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welcome back panel is here at Junior chair of the center for African American studies at Princeton University editor-in-chief of the Washington Free Beacon welcome all about Michael Cohen & the response to the Trump Tower thing this was basically about his only response that he’s given I did not know of the meeting with my son Don Jr sounds to me like someone is trying to make up stories in order to get himself out of an unrelated Jam taxicabs maybe even retained Bill and crooked Hillary lawyer gee I wonder if they helped him make the choice Cohen vs. Trump Peggy Noonan what are you making this so I think rotation one of the things I’m curious about is where the heck does this go you have a sense as you watch the story that more tapes will come more testimony more this one email whatever and we’ll find out yes the president kind of knew about the Trump Tower meeting someone wanted to share information against Hillary Clinton he says Shoreline know how it goes if that is true where does that get you what is our endpoint there that doesn’t prove criminality approves poor judgement it proves a lack of sophistication within his campaign organization normally these Russians would come in off the street and they make with extremely low-level people but that’s what I keep thinking of it as but still if the moment comes when we find out Trump know about this meeting them what does that mean right so on Air Force One when he denied the payment to Stormy Daniels and then juliani comes out and we realize he’s like so he lies a lot Donald Trump so who’s telling the truth in the mob right Sammy the bull as its intent and the difficult part about the collusion claim is the intent plant and if there isn’t it here then we have a stronger case Helsinki Summit with this news Matthew is starting to make Capital Republican very nervous I’m sorry that he didn’t like those Michael, questions the Republican Senators they don’t seem to be as ready to just take the present size they were even two weeks ago they like the Trump Administration would rather Robert Mueller go away and I think Colin’s claimed that the president knew about the Trump Tower MTG is basically a message to Robert Mueller and saying that this claim given the evidence if he has any which he has not produced today would help you Robert Mueller in your construction of an obstruction of justice case against the president that’s where it seems to me the Mueller investigation has been training for sometime this would be another bullet point in that eventual report to Congress where Robert Mueller would say doesn’t interfere with this investigation he either has evidence already to corroborate this phone as a key witness one has to think that what people people including in the Trump orbits a book this meeting took place one floor in Trump Tower away from where the president was at that time to Kensington front was that day at that time then went to a fundraising with Don Jr the possibility the probability that the sun did not tell the father before or after this meeting we’re both is just so hard to believe that you block phone calls one before one after that the Republicans on the house until they would not let the Democrat subpoena either has those phone records and a lot of other corroborating information or not if this is going to go in a place it’s not going to rely on Michael Cohn anyway I think the Cohen stuff in the meeting in the in the payoffs check or cash 4 for the the Playboy person that has had a funny way of obscuring the really big story of the moment was Helsinki a 2-hour meeting about which we know nothing no Americans every morning for me as an American to watch embarrassing joint press conf President Putin that is huge was surprised that Senator Portman thought that sector pompeyo did so well the members Republican and Democratic and not just Bob Corker who’s retiring went after Pompeo because but because he was giving the party line pretty pretty much and not explaining what hap that you are meeting and their fear is that he does not know that Madison is not know that no one knows what happened and they are saying do not and that’s what the leader said to the president when they went and got him to postpone the returned they do not want him going into another private meeting first of all no president especially one as I’m screwed and in foreign policy how come you don’t know what Matthew Miss and she was 4 hours insisted that Trump’s tweets and incendiary comments were not the sum total of those policies but it’s a tough argument to make about a prickly boss the policy has not changed but the real question remains what the policy is in the first place and actually the Michael Cohen news came as a relief I think that when the spotlight is on Michael avenatti and show me Daniels the presents base Rally’s to him right and I was struck by the week that Donald Trump was elected president his personal favorability rating according to Gallup was 36% last month Gallup ask the same question Donald Trump’s personal ability rating was 36% nothing changes well that’s what I always say about every week everything happens and nothing changes any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching
Andrea Mitchell, Eddie Glaude Jr., Peggy Noonan and Matthew Continetti join the Meet the Press Roundtable to talk about the latest developments in the public feud between President Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen.
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Panel: Has Michael Cohen Flipped On President Donald Trump? | Meet The Press | NBC News

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