Our Planet producer on filming ‘disturbing’ documentary footage

Our Planet producer on filming ‘disturbing’ documentary footage
Our Planet producer on filming ‘disturbing’ documentary footage
You want to reach people who haven’t. Out the issues of constipation, so the show has to be entertaining enough but at the same time to deliver the message or what we found. So we got into this that actually the message of all-time what is happening to our world now isn’t extraordinary story, it’s the most important story, and actually, by telling that biggest story, it made the narrative stronger. We were constantly worrying about the issue or what to how far to go where the balance was and we regularly checked all cells. But at the end of the, I think, when you make sure like this, the one thing you can’t do is lose. You know – and you have to put a think right – we have a belief that this is the right thing to do in the right way to come, and do it that often to film, knowing it heard of this event, Werewolves full off this. So it came back to us and the crew shell-shocked. I look to the rushes and I found it deeply deeply disturbing about the hole to all we knew as soon as we saw that this was probably going to be the footage that would become most associated with the climate change. I’M horror of it happening to Arctic species through is very important footage and hopefully he’ll make a difference. It was always about nature and the importance of Nature, and what we desperately wants to get across to people is that Humanity cannot survive without nature. In the whole history of the earth, the earth basically is unstable planet and stability, and oh yeah, I’m a whole civilization. Everything is built on agriculture oil system, built on the stability that we only get three nation and then, if we can get back Point cross that nature nice to have it’s crucial to have, because we, as humans cannot exist on an unstable Planet, then wearing with a Charms because I think once people realize that they are actually at risk, and this is important to them – we start to see things maybe even Foster. At least people are now acknowledging that actually is a state of emergency put. It is that you look at all the evidence and list that shows that this is an emergency and, and it has to be doubt, don’t go with the next episode. We were with a bit nervous about taking some of the world economic forum, pinball life, natural history, and you think, there’s anyone going to show up and every time the room has been packed and they got to put on all the screening rooms inside there’s a real. It’S it’s, it’s give me the most hyper. Yes, that’s business and finance people are really interested in this subject and if they all you know, you’re onto something but change is coming.
Our Planet producer Keith Scholey wanted to show how all life, including human life, depends on nature. His eight-part documentary series includes shocking footage of environmental disasters, including animals dying from their inability to adapt to changing climates.
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