Ottawa bus crash survivor on life as double-leg amputee

Ottawa bus crash survivor on life as double-leg amputee
We begin with a first-hand account from a woman who survived a deadly disaster. Her life was changed forever and now she faces a future. She could never have planned for on a city. Bus in Ottowa crashed into a Transit shells a little more than three weeks ago. Three people were killed, Mercy Stevens was on a regular ride, home after work to her family. She is now a double amputee. The Collision caused her both legs. Ctv’S Cafe Latham has her exclusive story like I know, they’re taking care of you, and then I go great. What do I do for Marcy Stevens and her husband, Christopher January 11th, will always be the day life changed forever, and it’s just basically thinking to myself. Am I going to get through this? You know, and if not, is he going to be? Okay, the 44 year-old Federal Public Service had just finished a week’s work and hopped on her usual double decker bus route, 269, the wife and mother. Two boys chose the top deck. I was sitting about 5 seats from the back on the right side of the bus. I had just put my phone away and I was just relaxing seconds later. All I remember, is just the screaming and then all the seats coming back in accordion faction and then I saw the sea come towards me and like crunch me, and then it kind of stopped list in between two seats Craft on that bus 1 firefighter consoling her. While others desperately try to free passengers, incredibly Marcy was awake through the whole ordeal has actually had the chance of pulling out my cell phone and calling my husband, and I had no idea what I was listening to until Marcy’s voice came over, and she said that I was in a bus accident and that I love him greatly and please let my boys know that I love them too and then hung up, and she didn’t realize at that moment just how life-altering this bus crash would be. Like I mean, I tried to feel my legs to see if I can still feel them, but I couldn’t see my lights because the seats were so pinned, so you had no idea what the damage was. Her left leg severed in the crash and doctor’s quickly realize there was even more damage done bill for him. It wasn’t until two days later, when Marci woke from surgery Christopher broke the news to tell her that things are okay, no and I can’t fix it, but there is optimism, something both Marcy and Christopher have a lot of, and then me just trying to look on The bright side saying you know we’ll get through this until everything is, you know it when it does happen when it does hit, it hits hard, but then you know you have to. This is something that’s dealt to you and you just have to pick up where you are and try to deal with it and get back to a normal life as possible. It will still be months. Marcy can get to that new normal. There will be more surgery and I will likely mean many more months in the hospital and then, of course, there’s rehab all of this taking a large toll on her family, both emotionally and financially. But, as you heard, she’s determined, Lisa wow. What a remarkable woman, Catherine lights and thank you for this tonight from Ottawa and we’ll have more on Marcy Stephen story tomorrow, including an inside look at her difficult recovery and whether she has plans to take legal action. Any lawsuit will likely consider the rules. Speed may have played
A woman who suffered catastrophic injuries in the Ottawa bus crash recounts the harrowing ordeal.

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