Out of Aleppo

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Out of Aleppo
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hi I’m on my side so I’m 17 years old Refugee from Aleppo Syria and here’s my video journal and never came back we took everything with us even so they said it was just one more that once that one month didn’t end leaving your homeless feels like leaving part of your soul is like taking medicine but my soul keeps rejecting this medicine or first stop was Turkey from there my father went to freeze for a boat and then on to Germany you that the trip was too dangerous for for the whole family so he went ahead by himself I remember seeing my dad when we say goodbye to him and I saw him so my mom praying in tears remember when my tent turned around he turned away so that we can see it and he continue to work and even beg TractorHouse Ralphs division pediatrician heart setlist demonstrated demonstration against the yolk triplets man consume krankenhaus C’mon Inn in Hyannis transport summer teenager again Sadler shoulderless massage table I want to make this film not just to show my one-story I want to give other refugees the opportunity to show you the glimpse of their Journeys there’s a war out there there’s a people who are getting damaged and these are the people boba tea hey this is the shuttles to do you know onion important meaning in life to have such a good family that helps you that it’s always there like you always know that there’s always someone who’s going to go on we are right here we have your back my parents sacrificed a lot of things for us my mom had to be strong keep the family together while we were separated father right now a big challenge for my father is that she’s not allowed yet to work until he is German language test but everything needs patients and High so we are here at the Refuge shelter and this is one of the reasons The Story of Us those refugees are living here from different countries after the war Syria and after this therapy Jesus Christ is in Europe can I think in 2015 on 2014-2015 all-in-one almost 1 million refugees to Germany where they call it emergency Emergency Shelters you don’t have a private environments and this is difficult for many people signed the only solution was to build finished home that have this concept of containers that look like Apartments get this feeling that they are at home again what was the most think the hardest thing for you as you were in Syria horrible life there is no home for us when you leave my man was here before me I’m alone with a straight children in this cave in the embassy my son was very very small so he can’t walk I have him all the time here how to say and I had to screen children with me so I face so many difficulties in in my journey and then I arrived Berlin and he was waiting for me assemble home but it’s okay for us we sleep here we are very lucky we have a small situation here so we can make our food here LOL I think in Syria every family has somebody lost the war in Syria subsume and our children have a good life and the most challenging things have to keep the people happy you should treat me like a human being different ear Muhammad play different it’s not like an hour hold our traditions of a culture or language are all gone everything’s foreign and only loneliness is your friend there’s only the hole that strangeness leaves in my heart everyday it gets bigger and bigger Best Buy Xbox One on stage here can be who I want to be who I discover another me as of us yeah and Spaceballs out photos of the gun syncing sucks to rest of it let me try some food here to me on the toilet by the by the fire Boom Boom Boom Boom episode who is labor voice to Friedman shut up on swangas disturbing video content Levens ish is that this happened is Syria the definition of danger right now and then coming here and see play how much I respectfully German Society photos of this video class something like you can always hide Germany’s can you start the earring in my new life when I came here I might have another vacation later coming here I came to Berlin and learn to determine his for the memories of German Germany sold more everywhere so ironic that the city that was so destroyed during World War II and the people split from foster home is now the city that welcomes people who also floodwall and lost their homes that irony like it strikes you everyday my biggest challenge in Germany was to learn the language as fast and as good as possible so that I can society and doing the school because the school was the main goal here in Germany for me since I was scared I always loved to go to school and was such a holy place to meet was my second home the school decides our future because of the Civil War hold two generations are gone there are a lot of kids at my age 16 17 18 more fighting with Robin Williams right now can you leave Syria and educational and their social life is gone all this is Grace is Gone teenagers that are fidget teenagers school is like the first gate to interact with the German culture going to a new country and into a 20 society and has a Twist either it’s like wait either you write it so the secret I know how to ride the waves we could use it against your own way riding the way for us to secret so how do you deal with the trim inside you differences you just need to accept them and learn from them no come by what you know and what you get from here so they can get the best the best thing becoming a nice day what you miss most about from where you came from what about you I lost the whole country safe very good life is lost but I got motivation to get everything right after this war ends it’s always burning I’m better when the memories come its uses playing and you always have this feeling right there there’s something missing restaurant shameful being refugee go back to I am Refugee because I have a Target to reach I left it for a lot of time but at the end I’m going back like 6 years and it’s not end people are dying right now I want to pay back for their lives my three is there a doctor I want to study at Harvard after when I told myself I want to go back to Syria stop holding it and that’s my dream to me a free new very developed Syria
Mohammad Shasho’s family left Aleppo in 2013, telling their children they were taking a prolonged vacation. That “vacation” was an evacuation prompted by Syria’s eight-year-old civil war, and it became a permanent exile. In a film produced by BYkids, we see the Syrian crisis through the eyes of a young refugee filmmaker.

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