Paul Manafort To Face Trial In Robert Mueller Probe | Hardball | MSNBC

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Paul Manafort To Face Trial In Robert Mueller Probe | Hardball | MSNBC
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attacks on the legitimacy of the special counsel investigation of the Russian meddling Teresa the first big trial stemming from the investigation gets underway tomorrow Paul manafort former chairman of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign areas faces 18 charges stemming from his work beginning in 2006 for the former president of Ukraine Allied Battleford make tens of millions of dollars to his work but in 2014 his client Viktor Yanukovych was ousted from office in a popular Uprising in Ukraine those activities continue during his time working on the Trump campaign the charges brought against manafort include 5K are five counts of tax fraud four counts of failing to report foreign bank accounts for counts of bank fraud and 5 cancel cancel going to commit bank fraud should benefit be found guilty you can face at the 10 years in prison manafort is also facing similar charged in federal court in Washington DC what you’ll have to face later here to help us break it down or send the oxy a former Federal prosecutor security reporter what are we going to learn watching this because I was at that Infamous meeting at Trump Tower at will that come up and then what are we going to learn about Trump and this trial sadly probably not very much one of the prosecutor said the word rush I might not even come up and not even clear to me about his work for Donald Trump to him years ago didn’t pursue this case the only reason he’s wearing green jumpsuits today is because he went to work for Donald Trump but we’re not going to learn people that are facing trial sides at the end of his bad news and he’s so there’s no reason for Trump to Pardon him it doesn’t do anything for Trump because that’s the way pardon seem to work I’m kind of wondering if the if molars office just didn’t even offer and very much they basically said you don’t do anything for us we have case we have the information been a long and boring trial with exceptions for about 2 days he’s going to get conducted and then the sentencing process is going to come up and he’s going to have to be do some cooperation or to get a better set so they’re still going to have a second bite at that apple can I talk to the president I’m not saying another word if your pardon me well you know he’s already he’s under the conspiracy in the Violet campaign Finance which I predict will come after the election he’s going to have a third or actually a force indictment Trump skates as we said he doesn’t get indicted he can’t be kicked out balls cuz there’s too many Republican Senators so he skates on impeachment and conviction but he still in office but two years from now to the independent voter not very good but did you write it becomes a political question not a legal question you know how much of a stench can they stomach and their president your there’s no taping system that we know of right so Richard Nixon didn’t have Fox is Donald Trump saying the black is white and don’t believe what you’re saying but what about the time when it comes to the Reckoning is when Trump has to choose between family and freedom or staying office wouldn’t he pardon his son-in-law he likes AMC loves Whitney pardon them they’re going to be on the shopping list above lyrics for his lawyer today and we chatted for a while about it I don’t see it come in little pieces like Justin dating daan Junior Justin Titan Kushner it’s going to be Global it’s going to be a bombshell and it’s going to come after the election and it will include everybody a criminal conspiracy years ago for a very short period of time are they nice to their people in the campaign for 5 months he many delegates at the Republican National Convention where Trump one and then became campaign manager can my friend these guys are not nice to the people they are not he was on the Sunday shows he was speaking for the campaign and we were reporting at the time Chris hey this guy’s got some interesting deals with Russian oligarchs and the campaign just just just didn’t listen until they were confronted with hey this guy’s in real trouble send the Trump shot to take advantage of all this knowledge of the internal workings of Putin’s operation with his campaign manager sit next to him yeah I wonder why it didn’t you ever hear them talking about how Putin operates Howie deals with and what he really wants when you create he wants Ukraine and some form very much to get it right because the prosecutor and hasn’t dead to rights he has Gates I think so I mean for reasonable people there some people are never going to get off back witch hunter thing but if you can Vic the campaign manager campaign chairman 7-way for 20 years has the switch on we’re putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list and see lots of other great videos
Jury selection for the first trial stemming from the Russia investigation gets underway on Tuesday. Manafort, a former chairman of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, faces 18 charges stemming from his work beginning in 2006 for the Russian-backed government of Ukraine and its former president.
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Paul Manafort To Face Trial In Robert Mueller Probe | Hardball | MSNBC

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