan in place to do that. We’Ve made significant for in the province of Ontario, not just on the previous conservative government CS under under liberal governments, and we’ve made a commitment to meet that Target and we’ve made that commitment to do it without a carbon tax. So if the goal is to meet those commitments, Ontario is in a listen to do that without the imposition of a carbon tax me Target’s that your government has now established, but other provinces are not, and the country as a whole is far off they’re. Trying to mitigate that are responsible. Carbon tax is on all the on all Canadian provinces, on the province of Ontario Ontario and New Brunswick Saskatchewan, and our partners in Alberta we’re all fighting it, because we believe that we have a plan in place. I’D only do we believe we know we have a plan in place. meet those targets. Without the imposition of a carbon Tesla crashes. They said the people going tariff pay some four billion dollars a year annually will continue to do that for the next 20 years for Investments that we’ve made in green energy, we can debate the effectiveness of the previous governments that green energy plans, but it’s not just That we made investments in our nuclear Fleet that allowed us to eliminate that will help us bringing admission standards across different sectors. We’Re going to meet that Target. We made the commitment we are meeting the target. That’S what the federal government asked us to do that tell Ontario is participating and we’re doing without a carbon tax concern around Federal carbon tax. That was, you alluded to is around the increase in cost of living during the presidential campaign. Your party promise and I’m going to read this you’re understanding that people need relief from high gas prices. The Ontario PCS will also reduce the provincial fuel tax revolt, Kathleen and Diesel to $ 0.09 for leader from the current 14.7 cents per liter for gasoline and 14.3 cents per liter Ford diesel. When will that happen? It’S disingenuous to criticize the federal government, for what you say is increasing the cost of living for ontarians. When you have the tools to be able to reduce that cost of living at the pumps for on Terrance – and you haven’t yet exercise them will continue to meet that we have Amanda to do that. We have three years left in the continue to do that, but, ultimately, on what the Fed I said is that we want to meet those Paris to the targets that we committed to. We will do it, we will do it in the province of Ontario. We will do without the imposition of a carbon tax. We want to work with the federal government that wants to work with us to recognize the Investments people of Ontario has made and will continue to make over the next 25 to 30 years, and we are very confident that we will continue to make progress on this. Look, we understand the science behind it. We understand how important it is that we want to work with federal government with our provincial Partners ultimately to make progress on this. The progress that we think that we have made it on terror is a good staff. There’S more to do, but we can do it without the imposition of a carbon tax and that’s why we are fighting this right now time to clarify what where your government stands on, what happens if the federal liberals win the next election because I just want to Be clear for for our audience, the premier had indicated that if you don’t get, the Liberals were to win that democracy will speak louder essentially than the courts. Is that the government is there? Is there a position of your government that if the Liberals win that will sort of render a verdict on this debate, we continue to remain Optimus, that we can work with weather, whatever governors elected after the after October 22nd to meet targets and and and I’m very Optimistic supportive and doing that appreciate your time this evening, that’s Ontario government house, leader, Paul Calandra, can Court of Canada this, despite Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s claim last Friday, that quote the foreign governments continued election, the federal one-time to bring in the power panel in Toronto. Tonight political commentator and call Miss Tiffany. I really appreciate it from mr. Calandra about whether it’s the premiers word IE, it’s democracy that will decide this or whether it’s the actions taken today. That’S before the government, which is that they’re appealing I didn’t get a clear answer – was really good in that interview, but Progressive conservative government today and not because I have any faith in the Progressive conservative government Ontario to do anything that smart policy-wise, but more so because I thought that happened in June in the kind of restriping that we know is happening in the premier’s office in Ontario Brandon to reset that are trying to do a smart move last Friday when they said they were going to kind of take a step back. So I found it today for the Flip Flop and then moving ahead on on the Supreme Court Challenge and wasting all the taxpayer money to do so. Who do I think it helps? I think it helps the Liberals. Why? Because they need that boogeyman they need this coordinated fight that the conservatives are doing. Conservatives historically have been very effective at this working across provinces to share Pollo. Is your Communications share, advocacy ideas, they’re doing that we know Saskatchewan, it’s doing their their Supreme Court challenge in December Ontario’s doing the same thing now, but ultimately I think it helps a liberal liberals have now that Boogie and they can also stressed show how almost idiotic And looks when we see these fires happening in the Amazon when we know that Canadians increasingly want change and action on climate, it seems a bit knuckle-dragging to beat. Besides the Supreme Court, I mean their argument. Tiffany is not over the argument that Mr clutter kept putting forward as we we don’t disagree with the intent we want to. You know we want to meet targets, although to be fair, their targets are produced from what the previous government says. Don’T think this is the right way to do it. I guess I just wonder whether I mean that is a like 6 months ago, we’re having this discussion. We had seen two consecutive eventually on that message. Is the message as strong. Now, as it was back then, or has it been deflated, I think that the messages is deflated at this point and was that, although not surprised to see the provincial government doubling down on this, because it’s been a defining a piece of their other policy that almost Every other press releases the course of their their time governing has been about that fighting a carbon pricing, and so I think it’s that it’s a piece that said they’ll want to continue to push on for some level of success, for how much they’ve put into it. In the last a few months and what it would require at some level of a a new definition of themselves in order to move forward, so I think at this point this is all we know of them – is fighting the fence on this end and until right, Like I, the jurisdictional issue, isn’t I mean I take your point: it’s either we see Ontario and Saskatchewan and Alberta the obvious painting to be out front in and reading that fighting and doing so with Conn’s at the Forefront of it rather than policy, and so I Think they would need to find a way to redefine themselves, if not fighting on this, and so until they have something else to stand on, continuing to see them beside the central pillar of Kathleen’s reference. It’S a great one, analytical one great analytical term Boogeyman squared for the Liberals, if Doug Ford did indeed remove the challenge at the moment. So what do I mean by that? If he took the challenge off the tables? And yes, them for can still be a wedge issue, but then even Justin, Trudeau can say to Andrew Scherer, even Doug forward to seeing the light on what the right form of carbon policy is. I don’t think, there’s necessarily a contradiction there vaschy. I think you can pull this appeals. You can pull any court case at any time and I think Ford is doing almost with the federal liberal did years ago on the GST. The of the whole Court challenge, which is look of the public, is decided. We’Ve seen the books, we hate the damn thing, but you know what it works so he’s giving himself a couple of off roads there. I don’t think it’s play helpful to the conservatives, but I think it would have been more problematic if he pulled it, because it does give Trudeau that argument that look even Doug Ford. As I said as seen the light on this issue week, it was clear that Ford was backing down on this, and Sophia 10 always was to go forward with this challenge all the way the Supreme Court, then he wouldn’t have been as cautioned in his and his Comments last Friday, premiere for it, so I actually think stop dating. I think you probably got some calls from conservative folks across the country from Alberta from Saskatchewan and probably from Ottawa, as well kind of saying you need to take this. You know all the way, and we need you to back this and I actually think it hurts it hurts if there was more because if he had been quiet, I think the Liberals need Ford as the boogeyman. They need him to be the bad guy. Much more. So than any other provincial leader, he is the one that is sinking of the conservatives better AR forward is pulling Andrew Scheer down and that’s helpful to the Liberals and their Pathway to power, which probably will run through Ontario. That he’s got to get reelected to and if he’s going to get re-elected at some point, he needs a graceful off-ramp on climate change, because even some of his voters, conservatives among them. I want to see some action on this particular policy if he backed down right now, he’s not helping those same conservatives who first goal is to try and defeat Justin Justin Trudeau. So I think there is some games numbers up by ping pong on policy right. That is it. Is it going to be viewed as a you think it will be shriek in every people. Do that all the time a positive plan forward and that, and until everyone else can come to the table with some sort of alternative plan, it’s just. Let’S continue to seem as if those diet and the provincial government sent in Fort in particular, are just harping at and wasting taxpayers money on the court case. It’S not necessary ABC News Channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching
Ontario has filed an appeal to the Supreme Court to re-examine a ruling by the province’s top court that found the federal carbon tax to be constitutional.
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