Panda Bears, Elephants, Might Not Be Saved In Trump’s America | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Panda Bears, Elephants, Might Not Be Saved In Trump’s America | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Panda Bears, Elephants, Might Not Be Saved In Trump’s America | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Is new Trump campaign gimmick that you could just dismiss as a kind of a joke, a dig at people who are concerned about the environment on a daily basis to something much larger because they say quote liberal paper: straws, don’t work. Okay, people do all kinds of things in politics, for the Trump Administration is also taking direct policy aim at America’s most important concert. 2 law, so important, you’ve definitely heard of it. The Endangered Species Act. It has been credited by experts, the saving from Extinction, the humpback whale, the grizzly bear and panda bears come on. Who is against panda bears Administration has released new guidelines of try to gut the way the law Works, basically making it easier to take a species off. Yes, The Endangered Species Act list, that’s kind of a key part of the endangered rules, make it harder to also deal with the threat of climate change when considering the protections for Animals think about polar bears or sea lions and over 1600 other species that have been Pretty at some point in time, the real change comes as the United Nations warns. A million plant and animal species face the risk of extinction because of us because of people, even though I mention love Animals by Donald Trump’s rollback with let Mining and drilling companies proceed with projects that would otherwise be banned under the law, and this is big for The first time Regulators could be allowed to consider what they call the economic impact AKA if losing money before animals get listed for this protection, and that falls in line with something else, which is the goals of at least certain top Trump officials, including the interior secretary, Was a former oil lobbyists and his Department yep drafted these changes? All of this adds to really Litany of trump actions that we journalists have been tracking. The environmentalists say clearly weakened key protections. You have to pull out in the Paris climate agreement, yeah bobama era, fuel-efficiency standards that have been diluted and a whole lot more now think about the politics of all this, because it’s easy to look at the stairs in the straws in the trolling and say well, This is how it always is, and that’s what happened. Republicans are in control, the White House that wasn’t always the case. Remember this Act was passed by Republican President Nixon, who argued a strong economy and clean environment. Kendall together sometimes have a great productive Society, clean environment. We can have both and we shot at both and we shall have those either. You see any video Nixon and remember, Democrats. These days are often comparing Trump to him. Money issues like obstruction of justice. What’S impeachable here’s a contrast in descendants, 1 many Democrats and environmentalist object to they want Donald Trump to be more nixonian. When it comes to protecting these animals, you could see more videos right here or better, yet subscribed YouTube channel.
The Trump administration taking aim at the nation’s most important conservation law, The Endangered Species Act, gutting key provisions that make it easier to remove a species from the endangered list. The popular act was passed President Nixon.
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Panda Bears, Elephants, Might Not Be Saved In Trump’s America | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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