O’Regan vows to replace Attawapiskat’s water treatment plant | Power & Politics

O’Regan vows to replace Attawapiskat’s water treatment plant | Power & Politics
O’Regan vows to replace Attawapiskat’s water treatment plant | Power & Politics
Federal politicians address delegates today at the annual assembly of First Nations General meeting in Fredericton, but one Northern Ontario first nation, which is more political Focus, was on its Community earlier this month, the fly-in community of attawapiskat. a state of emergency over its water quality. Just the latest in a series of crises residents there have dealt with in the past few years. Water test show potentially harmful levels of by-products created during the disinfection process. Exposure to the in large quantities overtime can increase the risk of cancer. Earlier this afternoon I spoke with Seamus O’Regan minister of indigent Services. He was in Fredericton Hayashi. Member of our team spoke earlier with the chief Gall of attawapiskat and he can’t do that unless you know we are building it and in the communities already indicated that the water source that they’re currently deriving water from you know, they’re not happy with, and you know, There’S a reason to suspect it, because the THM levels are still high and once again, just to reiterate, is caused by chlorine hitting organic matter. Who seems to be like there’s a lot of organic matter in that area enough for me to judge it? That’S why we have technicians up there as we speak to take a look at that, so you know in the short-term. What do you do to make sure the people have stayed clean water flush out the system you try and get rid of the THM? That’S there. You would attempt to you know to talk to Public Health and make you know the community. Look, I mean it does require a long time in order to, but you don’t have. I said, to the Chiefs and family here in Fredericton. You know when people are fearful, they are fearful to speak and they are afraid of the water supply. So we in a, we also have to talk to him about that. We got Healthcare professionals up there. You know four people were concerned about water exposure in your children so that they understand you know what’s really at stake, but I can’t reiterate that the water is safe to drink. I I drank it myself. It requires a long bonjour up to seventy years before we start seeing those negative effects for people are are fearful and we got it. We got it. We got to talk to him about that when we have to build a new water treatment center. You know we be worried about, our kids are alright., but I have an obligation, I think, as a few known as as a minister in his at the public official involved with this, to just reiterate the real risks that are at stake and they are extremely low. But we have to do a better job, there’s no question about it, and anybody who’s been to attawapiskat doesn’t understand that this is a community that needs a lot more, not only if you know better water system, they need the housing and we’re working on all of Those fronts and that you’re not in terms of the long-term, I said that you call and cancel and to the community. These are short-term things, I’m satisfied with it. I’M not. I reiterated that to them. I am not, and we will begin long-term planning right now. Comprehensive Community planning to have people who are trained in this, we are going to sit down with Council weirdness sit down with the chief, and where did it begin figuring out how to handle attawapiskat? We can ensure that it grows in process, so they’re concerned on the ability, the ability of the government to make good on a long-term promise. As far as the water treatment plant goes. What is the timeline for that? From your perspective, you don’t work together on on identifying a water source. Then we can start talking about water, water treatment center will look like and we can develop and design with them. But you know I’m in phatic, and I told you about that set of this today. I will not return to the one side, all kind of imposed solution from the federal government. It doesn’t work, there’s no sense of ownership from the community because they haven’t we’re beyond that. Now, in a relationship and truly for talking about reconciliation, a real partnership, then we develop these Solutions with community and it takes a little longer, but it is what it will. Water comes out with what result is a sustainable and very real solutions. You from saying you know what weed in the next 3 years, there will be something there. We just want to work with you to figure out exactly what that is now. What about money is there money to put aside for that or you? You know the money that’s necessary to build the plan. Will that be there when, when it’s necessary all the supplies in order to in order to 2, to make sure that the system is up to par, is all they’re already in community? So these actions begin now Friday? I was there. Sunday, emergency was declared earlier than that. The invitation quote – this is a quote. You need to yell and scream and get Charlie Angus to Advocate to get any attention does have a point sense was that they’re there had to be sort of some sort of public pressure. In order for for you to and you’re saying, no that’s not the case, it was just that you were waiting for an invitation Supply and we saw you know what community was extremely upset and you know I saw that firsthand speaking the mother speaking to children and You don’t think being confronted by that for, for you know, I think, almost 3 hours. You know that point was driven home major concerns now on in the media. There’S no question about it and I want to see your community that you distrustful of its water source. You know I want to act quickly, perception that they have that it didn’t take Charlie Angus, raising the concern that it did take quote-unquote, yelling and screaming to get your attention Galatians amount of time and effort the priority that this prime minister is put on it. I realize that I’ve only been in the ministry for a short amount of time, but my track record on a cassette Chauhan with my track record and Cat Lake. You know we’ve worked hard to find long-lasting child cost at Solutions. I’Ve been on the show to talk about that previously, and I spoke to them about that and – and you know, particularly with concession one that resonated and the day after, I would like to see those modular homes to see those new homes under construction, see a community With smiles on its faces – and if you know that was only in March – that we signed a memorandum of agreement with leadership, I meant a lot to me to be in the community, with leadership and and to be humble frankly that they had faith in me and That we were able to deliver that one neighboring First Nation and I apologize in advance by mispronouncing that Savannah Tom north of Thunder Bay. They also declared a state of emergency on July 12th for a similar sort of water issue. On Monday, you said you hadn’t, reached the community yet, but would be in touch shortly. Have you been in touch more to the point? Actually there water treatment center, I believe, will be open, and I extremely shortly they have a new multimillion-dollar water treatment center. My office has been in touch with him and you know I look forward to the opening at Water Treatment Center very shortly central unit that will alleviate the emergency. That’S in place right now. I guess that’s that’s the solution, so you don’t. You will not be reaching out yourself, your office very good record, indicated today at the assembly First Nations. I believe in you, I believe, in speaking directly, wherever whenever I can Seamus O’Regan from Fredericton operational. They say after 12, more days of and checks and will be up and running following that Oregon’s office. Does they expect a long-term drinking water advisory to end by mid-august at the latest, BBC News Channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching
Indigenous Services Minister Seamus O’Regan says he’s committed to building a new water plant and finding an alternative source of fresh water for the troubled reserve of Attawapiskat— but he’s not ready to offer a timeline for those promises.
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