Passenger jet with 97 passengers, 4 crew on board crashes in Mexico

be images coming in right now we have learned shortly before we came on tonight of a plane crashed just South of the Border nearly a hundred passengers on board several crew members that passenger jet crashing just after take off the flight from Durango to Mexico City believe the pilots were trying to abort the take off if there was some bad weather but when they tried to help take off it was too late and just moments ago the governor they’re tweeting saying everyone survive this even with flames and smoke coming from the plane ABC’s Lindsey Davis leaving this off tonight the passenger jet disaster smoke filling the plane theme patters broken up in a field these haunting pictures were among the first posted on social media and Mexican TV New Mexico flight 2431 crashing a field in Durango Mexico just after 4 p.m. local time the state’s Governor saying there was bad weather and the pilots were attempting to afford just after takeoff but it was too late the plane going down just be on the runway Witnesses report seeing an explosion upon impact the jet bursting into flames emergency crews seen rushing to the scene to get survivors to local hospitals and there were reports that miraculously some were able to walk way it left arango a popular tourist location in route to Mexico City there were 97 passengers and four crew members on board at the crash site and ominous image the tail of a plane and trail of Lindsey Davis monitoring development as we’re on the air tonight in as I mention the governor tweeting just moments ago did everyone survive this but Lindsay we do believe these Pilots saw the bad weather and that they were trying to abort take-off and just those final moments just confirm recently crashed just after take off the governor saying this was a weather issue in the pilots could not abort take-off it was too late but 85 people are believed to have sustained injuries but the good news David that everyone survive leaving this off tonight Lindsay thank you hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here thanks for checking up ABC News YouTube channel if you’d like to get more videos show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
The pilots were trying to abort during takeoff.



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