Paradise residents struggle to celebrate holidays after Camp Fire devastation

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Paradise residents struggle to celebrate holidays after Camp Fire devastation
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Paradise residents struggle to celebrate holidays after Camp Fire devastation
Call Hodag in her two-year-old daughter mirror the gift of Christmas this year, I’m just a stark reminder of what they’ve lost pictures everyone doing the best I can trying to give you whatever you can’t spend the holiday inside their house Nicole and her father. Jim have been forced to spend holidays in Jim’s new RV in this Lowe’s parking lot in Chico California, her family, just three of roughly 50,000 people in Butte, County displaced by the campfire, the deadliest and most destructive in California’s. History is box now holding all that’s left of the hoenig’s family mementos. I could ever explain because it’s the only thing I’ll ever be able to give her. It means the world to me nearby, Chico, California, campfire ignited on November, 8th entire Community is burnt to the ground. Everything here is gone and ultimately the fire burn for 17 days, 53000 acres and killed at least 86 people without a Paradise California hit the hardest. The fire is Bentley white Paradise off the mat, this shopping center is gone, block after block is filled with PlayStation and it will take years to rebuild the fire spread so quickly to terrifying elements. Cut many residents by surprise families desperate to get to safe to drive through blinding smoke and fierce flames. First magical Jolly days after the campfire ripped through Paradise. My husband and I just said I don’t think I’m going to make it out of this. It’S coming in too fast. I thought I was going to die right escape the harrowing tale I couldn’t breathe. The air was so high was burning, my lungs, you couldn’t say anything. The back of my pants were on fire and two firemen pick-me-up extinguish. My pants put me into the fire engine put a fire blanket over me. The first thing that you said your husband, I’m here and I love you or childhood home earlier this month. What were you able to get out with the clothes on my back, I’m happy. I got out with my life Thanksgiving this year. We can fit a turkey in our motorhome oven. Until then, the surrounding housing market is Dyer, but now we’re dealing with the secondary crisis and what is that? Not enough housing anywhere, decimated by the fire high demand for homes in California is no housing availability locally, who had clients coming in saying landlords that proposed $ 500 a month. Rent increases this kind of thing. That means affordable housing for those hit. The hardest, like the elderly in the port, is now difficult to come by among their options, a shelter or transitional housing place for them to go, there’s no other place in California that offers affordable Ranch and proximity to services. So this is going to be a very, very difficult situation to work through Eveleigh criticize after Hurricane Katrina on standby, ready to deliver Dubuque County, but almost 2 months after the fire broke out. Finding space to put the trailers is proving problematic on the local level.. Everyone wants to have their house problem without basic infrastructure up and running in Paradise. President have been cautioned against moving trailers onto their properties, which may contain toxic Ash. Even worse, not everyone is qualifying for federal help. Confusing process stay in the county to assist you in the more the long-term recovery a day help moving forward another issue facing employment. The hospital like so many other business is now closed after suffering, extensive damage, I’m not able to work right now. The hospital is going to rebuild, they said, but it’s going to be at least a year, if not too before they are up and moving again looking for work, but so is 300 other nurses at the hospital racing patients to safety as flames surrounded the property. Can we shut the door so nobody went in there and got the whole Hospital out and I know they want to help me, but it’s hard because we’re all we’re all in the same page we’re all in the same boat. Do we can’t help each other because we can barely survive ourselves? The spirit of Liberty Foundation blew up from Southern California with Santa to deliver gifts at the silver dollar. Fairgrounds turn Red Cross shelter, the kindness of strangers, Wellman children, remember even for a moment the joy of Christmas family. This couple getting engaged on the steps in front of where their home used to stand the hoenig’s experiencing a Christmas miracle of their own parking lot drove back to his house. One student Paradise. He found his cat Rusty missing since the fire broke out. On Christmas Eve, a joyous were Union admit the rubble hi everyone, George Stephanopoulos here, thanks for checking on ABC News, YouTube channel. If you’d like to get more, video show, highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to the ABC News app for breaking news alerts. Thanks for watching
After being displaced by the fires, Nicole Hoenig and her family, like many Northern California residents, could not spend the holidays at home.

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