Paralysed men walk again with spinal implant – BBC News

Paralysed men walk again with spinal implant – BBC News
I’Ve been working Neuroscience now for it for a long time, and I know that when you have a spinal cord injury after while, if there is no progress, it will remain like this, and so what I noticed for the first time is a chain even in the Tronics and that’s for me something completely, and you know I always print walking again and now just three Miss almost there, I’m surprised over and over again when we really get there. I think you got to try to do the impossible to make it possible possible.
Scientists in Switzerland have developed a spinal implant that enables people who had previously been considered permanently paralysed to walk again temporarily.

When switched on, the device boosts signals from the brain through the injured part of the spine to the legs.

It has also surprised scientists by appearing to repair nerve damage in the spinal cord.

The technology is in its infancy, but the BBC met some patients who have been trying it out.

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