Papers “sickened” over PSG racial profiling

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Papers “sickened” over PSG racial profiling
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Papers “sickened” over PSG racial profiling
And it’s time to take a look at what’s making headlines around the world and for that I’m joined in the studio by the very lovely Allison side of head out Allison. It was a mocking, obviously the 9th of November a day of many important anniversaries. Isn’T it we on a 9th of November and we have the fall of the monarchy in 1918, as the country Lost World War 1 other was the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and in 1938 there was kristallnacht the night of broken glass on which was The anti-semitic attacks that really marks the start of the Holocaust, about the anniversary that the berlin-based paper annoyed Deutschland to focus is on today on their front page they’re headline reads the night that the mass murderer began and that image there that we see on the front Page, it’s a typo Monument actually to Holocaust victims, called a stupor Steen, I’m or stumbling block something you’ll notice. If you ever walked around in Berlin, their cobblestones and each one has the name of a holocaust victim on it, as well as the date that they were deported under the paper reports, but they’ve been getting vandalized in recent years and you can see I’m a picture Here, inside the paper of one that was pulled out of the ground, it’s an example of the return of anti-Semitism to the country. Is nationalism has really been making a comeback in Germany on both of the papers that we put that give the message today that remembering kristallnacht is really more important now than ever, and else in here in front of sweet of course, looking ahead to a weekend of Commemorations knocking the end of World War 1. However, that being said, the other shed buy a series of Revelations that the French football club Papi Sanchez man, has apparently being racially profiling its players. I just came from the investigative website and media media paw, based on documents from football leagues for sweeper. They keep here is headlining at CJ, which basically means labeled or recorded, and they have a little mock-up of one of those forms at the was used to track players receive name date of birth and ethnic background, where they can choose from four categories on West Indian, North African, black African and friends, which in this case we assume, means white, unlike in some countries like the US in France, it is against the law to collect this kind of information and then there’s the fact that this information was used to discriminate against black players. The patties now here is talking about malice on their front page, basically discomfort or uneasiness and in their editorial there did this whole Affair. I’M has really just been sickening. That’S not the first time that this has happened in France. Is it French Football Federation believe that there were too many blacks and Arabs, and not enough whites playing for French teams of the batteries? Yellow has resurfaced a report done by the AFP news agency at the time included. You recognize him behind me, a young mbappe. This is the star of France’s national team and the big star of Paris Saint-Germain. Then he was still an unknown 12 and a half year old boy in the presence of Bondi playing for his local team, and he told reporters that he disagreed with quotas. Because quote, if you look at history, all the best players wear black and Arab. With a few exceptions, indeed, France has only ever won the World Cup with very diverse team, something that’s often celebrated here. So this report is really a reminder that racial stereotyping remains a big in the world of football and, as you say, I rather upsetting as well. Now, moving across to the other side to be l’antiquaire, Cosette been a rather eventful Newsweek to say the least, and of course I missed all the hype about the victims, and those are the factor that horrific life is a mess shooting. A wave of Hysteria was found yesterday by news that an 85 year old woman had fallen and fractured her ribs, and this was not just any 85 year old woman in that course. This was at Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The notorious RBG is some people like to call her. She is one of the four remaining a progressive judges on the now a conservative majority Supreme Court and for men on the left in the United States. It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of the country hangs on her health, a news that she had been hospitalized to set off a wave of panic on social media. People were offering to do to donate their ribs or other body parts to try and save her I’m just hysteria. There was prompted one writer from the new site Splinter I’m to argue that maybe it shouldn’t be this way. Maybe the fact that were also concerned about the health of this one woman is actually a signal that there’s a problem in the US one of many signals. He propose at the simplest Supreme Court term limits which could be staggered so that to justices retired during each presidential term, given its presidents have an equal chance to name new judges. Unfortunately, conservatives are not likely to agree to this idea now that they finally have their majora, I’m in a coincidence actually Trump’s latest take justice. Cavanaugh was finally formally sworn in yesterday in a ceremony that Ruth Bader Ginsburg had to miss because of her injury. I’M finally Elsa, but going to end of the story that returns to the same memorization zhai Croatian men trying to vandalize an anti-fascist statute, but the statue back. You can read about it today in the guardian. This statue that he was trying to vandalize was of a man who became a hero for fighting against Croatia’s pro-nazi government during World War. It’S worth noting that several thousand anti-fascist monuments in Croatia have been vandalized over the past two decades. Some actually accuse Croatian authorities of turning a blind eye to this mastalgia for its former fascist regime. I’M normally we wouldn’t want to celebrate anyone hurting themselves, of course, but in this case many people are saying. Well perhaps it served this guy right here. That was a message, and I love that thanks for that Allison, and if you want to take a look at the stories that we’ve been talking about, you can of course had to a website that being Frost 24
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IN THE PAPERS – Friday, November 9: It’s the German “day of fate” and papers are marking a series of anniversaries, notably 80 years since hundreds of Jews were killed during Kristallnacht, “the night the mass murder began.” In France, the football world is rocked by revelations that recruiters from Paris Saint-Germain racially profiled players. We also look at US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s health scare and the story of a statue that fought back against a fascist vandal.

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