Pakistan PM Khan: Kashmir issue ‘cannot keep boiling’ – BBC News

Pakistan PM Khan: Kashmir issue ‘cannot keep boiling’ – BBC News
Pakistan PM Khan: Kashmir issue ‘cannot keep boiling’ – BBC News
These are testing times for Imran Khan. In February he had to cope with an aerial bombing against his territory by India that if things have gone wrong, so could have been a serious escalation between the two nuclei. Instead, he seems to diffuse the situation. India was targeting, but it came with terrorists from the Giants organization operating against it from Pakistani territory. People in India will see this interview with with you. What what message would you like to send the Modi government of the people of India? Surely the number one task of the blue government should be: how are we going to reduce poverty and wavy? Reduce poverty is by settling our differences through dialogue, and there is only one difference between Kashmir. It has to be settled. The Kashmir issue cannot keep on Boiling. Like because anything that happening in contribute to a reaction, video pression, which is taking place in Kashmir, Pakistan, we would be blamed intentions. So if we can set up cash me the benefits of Peace, a tremendous of the subcontinent, the Indian government would say you’re still simply not doing enough about terrorism. We already organizations as we speak, including Josh, including Josh. We have taken over their addresses various the organizations. Duran Duran did the sound American troops and you have the will to see it through you. We have the John because it is for the future of Pakistan given Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. India’S attack last February could have led to a very dangerous conflict. Indeed, Imran Khan maintains he was determined to make sure Pakistan’s reply with strictly Limited once you respond, no one can predict where I can go from there. It would go anywhere because then come back and again attack Pakistan, Pakistan in that situation, nuclear-armed countries. I just felt that it was. It was very irresponsible Dawn when the Supreme Court acquitted Christian woman, Asia Bibi good, being sentenced to death for blaspheming against the prophet Muhammad. Her acquittal was confirmed in January and she’s being offered us. I live in Europe and yet she still hasn’t been allowed to leave Pakistan. You will find that Asia will be leaving very soon. What are we doing about days weeks? I think weeks, we’ll talk about weeks. Is that your decision to sit to let it go and speak on on on the media about it, but I can show you she’s safe and she will be leaving in weeks khanh ha resolve following him. The officer carrying I was told, the briefcase which holds Pakistan’s nuclear codes: John Simpson, BBC News Islamabad,
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has told the BBC that peace with India over the disputed territory of Kashmir would be “tremendous” for the wider region.
Mr Khan, a former cricketer who became leader eight months ago, said the nuclear-armed neighbours could only settle their differences with dialogue.
The comments come as India prepares to vote in a general election, weeks after an upsurge of violence in Kashmir.
A suicide attack against Indian forces triggered cross-border air strikes.
Asked what message he wanted to send to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his country, Mr Khan told the BBC’s John Simpson that the Kashmir issue “has to be settled” and “cannot keep boiling like it is”.

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