Ontario releases revised sex-ed curriculum | Power & Politics

Ontario releases revised sex-ed curriculum | Power & Politics
Ontario releases revised sex-ed curriculum | Power & Politics
Has unveiled a new sex-ed curriculum for elementary schools without to address issues like same-sex, marriage and gender identity? That change today when the PC is released their do-over, but the new curriculum contains many of the same elements. The liberal and Sally start with you late to do the right thing and I think we clearly seen a change in tone since Steve unless it became the education Minister, their end and kudos to him. But you know I will say that we have gone through now. A year of uncertainty, where this government, in the Premier rest threatening teachers with financial penalties, if they were too, if they were too, if they were to continue teaching the 2015 curriculum, which they have now essentially reverted to. So what what, with? What this makes clear to me is that this was all about text in the provincial election. It was about rallying the social conservative base of the Ontario PC party, getting them motivated to show up at the polls. But essentially, you know: we’ve gone through a year of chaos and a year of threats in a year of acrimony, for essentially with some small changes here and are essentially the same curriculum that Kathleen Wynne brought in in 2015. Was it all for nothing? I think the right answer came in the end and inflict maybe the whole consultation was necessary. Maybe it was necessary for Doug Ford to have certain conservatives understand that this are some changes that have been made was the right course of action. You do have social conservatives out to little bit of a fight among them opt-out provision. Charles read this curriculum or the previous one wasn’t good. I look at somebody. Who’S got sex at as a Christian, their school, and it was about a sperm egg and a fallopian tube. This is much more advanced. This is at somebody else’s child going in the school system in September. I am happy that they have done what they have done. There, I don’t think you could step back. You can only go forward on all of this, and maybe in the end of this shows this. This creamer is prepared to list last thing. I’D say I agree. The politics of this has gotten fascinating, because one of the big lines of Warfare for the conservatives Ashley Progressive conservatives was the fight they wanted to have in the education sector, both around curriculum and with the teachers. The new Minister, as Omar, pointed out that Jay has really changed the tone, because the other suggestion that is out there now is there may not be a strike with High School teachers. The politics of that, of course, is the federal conservatives. Don’T want that going on. At the same time, self even lechery seems to be one of the first Minister’s, along with Rod, Phillips and perhaps Christine Elliott, who has a little bit of rope with the premier 2, get some things done a lot different than this, but we saw, for example, the Premier dressing municipalities earlier this week, sort of a little bit of a man called to see how they were all of it, so much of it has been walked back. You know it’s amazing how quick and just a year a change the tune of, but you know for a stick and Rising unpopularity can do that to a prisoner in a political party. Is it you know the conservatives I get a totem say no they’ve come to the right place and it shows he’s willing to listen to what they the amount of money it cost. If you know who, however much it cost to set up a stitch that was $ 1000000 to set up their online poll, all for naught all to satisfy the social conservative element of his base – and it’s just you – you know that all these people, who kind of Felt up in the air forcing kids to go to Human Rights tribunal. They get this looked at on with her allies and teachers and students get the claim victory for putting this pressure on because make no mistake. If they could have gotten away with it, they would have that public pressure that they came to this conclusion, which I’m happy they did. I think they should be congratulated for it or doing something they should have stuck with the original stand where ontarians are on their system and that there is, there was two years of Taino, but we all know what happened do your own and then have it validated. Lucky, I think the criticism that Omar and Sally are laughing on the front. Unforward. It is fair. This government, so they’ve appointed as special advisor to the premier on alcohol sales, but we’ve gone a year without any updated without any updates to the to the sex-ed curriculum. So you know his booze the priority or is education? Can only do one thing at a time because I have to be spending an inordinate amount of time on alcohol sales, as opposed to the first two Under Armour shoes, because in the context of the election that we’re going to be talking about a lot over the Next, two months, we have spoken about this sort of quote-unquote Ford Factor. Do you think this sort of change in tone change an action on the part of the government is going to do anything to mute the effect on sex education? But if you look at the announcement that the premier made to the patient of municipalities yesterday, I believe that they can increase property taxes to make up the difference or they can cut services to make up the difference. They’Re cutting in priority areas like healthcare, like an education and and and and and an autism autism services for provincial sessions, are in politics to see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC News Channel or click the link for another video. Thanks for watching
Ontario unveiled its new sex-ed curriculum which is similar to the old curriculum the current PC government scrapped. The plan includes instruction on health, cyber safety and consent, and requires school boards to allow parents to exempt children from certain teachings.
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