Parkland victim’s dad slams 3D-printed guns

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Parkland victim’s dad slams 3D-printed guns
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are listen up this is a story you need to hear beginning tomorrow blueprints to make those 3D guns that John along just talked about will be available to anyone online the plastic guns will be untraceable and in some cases they will be able to avoid metal detectors now several State Attorneys General are suing the Trump Administration to block the blueprints from actually becoming public joining us now is Fred Guttenberg his 14 year old daughter Jamie was killed play Parkland school massacre back in February Fred nice to see you again can morning good morning can you explain how this makes any sense it’s it it’s horrible on a lot of levels 1 week ago I actually was in DC with some folks from the Newtown action Alliance and nobody in DC on a legislative level even knew about this stop you right there because so you had meeting makers and you were breaking the news to them they didn’t know that this was about to happen tomorrow unfortunately Administration did a reversal of Apollo that they did not need to do and they didn’t communicate it now those of us and the gun violence prevention movement had been putting out information about it over the past five or six weeks but let’s face it and the legislators didn’t know one party last week while I was there. Sufficiently horrified the other party did not yes here here is what this country needs to understand this is the most important story in this country right now what they did and they did not need to do it is they actively hold back these beep beep Public Safety of citizens in the greatest way ever in my lifetime the president’s job is to defend the whole line from domestic and foreign threats and in doing this now can you fly on an airplane somebody next you can have a gun when you go into a government building to visit a legislator as I explained to legislators starting this week somebody sitting across them may have a gun if you go to a sporting event somebody next you may have a gun all of the talk of hardening schools that came out of what happened in Parkland and previously not going to matter anymore so much and now walking with the gun there was no need to do this and the problem is this was a purposeful decision by this Administration specifically says their goal is not to defend the Second Amendment it’s to expand it if you look at it that way this puts an end to the talk of what gun safety looks like if your underage and you want you got it if you can’t pass a background check and you want a gun you’ll get it if you are potentially at risk of a red flag law and you want a gun you’ll get it what is shocking to me when I’m shocking the NRA and gun manufacturers over the past month have been silent on this and I tried to get them to State their opinion the gun manufacturers traditional gun manufacturers would not like this eating into their market and so it seems as though you’ll be able to get their attention Bachelors of these undetectable weapons what is the answer I mean you have been obviously since the tragedy that happened in Parkland you’ve been steeped in gun laws and what to do to providing down gun violence what is the answer stopping this from happening well we over the past week I’ve been reaching out to the states across this country the answer is right now we need an injunction and we needed today we must put a stop to this agreement the first step then it gives the legislators time to react and put a permanent stuff but here’s the problem this company has already broken the terms of this agreement they were supposed to wait till tonight at midnight they’ve been down putting these plans now since Friday okay so over thousand sets of blueprint have already been downloaded which means they broken the terms of this agreement and as far as I’m concerned Federal officials should be showing up to that building right now I’m shutting them down Lakers doing anything after your meeting with that alerting at this house is out of session and the said it is taking the TSA involved there’s no time right now to do anything between now and midnight if they are preparing to do something and they are preparing to pass legislation but we need a court to impose an injunction this must be stopped and I will tell you if any he had any doubt about where people stand on their Public Safety and how to vote this November look at this issue this should be the defining issue of this election this Administration put us at risk and do you need to do so and we must put a stop to this my daughter died it was preventable it didn’t need to happen why would we add to that risk for others and make it harder to put in place Common Sense steps at Aldi metal detectors are now going to be meaningless okay it didn’t need to be this way and we need to put a stop to this and yes our legislators meet I will tell you what are legislators need to do going forward to stop paying attention to the hourly Trump tweet and they need to pay attention to the wheel news it’s affecting us Americans did not need to get missed and and I’m really annoyed about it as well we all need to pay attention to these things happening this is the most important in this country right now King on new day and sounding the alarm about this will be following it closely all day thank you very much
Fred Guttenberg, whose 14-year-old daughter was killed in the Parkland school shooting, slams 3D-printed plastic gun blueprints, saying metal detectors will be meaningless.

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