Paul Manafort sentenced to 43 additional months in prison, live stream

Paul Manafort sentenced to 43 additional months in prison, live stream
Paul Manafort sentenced to 43 additional months in prison, live stream
And Eddie’s getting credit for several months that he’s already spent in custody. So he’s he’s probably looking at about seven more years in jail for a 70 year old man. If manafort has been looking for a pardon or clemency from President Trump, it doesn’t really matter to him whether he gets a 10-year sentence or a two-year sentence. If he’s expecting the president to wife at all out right, so it looks like directions along with the both of you. I count 160 months with 30 money, concurrent with the edva sentence that the Virginia 13 months to count one along with the EDD, a sentence Bob chose the 60 months on count, one if you take it out to about 30 months after you take apart, take out The part that’s going to be served concurrent with judge Ellison, so that’s a total of 43 months additional on top of the 47 months. That judge Ellison stand to wait for the wire that gives us the exact math as to other number. Mr. manafort is going to actually serve kind of prison. Is he going to go to security someplace where I can get the medical support for his gout, but he’s not going to be under really strict condition? Example: El Chapo who’s headed to Florence Colorado to a supermax. They want something with minimal security, so we can have visits from his family because of his age and his house for place where he can get the medical care. What we have on the exact sentence that mr. manifold has received boblett are there in DC. For us, a sentence 60 months, 2nd account one and the sentence in Virginia 36 months, supervised release write Via Verde there when you take into account the restitution and the forfeitures manafort has suffered a fairly substantial Financial penalty is a result of this offense, and so this Prison that Paula was was talking about, I mean he’s older and that he’s sick, but about missing for people who commit white-collar crimes versus low-level offenders of other crime or people of color. Let’S just call it what it is. If you going to one of these, people, keep pointing out that he’s older and then he’s a he’s, a potentially the final years of his life. Does it really matter if your in a country club Country Club prison of Prisons determines where somebody is going to serve their sentence and that’s based on a variety of factors, including how dangerous the person is the length of the sentence of what it is? I need to isolate the individual from other person’s and there are several degrees of institutions ranging from prison camps, which are the least restrictive up to the kind of supermax prison that you talked about before, where El Chapo is going. I’M interesting Lee some of these facilities with the best medical care, not the least restrictive facilities until there’s, sometimes a trade-off between a need to get actual medical care in a desire to be in the least restrictive kind of facility is really fascinating. Watch display out the idea. I just want to step back for a moment, and you can just talk about analyze the situation where we are right now in this country. President of the United States that he was running for the candidacy of the presidency has now been convicted to seven years. Over 7 years in federal, prison for variety of crimes are ranging from money laundering to lying to investigators. Did the president say that answer your knowledge of the course? The system are politics? Well, I think the only comparison you can make in recent history really is to Watergate, where you had people who were very close to the president, including his attorney general, his and his campaign Finance chair, as well as close White House advisor. If you were convicted of criminal activity, that’s not necessarily A flattering comparison for any president to have who were involved in the president’s campaign, be convicted of of a fairly significant criminal activity and of lying about it, and ultimately, what this all boils down to is we’re. Just going to have to wait and see what what fines and what he reports do you want to share with our viewers, visible reaction from manafort’s wife at that behind her during these proceedings, as she tends to exhibit, are discussed with this process that you had no Reaction to the sentence, he said that manafort cat’s eye contact with the judge throughout her entire length play nation of the sentence, but his attorneys apparently just look down at the table, and I he reminds us that manafort was wheeled in a wheelchair. This time you got to wear a suit or last week.. He was in his prison Garb, but he says men, divorce attorneys will come out and in what’s the price is pretty consistent. Are they tend to say one or two after each hearing, and so we’ll hear what they have to say, it’s unclear whether or not they will still be bound by their gag order or if they will be willing to take some questions from reporters here at the Courthouse are you cover the White House getting from the White House comments on this.? He will try to argue once again no collusion. He said this has nothing to do with collusion, but then he will do what he has done consistently over the past 17 months. He will try to distance himself from his form campaign chairman and also try to elicit sympathy, he’s a good man, and this is terrible, his family. That has been how the president has consistently react. Development case Washington, DC boblett. Thank you both for what we call in this business tap-dancing you both were able to Luminate this description for me and for our viewers, and for that I think you, both 2 custody she’s been charged Nationwide of other wealthy parents, schools like Yale Stanford and the University Of Southern California, universities claim that they are victims. In other news, Canada have grounded all Boeing 737 Max back to the crash that killed 157 people, including eight American. It was the second deadly accident involving a 737 Max in five months. How to justify the grounding of the 7th
Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort faces sentencing — Judge Amy Berman Jackson said that 30 months of the sentence she imposes will overlap with his Virginia sentence of just under four years, but she will issue a separate consecutive sentence on top of that sentence.

Manafort apologized in court, as he faced his sentencing in the District of Columbia on two counts — conspiracy against the United States and conspiracy to obstruct justice on Wednesday.

“I want to say to you now that I am sorry for what I have done,” Manafort said.”While I cannot undo the past, I can assure that the future will be very different.”

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