Ontario dad calls out Trump’s son for using child’s image in tweet

Ontario dad calls out Trump’s son for using child’s image in tweet
Ontario dad calls out Trump’s son for using child’s image in tweet
And Ontario man is calling at one of Donald Trump’s Sons. After he noticed an image of his son was being used to push a political message. Damage was taken from earlier this year. You may remember four year old mason rookie from Barrie Ontario goes on inside his sons, mind while he’s out on the ice the results, as you can see, I just watching my son again. It just brings me so much joy he’s such a sweet. Kid so is sad that this ended up being used as some kind of political Ammunition by Donald Trump’s son Eric that he put out Alexandria, Ocasio. Of course, a democratic congresswoman saying the Democrats reminds me of Pee. Wee hockey funny makes zero sense and they can’t get out of their own way as the gift that keeps on giving skating circles on the far left and unknowingly. Taking down Untamed lights. Please keep it up. You guaranteed 20/20 shade that photo of Mason as well, and this is a kid who in the sky when is dead, so this on Twitter. He wanted to defend them, so he gave a call out to Eric Trump and it tweets. Jeremy wrote Casey hi Eric Trump. Maybe don’t use a picture of my kids feel political propaganda. Also, I don’t think you know what p hockey is cuz. This ain’t it and Jeremy also spoke to the Canadian press. He told them that he was really stunned with a friend pointed out that Eric Trump tweet to him, because he hadn’t seen it himself. He felt obliged to cool it out. Saying was disrespectful and his comment that he gave to see pay as well saying. Clearly, that is somebody’s child. Maybe he wanted to get more views on his toys and edit pictures. So it stands out more bank. So it’s not personally involving anybody. The fact that call out on Twitter from Jeremy ripped a saw Eric Trump take down his toy. That’S gone now: he hasn’t responded to Mason and his Dead online. I want to show you one of those tweets a lot of parents and hockey fans coming the fencing, even more reason to respect you now. I’M with you coach leave the kids out of it and don’t tarnish a beautiful game with your propaganda people pointing at Eric’s bed he’s just for Jeremy rupke, also sign as a hockey coach is always trying to take people to care for all those being compassionate. Look out for each other being over a good person and he’s hoping the Eric Trump learned that lesson from that toys as well.
Jeremy Rupke of Barrie, Ont., says the U.S. president’s son, Eric Trump, showed “disrespect” and a lack of forethought when he included an image of his four-year-old son in a recent social media broadside against Democrats.

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