Operation InfeKtion: How Russia Perfected the Art of War | NYT Opinion

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Operation InfeKtion: How Russia Perfected the Art of War | NYT Opinion
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Operation InfeKtion: How Russia Perfected the Art of War | NYT Opinion
The thing about it’s only race is, it doesn’t destroy you as on. Instead, it brings you down from the inside turning your own selves into enemies. This story is about a virus virus created Five decades ago by a to slowly and methodically poison, its enemies, but it’s not a virus, sorry about this guy, and he is really the word. I think one of the greatest of all times I’ve I’ve come up with is fake, I guess other people of user, perhaps over the years, but I’ve never noticed it sick of it. As we are thing, that’s making you feel that way. If you feel exhausted by the news, this could be why you just want to start caring, then we really need to talk ready. Okay, so, let’s go back to July 1983 and on the way over here, New Delhi, India. This is when a remarkable story of his hyperkewl, the Patriots, did claims. The HIV virus was secretly created by US Government scientists as a weapon to kill African-Americans and gay people did even names of facilities in Maryland. Princess in the small newspaper scientific reports even published by to East German in the USA publication claims the virus that causes AIDS leak from a US Army laboratory conducting experiments in biological warfare Story Time, millions of unwitting Americans on national TV. Let me introduce you to a few authentic. Do you work for the KGB during the Cold War affect the US, so much about one of the most secretive departments is spent on Espionage as such, the other 85 % is a slow process which recall either ideological subversion or active measures well, but the most strategic Masterful toxic bulshit, you could possibly imagine made with one goal to change the perception of reality of every American that, despite of the abundance of information in the interests of Defending themselves, their families, their community within the KGB, is it Department that specializes in planting false stories And forged documents from Department, people who, in the Soviet Union and outside of the sabatini, are involved in this kind of actions and regular and daily basis at the state department off of 911 vitamin D side he’s 87 years old and he hello hello. I am still busy operation to establish whorehouse in Germany original Nazi documents – that was a special kind of information, basically means distorted information that is secretly leaked into the communication process in in order to deceive and manipulate any confusion that different flavors needs for trees and even Kidnappings, but this information was the heart and soul of it for the KGB, but it’s not nice attempt to deceive us into believing it today. Everyone calls this fake news, but not become such a loaded term life thanks to this guy, but it’s basically useless anyway. We’Ll get on to him later get back to it. This information, it was such a big deal that every KGB agent was required to spend 25 % of their time coming up with ideas for stories and then at year-end review used to evaluate how many proposals for this information operations he submitted. Unfortunately, I have to admit it find pool kiss from Latin America to harvest their organs, but yet I’m going to show you what really happened to remember the story in the u.s. is believed to be the result of the pentagon’s experiment to develop new and dangerous biological Weapons there’s the Crux of the crap. It’S time you met Kathleen just the perfect example of a very effective disinformation campaign, almost perfect. Like an English, we say flu virus not written by a non-native, English speaker and it probably was written by a Russian language Baker which we knew english-language newspaper as a way to to get stories out. Country somewhere, Bode origin. You guessed it it’s free and really they repeated themselves from the light they started. Maybe you won’t answer to this light, so they look around for a scientist that humans face and here comes the Colson. Now it’s his wife Lilly, believe it or not. Stand it. What it purports to be proof countries, even the Daily Express in London, run today for March 30th 1987. This campaign had the KGB codename. They cooled its operation infection wow, that’s a life half a lifetime ago. This was handed out at a demonstration. I was so angry that they accuse the United States of creating the AIDS virus, because I knew how effective that was going to be as a tool against us, and it give me deeply and empowered me it it motivated me is fired me up. I was pissed operation infection, one of the most listen, successful, fake news stories ever created America. The impact was toxic. Foreign government actually believed that the US was creating the biological warfare agent for them to think that damages their view of the United States, not only as a culture, but it ain’t. All of our policies is in the backs of their mind every time they discuss anything with him. The US response was well nickname, true squads. It was a team that tracks and trying to expose Soviet. This information, everybody was working part-time on the issue was not funded. Black, we all sat around a table once every week or two and those who could volunteer their time to come in did yep that’s right in the face, and I remember that now that I see this, but it did have an impact. They didn’t have the budget. One light at the time they were working at this day after day after day, I think we were kept busy just knocking these things down that repeated exposure didn’t just lead to a couple of all School Corrections. Operation inspection made this way right to the top of the Kremlin into the hands of Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev himself Secretary of State come on, so we had a good heated exchange and there’s nothing wrong with that, the unthinkable he found the pressure apologized and promised to Stop spreading the fake, a story when we in the active measures working group heard about gorbachov. Having read the report that school that is really cool. He couldn’t deny what we put in the report and he didn’t deny it who prevented the hard-line coup from succeeding and then came in the year. 1989. 90. 91. The Communist Regime collapse. Nobody believed Russians would continue using this weapon in future. Our governments view was problem solved formidable Soviet active measures and disinformation apparatus, which is manipulated World opinion for decade immigrated many large fragments of their apparatus confunkshun for the most part now into Russian, rather than Soviet sponsorship during the Cold War in 1975, and he would go On to greater things, May 21st 2016 in Houston, Texas. This isn’t anti-islam protest outside the mosque in the heart of downtown, I’m literally across the street account surrounding, but not a single person head of the street, realizes they’ve, been gypped they’ve been brought here same place same time by two separate Facebook events post, which we now Know both came from the same Source, thousands of miles outside Texas in Russia, pretty much. Everyone assumes that it’s this information separates us tonight to the our government. Was problem solved, no more active measures, no more just information, it’ll cement the ends of I hate. It was back first as head of the renames KGB, the FSB – that’s the president, waited every year according to the information he produced, but then he took it over seas. Launching Russia Today, a global English language, News Channel. It was with a memorable slogan and familiar faces. Ukraine, this information on the biggest stage, long he’s had a single go see in terms of population and GDP call reliance’s. Russia is suddenly much more powerful and can take one by one he’s trying to reshape the weld water in his favor, and this information is one of his favorite tools. Catholic crosses game plan is designed to achieve if a change in the behavior perception and viewpoints of foreign, audiences and governments, a good convincing millions of people that the US government created AIDS as a bother to go weapon was with Asia’s wait till you see what they’re Up to today might be asking yourself: have you ever tried to meddle in other countries, elections the US has attempted to influence elections code for years, but when it comes to this information, Russia is in a class by itself with unmatched scale and sophistication, and I’m not The US, with its investigation, shreds of public or historical Billy. We must never allow the end to justify the means. Just a few weeks before the 2016 election an evening, sponsible Eva, to turn off the restaurant, with a gun or shooting at a DC pizza restaurant. That was tied to a fake news story, but the whole story. How’S, the Playbook has the paperwork and it’s been a paper. That’S been around for very long time and get what they want thing that they’ve known about for 23 years toolbox Play books and whatever you want to call that be experts. We spoke to you kept talking about it on these terms, for decades. she’s been tracking online lies since 2008, dinardetectives reverse-engineered, the seven Commandments of Russian disinformation, a time-tested, step-by-step recipe to creating the perfect fake news story. So Rule Number 1 look for cracks in the Target Society, social divisions you can exploit and which open they look for economic, social, demographic, Regional wrestling Division and how come actually emphasizes divisions and actually make people lose trust in one another. Patient always get a bad news. Disease that causes weakness here, instead of trying to make it better and try to make everything worse through to create a big old lies, something so outrageous that one could possibly believe it was made up. Also so Regis that if they can get people to believe it, it would be totally damning Rule Number 3 around the kernel of Truth. Pictures of a Kind contain some truthful element so that this information is eventually accepted as a whole. Hey man from somewhere else, searching about the origin, how it started idiot, useful idiots are, are essentially people they would identify. Who unwittingly will take the kremlin’s message and push it into the target audience the foreign population they want to reach, they were idiots and that they didn’t see what was obvious and what happens when those pesky truth-seekers Tron debunk your fake story? Well, real sex, as you kept it, the truth is obvious. Attention span is quite short. This is a really important one play the long game play it along game that food minion cumulation of these operations over a long period of time will result in a major political impact, and if you think about it as a drip on a rock today, the drip Doesn’T have any impact if that drop hitch for a long period of time years, there will be a hole in the Rock and they know that the seven simple rules for a powerful weapon for the KGB and they’re playing them again and again and again. But then something came along. Please change the game entirely: incidents with Bullseye, unlimited Ubiquiti and immediacy and combinations that we didn’t have in the area of talents, machines and shortwave, radio and refreshing prices, maybe 100,000 people if the paper was had a nice circulation. Now, that’s ridiculous. The deadly phosphorus leak in American Falls Idaho, and the list goes on and on that has the plane. Mh 17 was shut down by Ukrainian fighter jets. The thousands of Americans who supposedly petitions to return Alaska Russia as the queen Outbreak on the zika virus from wherever there’s been a division in society spectrum, and now that you know the rules of the paper, you can see how effective the weapon that really is Pete’s Or anyone to understand what really happens here, we need to go back to March 19th, 2016, Washington DC. This is the time and the place where hackers go into the Gmail accounts of Clinton’s campaign chair John podesta, so the podesta emails were the information, the power, the pizzagate conspiracy, Russian intelligence Services. Big surprise was the perfect cracked to unswell the presidential candidate running a child sex ring from the basement of a pizza parlor, and there were emails between podesta on the restaurants. Felix was a genius idea, helping to keep it in the shadows matically in in synchronization. We never seen in the history of social media meatloaf in the easy to debunk. For start, the pizza restaurant in question doesn’t even have a basement, but that’s a rule for that you exactly what to do where you can save a few Russian government is Montresor bridge. Is actually excellent coverage because 80 % of the time they doing quality journalism when 20 % of the time, then not that it enables people to say it the election. The story has taken on a life of its own, the Magnificent langhe beginning to pay off. That said, even Russia shooting at a DC pizza, restaurant Eli’s, 30 years apart. One story took 6 years to take hold the other belly 6 months, but they both share the same DNA, the same unmistakable trace and the same goal. The shift the world balance of power button in Western countries on themselves We Roll weapons designed to bring down democracies from the inside, just as the KGB envisions all those years ago. The highest art Warfare is not to fight at all, but two subvert anything of value. In your enemies, country anything White against black – I don’t know well thinking, poor and so on, doesn’t matter as long as it disturbs the side. As long as it’s custom, moral fiber of a nation is good assault. Rifle targeting a washington-dc spot zombie crisis will come. Is it time to fight back against this information leading the charge? Can you please explain to us? The difference between a not in a troll is Twitter, the same as you can look at a lot of gray hair and realize that the my technology capabilities are very shallow communist propaganda, disinformation or active measures. So there was a tendency to want to keep the waters smooth. They use all means of communication, grasp it intellectually, then in 1980 and you Cowboy rode into town. We ought to be bold. We also tell the truth, truth to be front-and-center and that if somebody were speaking the opposite, we are to expose it President’s important, designed the Suburban dc2 distant form. The public opinion upon which are democracies are built. 287. I came at the problem, believing that I could grab the tiger by the tail and whirl it over my head. I was going to win ever created proof that the best defense against this information is exposing it. Actually, it’s not that simple. I can still believe AIDS was cooked up by the US government’s the line lives on in our music on the TV on YouTube, even in churches, the hits selected groups of humans just keep popping up, which makes us wonder. Do we really stand a chance against this information, or is this a virus but can never be killed? Mark Twain, one side of line is halfway around the world before the truth is even go to sleep so, except even that’s a lie. It’S two loads of people. Whoever said it was right, we know now empirically, but nice do you have an unfair advantage over the truth spreading further and Foster gaining traction every time they repeated part of the game and the more it’s a bad story. As repeated repeated, repeated repeated, the more real it becomes to everyone, but Wings Around the World Part is also true. It ran the government’s deploying that runs version of the Soviet Playbook win their operation. The fact which is fuzzy for the school called me and my husband Brewing up endless conspiracy theories to justify ethnic cleansing. The Establishment sees CIA plot everywhere, experience that was so upsetting to him. It’S right, I was living in Pakistan. Al-Qaeda accuse me of being part of the CIA anti-islam plot, see conspiracy theories are kind of like a national sport over there, and even today I still get blasted on Twitter being either a CIA spy or a dead terrorist might a dead terrorist one of the country’s Most popular TV talk show host accuse me of being one of the attackers in a school massacre that murdered dozens of Children. Here I am dead in the Pakistani press, but this stuff is kind of normal. Over there I mean it happens all the time. What I never imagined is it we’d be saying this kind of toxic, this information here at home in the states I also used to live in Eastern Europe, Estonia, Ukraine. They live behind us in many things, but when it comes to fighting just information, there’s so much, we can learn from them on a Sunday night. You see this flies and it’s not just left yet. Ukraine has a bilingual stop fake new show, Brookhurst by dozens of TV stations, terrorism, Lithuania, thousands of Valencia. The countries has been exposed to this. The longest are the best of the name of that. They see things. We didn’t see, they smell things. We didn’t smell mimo back here, we’re just learning Bahamas way. What happens when we don’t fight back Pharisee about that, because I didn’t think anybody truly believe that we now know that they did, and actually it seems that we should have done more coverage during elections at they was a rumor circulating in Funk it. So this is the prescription right now, I think way stronger and so that we could have talked about the responsibilities of this guy Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, designed primarily by White young people, mostly men in on the west coast of the US in Silicon Valley, positive force in Society number of accounts we could linked to Russia exactly. Are they supposed to be doing well, there’s no Silver Bullet, but they’re, paying full posts. The real person behind this platform, helping is a nutritional label on sources in your Google search findings and getting serious about punishing ability, and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and I’m sorry. No companies like Facebook have recently been taking some baby steps along these lines, but don’t get your hopes up sentence on the emotional hypothesis on stories that make right disinformation. The bottom line that business models are riddled with perverse incentives. Michelle doesn’t tell them how many active monthly uses I have, and the truth is that 22 % of them are not human. I don’t actually want to tell my child is that I want to give him a loving, big number. That means that we still have value in that we still make money. We go to. That forms to change, and that means regulation. That’S right! It’S time for Uncle Sam’s to get in the game. The winter Warfare is digital. Well, you know, I wonder if the Facebook friends is a little Miss stated that doesn’t seem like. I have those every single day how many space bookstore Senator. Can you clarify what you mean by information Warfare, so I testified five times to the Senate, either about terrorism or or Russian active measures. There is a very the first level of understanding of social media. Charlie who’s 13 is dedicated to Instagram. So I feel very fortunate that I have not had to go to the house to testify. I think it would be a giant waste of time, inform the public opinion. History tells us that the fights against this information starts with strong leadership and tell you we’ve been. Let down on this for a long time about him form a basis for cooperation to take Russian serious business earlier. We could have talked about measured cyber counter-attacks or even diplomatic, but that didn’t really happen. The Obama Administration cut again played into a box by recognizing it too late grapes state taxes for free to carry on unimpeded. You go that’s just say the last enthusiasm do pre-emptive million dollars to fund this Information Administration, a third of it not much of a Counterstrike. Is it I mean where’s the urgency here, these Russian attacks with us both his way back in the early 2014 amarone now coming to grips with them? We are looking in the rearview mirror getting less bad working out. What rush adjusted to us was looking through the windshield find out what’s happening right now, what’s going to be happening next, Savant, I’m a functioning government would at least come together to publish full detail, because now the threat is coming from inside the White House. It’S finally time to meet president this information. Donald Trump is a one-man Wrecking Crew, the trade ultimate, that’s Trump put the naiah, and when it comes to this information, he even the noise with being attacked outright lies literally up the game to the point where it’s having a significant impact. What’S happening last night in Sweden, Sweden, the same person votes many times. You probably heard about that there was like is Trump and his administration and then there’s Trump, the disinformation natural. He doesn’t just regurgitated stuff Electoral College wins. Since Ronald Reagan, we have to become an energy exporter for the first time ever, just recently, verses that, but now it’s supposed to say and ask for sit-ups Mercedes function on a basic set of facts. We come to buy anything immigration gun-control unless we were aligned, left and right about what is actually true, the symptom Elite, things that make democracy good living in open Society once with the advantage right now, which is the question that maybe on the history and the good Guys ever win absolutely never win. Never. This phone is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better discussion, an investigation, but we will not always be losers in this game. It will be Victor, is here, and there is only when we quit the game. Quit trying to expose them as long as we can expose them they’re losing it’s not going to play. It raised its ugly head, we’re in this for the Long Haul, whether we like it or not. This was the largest audience.. He was assassinated at 4. In the morning 1047 years you had the database and turkey being under attack by terrorists.
Russia’s meddling in the United States’ elections is not a hoax. It’s the culmination of Moscow’s decades-long campaign to tear the West apart. “Operation InfeKtion” reveals the ways in which one of the Soviets’ central tactics — the promulgation of lies about America — continues today, from Pizzagate to George Soros conspiracies. Meet the KGB spies who conceived this virus and the American truth squads who tried — and are still trying — to fight it. Countries from Pakistan to Brazil are now debating reality, and in Vladimir Putin’s greatest triumph, Americans are using Russia’s playbook against one another without the faintest clue.

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