Oregon vs. Auburn Week 1 preview | Countdown to GameDay

Oregon vs. Auburn Week 1 preview | Countdown to GameDay
Oregon vs. Auburn Week 1 preview | Countdown to GameDay
College GameDay: what conference has a chip on their shoulder. Like Libra, how to make a soul come back and make plays with his feet? Also the football daytime Game Challenge, I’m very confident we have you come and come and keep coming. There’S nothing going to stop us countdown to College GameDay presented by Coca-Cola only talked, and we are going to have a lot of fun year with fans and college football cold. Now we’re going to have to come to you live on Twitter, Mickey and Minnie van Pac-12. Vs the SEC overreacted, regardless of whatever Direction it goes. We already have r231 congratulations outstanding. Look at that. I love watching, maybe because I it was an elevator issue, pieces of gear state who’s. The offensive coordinator for Oklahoma State refund to watch this offense morph and change, but it’s pretty clear running the football coming into season was going to be a really good back. I’D, say: that’s a pretty good start. equal equal shape. No doubt the biggest thing about this game: Jonathan Taylor, in the first two seasons, don’t be in the history of college football. Rushing yards think about that 205 / 12. Out of all those performances that we’ve seen so far, what impresses you most beedynamic out of the gates? I think it’s going to be fine, look and be real Rusty and what you haven’t seen piece: nobody could wear Travis, it’s like with a C back in this era of football and say my God. We had a dynamic Runner like this and we weren’t able to find any level of competent offense from the rest of the team made. That team should be better when given the production of down at the table, what’s again, Justin Herbert Tua tagovailoa make sense. The booze gets all the tears reinforce if he’s like. I do not feel like it’s a duck. We’Re going to be here to make sure you share a coke, and we are coming to you alive on Twitter from Sundance Square. We’Re waiting for College GameDay to get underway, and this is going to be a weekly routine for us or Twitter. Are here because the fan learned had a little orange gun right for anyone who didn’t get it yesterday and Michael. go sports way too much way too much underrepresented? And I think summer I don’t know dude supports bro, it’s all I got. I got nothing. I got nothing. The end game tonight Alabama fan makes me very uncomfortable.. We spend our day with the King duck and that is Justin Herbert they’re, fantastic quarterback. He decided to withstand the NFL for one more season and come back and join his team 8U. Did you ever think about going somewhere else before Orkin came around? I was going to play football with my brother. Show me the first time you heard from somebody from Oregon. That’S like you were finally on their radar for you Marcos. We talked in and I think it’s more outside of football tonight I mean when the expectations out of the gate, neutral site – and you know it’s going to be 25 – align their physical and learning play some great great defense. So, on the way to dropping him back off at Camp, it’s kind of cool to watch him solidify hey. I can’t even I can’t even help happening near Greenport friends. I don’t have the truck Friday turn arm easy play. Can you make those plays dinner there to be had skinny bakes place under pressure? We saw what you don’t see a college football all-time, it’s so cool to see guys like that. It’S not just about the way I heard this week to go to the games, but every night, like after all, Mormon mom would let the kids go in the backyard and roll the trees cuz. They couldn’t be at Toomer’s Corner like that’s how in his blood it is the bunny. I could have two guys for it off like that. Alright, I got something here at school since Tennessee, because I think that’s interesting, especially tonight, playing at AT & T Stadium during this massive Stadium. It’S a strange it like you’re talking about somebody. I really like for a kid that stepped in true freshman and have to handle not only the offense, but just the experience in the environment City Bowl long time ago. So he’s spring understands that stuff Spirit, wide receivers. There is good around him as they’ve been in a while, so they’re not going to depend on boat next, but when he makes those mistakes and he doesn’t love Auburn so much and want to go back and make up for it. So I can’t do that. Remember to like this, the kid who played for his dad he grew up as a coach’s. Kid like he loves film. You like that thinks it’s great that we’ve been watching film with my dad. That’S what I do I’ve been to practice is like I’ve seen. How far did I prepare I’ve sat through meeting so some of the things that’s going to be, I mean from a to Sandpoint at least he’s used to it. Obviously, the first time you get hit a little bit of a different story and I obviously you can look at me and see I’m not a player related to the first time I Played Madison Square Garden.. Oh my God. I waited my whole life for this moment.. How do you control that adrenalin? In that moment, Legacy building and staying in one spot? On the other hand, there’s a lot of quarterbacks that have transferred around and 50. You kind of take us on a Merry-Go-Round who is the top number one Clemson former starter Kelly Bryant is now the starter in Mizzou, his former backup Hunter Johnson is the starter at Northwestern number to Alabama former consecutive Heisman winning quarterbacks that were, I don’t know, transfers Georgia number 3: let’s have more fun over to TCU and in the process they decide. Why not add another one? We are not done yet. Let’S remember LSU starters. Dilbaro used to start or used to play for Ohio State, so Michigan says we want in on the fun to Shea Patterson. Peter’S is now in in in Illinois. On top of all of that number 9 Notre Dame former starter Brandon wimbush, the number 17. By the time that they’ve moved once or 12 college football world yep, unfortunately, yes, then the follow-up question. Fortunately, I think it’s that you don’t have to do line like you can’t rotate play now and get reps like if you want to play in college and just want to play the game. But you want to play the game and get ready, so you might have to leave where you started. This dude beat me out, like I still want to play college ball for a lot of guys. This is like the height of their whole career. Agree last chance to play at an elite level and you want to play the game agreed if those situations I love, I love grad transfers have those opportunities degree get the move elsewhere. I love. When you see people get to move elsewhere, they have to sit out of here. I don’t love when we decide that when we pick and choose who gets to play and who doesn’t get to play by some arbitrary system that stupid, I don’t like that system that allows coaches to get whatever they want whenever they want, did lose any games in 17 days at their school, so they are allowed to enter the transfer report. I think I should be there. In 17 days, John Oklahoma State, a back-to-back Heisman winning trophy Heisman, Trophy winning quarterback that were transfers. I taken her to work very well. You got a brand new, I think Ryan day is an amazing offensive coordinator and I don’t know like. Obviously we have the same as head coach at Ohio State, but he doesn’t really good job with the tools that he’s given. I think I feel just great. I think it’s talented, I think it’s going to work out at Ohio State, his skill-set bad, to he’s going to go to he’s going to run the football because of that he’s going to put up some video game numbers just application Hidden Hand. You guys diffused their situation. Why don’t we check out what sissy did when he got to put a couple of apparently Texas do. One minute? Are you doing running 1 minute 3210? They are eating. I can’t hear myself. Harlan Harlan is making it happen. Harlan is making a look at that look at meticulous the classes that come on. That’S how you know it’s real. The glasses are come on the glasses to come on. They are not going fast enough. Is that Nick? Is it you’re not 20 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds come on guys, you can do it. 4. 3. 2. 1. It’S not even close. It’S not even close is your weather over here there are a ton of Oregon fans. Are I mean a ton? Oh wow Auburn fans, just worn out we’ve been here several years and in these contest, where it’s half and half Weatherby Michigan alabama-lsu years ago, it’s and usually the South teams overwhelm estate Oregon Wednesday feel like work in a little bit. I don’t know if you’re ready do you know you’re talking about. Have you seen my put my feet up watch a little football we’re going to fight before the end of the year, our fearless leader to write outside of my head already Week. 1? Are you ready college football number
Maria Taylor, David Pollack, and Jason Fitz host Countdown to GameDay to preview Week 1 of the 2019 college football season from the site of College GameDay, including the Oregon Ducks vs. Auburn Tigers matchup.

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