Parkland moms reflect on iconic photo one year after tragedy

Parkland moms reflect on iconic photo one year after tragedy
The sirens and the sirens in the sirens and it was Non-Stop and it was terrifying, crying and confusion. When tragedy unfolded. Parents reuniting with children, rushing out or 17 were killed. One photo in particular captured. The fear and panic on two mothers faces is anger. It became an iconic moment into finding another chapter of school shootings in America. Just kind of the bond between the two women in the photo did not survive the odds like the nation itself over gun-control. This community is like fractured into two factions. Now the people who are working on school safety and making schools like in the fall forces and the people are working on improving gun legislation, camera guy Kathy, what’s going on, are you okay? And instead I can’t reach my son. I can’t contact him and then my heart just started breaking my God is she doesn’t know if her son is alive and she’s here crying and can’t reach him and how many parents that we know we’re losing children right now? I want people to know that they don’t want that to happen to them. Rush couldn’t reach her son when the photo was taken. She still angry and I want everybody – everybody in the whole country to see that picture and I want their hearts to break for all the families here, because guess what? If this happens all the time, they eventually it’s going to happen in your community to the Associated Press, Parkland Florida
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