Ottawa boosts funds for canola farmers amid China dispute | Power & Politics

Ottawa boosts funds for canola farmers amid China dispute | Power & Politics
Ottawa boosts funds for canola farmers amid China dispute | Power & Politics
We understand how much of a concern this is to Farmers right across western Canada and the entire industry. So I would like to emphasize that Canada will continue to navigate the challenging.. Was China through careful, deliberate and strategic engagement for affected Farmers to borrow and that cash will be easier to access? The changes are being made to What’s called the advance payment program before Farmers could borrow up to $ 400,000 a year. Now they can borrow up to a million dollars, payback that Advance once their product is sold and was more more of the loan will be interest-free. Half a million dollars of it depends also announced they will seek new markets for Canadian canola through a trade Mission. This summer, Canada is the world’s biggest canola producer. 43,000 Farmers grow it, but the industry actually generates 250,000 jobs. Last year, Canada export at 5 billion dollars worth of canola and nearly half of that the China. The remainder goes to just a handful of country, China block Canadian canola shipments last month from two of Canada’s biggest exporters and insist. The band is due to contamination in the product, but in this country is widely believed to be retaliation for cannabis. Arrest of Huawei executive Hmong juancho back in December. So what happens next between the two countries, Gordon Holden is a former Canadian Diplomat to China. He’S now the director of the China Institute at the University of Alberta, Professor Holden, from Edmond via FaceTime, my professor nice, to see you again thanks for your time today. The Boost, basically the amount of money able to loan canola Farmers, as well as a trade mission to Japan says. they go far enough., which is probably necessary expenditures that those farmers face or elsewhere important example. It’S been blocked by China, so I think those are both good things are fun as punishment for the intentional by the mall in for that detention. It’S not just canola. There’S Michael stavern, Michael cober, that you Canadians have been detained. You know there are two Canadian now facing a death sentence: the death sentence because of drug charges. Do you think there is a next? There is more to come and if so, what might that be woods and lead us to somehow having the Prime Minister, the government Bodacious results desire some of the targets ever declaring. You said that they should not be under the illusion that what they do will result in any of the Prime Minister, picking up the phone and calling calling the courts and be seeing saying you know Freeman wanzhou. How is it possible to get that message across to them, because their own courts are not fully independent from government? They have a hard time. Accepting some of the once she was a mess in our court system is only a legal and procedural way out. Extradition request of the Riza elastic zamination by the Minister of Justice determinant, and what do you mean by that is that actually, some other punishment for ship has been another case where the company is fine. If your thumb, the daughter, the founder that is, caused these particular problems, so what would what would be asked me if Washington, then, specifically, it is part of your bride trade strategy, he’s been quite open about that? Has the best prospects for solution because they, as it is now, we’ve done something USS slips free of the consequences. We are the ones bearing the weight and the punishment Chinese. The impression that if they do ramp up the pressure and certain ways that they’re able to secure some kind of concession, you know in this case it would be around trade. It sounds a lot like what former Ambassador McAllen was saying Ashley before he lost his job. I’M speaking as a former career professional – and I was rather shy when it came to the media changemyview now longer representing it’s not deeply rooted in a relationship where are we requested by the extradition treaty, with security have to second-guess every one of those decisions at the Circuit meantime, we won’t get out from under this problem of the details until the there. Thank you very much for your time. Professor Holden really appreciate you. Thank you. So what happens if this diplomatic – I appreciate it nice to see you, so this is exactly what Farmers had been asking for. It will certainly help them in the immediate future. What’S your long-term plan getting better, our Farmers was one witness the car. We are also looking at diversifying our Market engaging with the Chinese authorities to find we really have to go to the bottom of this of the situation, because they’re telling us that they have found some pet shipment. We still haven’t seen any evidence strongly to get to the bottom of it based on science, because that I really have to stand for our Canadian high quality, canola and very robots inspection system. I need the request to send a delegation to Jesse intestine China. True, video conferences are not able to even talk to your counterpart about communication channels that you’re talking about they sound pretty negligible. I mean the important part of it is a 2-hour scientists pushed the the discussions and to finding evidence. Is there evidence we would want to know and make the changes we need to know here in Canada and if not, we have to reopen. You know our export to reopen the market in China and we also add representative at the embassy with the various senior one. Is tonight and nickel has also communication with his counterparts and – and I mean with the government over there, so we have different ways to communicate with the Chinese authorities. Do you really believe this is about science? We have to go to the bottom of this questions, but we are acting on different fronts and we have formed a working group. So we are options. We have in front of us the different tools we have with my counterparts, and I mean the Prairie Provinces with the stakeholders, including the two companies, were directly impacted with the representatives of the canola Farmers as well, and we are really together trying to find a Best Solutions and the best in the timing for the different options we have in front of us, Minister, that doesn’t answer the question. Do you, as minister of Agriculture, believe that this dispute is about science? I have two words bazon evidence and the only information I got official information I got from China is that day I found it past and this is what I’m working on first. The evidence, though, is not just that they are blocking canola shipment. There are two Canadians facing drug charges, no sentenced to death or two other Canadians, Michael Cobra, being detained. Why does it appear that your government is hesitant to make the link between hmong juanchos detainment and what happened as a result for Minister freeline? We are very concerned with the security of these Canadians and we are doing everything we can to advocate for them, and we have had a great number of countries who have already spoken out loud in support of Canada in support of these Canadian. That wouldn’t be in this is the only Alpha we want to deal with this different issues through the right channels, host of Power & politics, to see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC News Channel or click the link for another video. Thanks for watching
The federal government is boosting the amount of money available to canola farmers under the Advance Payments Program to help them manage their cash flow during the trade dispute with China.
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