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de 558 of the Trump Administration and day one of the Paul manafort trial the first big test for Robert Mueller it is a trial about taxes and not Russia the Russia looms large in the background as it seems to in nothing else these days manafort’s being tried in federal court in Alexandria Virginia he was of course Trump’s campaign chairman ran the RNC convention it’s the first of two trials for him in this one he’s looking at 18 bank fraud tax evasion conspiracy charges in relation to his work for a pro-russian party and Ukraine before he went to work for the Trump campaign he has pleaded not guilty to all charges this trial is off to a lightning start so far a jury has been seated opening statements have been delivered and a witness has testified all on day one metaphor it was a march to August chairman back in 2016 he helped Trump secure the nomination make no mistake and Trump said so at the time I have fantastic people Paul manafort just came on he’s great he has done an amazing job however more recently as manafort was awaiting trial the president’s not too shall we say diminishes former campaign Sherman’s roll I know mr. manafort haven’t spoken in a long time but I know him he was with a campaign as uniform very short. Of time is the highest-ranking campaign figure charge so far he was also part of that 2016 Trump Tower meeting when Donald Trump jr. and Jared Kushner had those Russians come by also tonight multiple sources tell NBC news that Robert Mueller has referred another group of Investigations to Federal prosecutors up here in New York the southern district of New York those sources say that former lobbyist Tony pizzette podesta former Minnesota Republican congressman Weber and former Obama White House counsel Greg Craig are all under federal investigation the sources also say the inquiry in the Tony podesta whose brother John ran the Clinton campaign of course stems from Mueller’s investigation location into the case of Paul manafort as the special counsel and his team continue their enquiries the president is now embracing a new line of defense as we covered here last night and as floated out yesterday by Roy Giuliani this morning Trump wrote on Twitter quot collusion is not a crime but that doesn’t matter because there was no collusion except by crooked Hillary and the Democrats let us bring in our leadoff panel for a Tuesday night Josh Kirsty what’s inside the courtroom today for today’s proceedings he is senior White House reporter for Politico also are very newest MSNBC contributor Cynthia former Federal prosecutor in the Civil Rights division at doj what does politics editor at The Daily Beast so Josh tone and tenor of day 1 so far what was the dynamic like in the courtroom well it was quite surprising take me to see the bigger with which Rick Case was thrown under the bus by Paul manafort’s campaign team suggested to hear from Daddy was indulging in and somehow manafort’s Deputy had duped him into any wrongdoing that took place their listing all the items of his lavish Lifestyle the big one that broke through today in the news media was a correct me if I’m wrong $15,000 ostrich I could of course who Among Us hasn’t known one of those in the past comes are significant Maybe new one is purely mechanical I’ve covered a number of Trials I think we’ve all been on jury duty how in the world did they seat a jury have opening statements and already here from one witness in the course of a day Virginia and then awful around me they’re not they’re called the Rocket docket for a reason and usually you know after you see the jury you might have a little bit of a break but no it was stand up and let’s do opening statements and then call your first witness that’s just the way it goes in eastern district of Virginia about this defense case how tough is it we just heard Josh lay out the fact that they’re going to go after the storm all around the country this would be referred to as the Saudi defense some other dude did it and that’s the sort of our shorthand they don’t really have much else to do and the problem for them is is a paper case and manafort’s signature is all over things and it’s not probably not going to work it doesn’t usually work and I would doubt it works in this case is Donald Trump’s 2 and the quote is manafort is such a gilded sorted reminder of the company that Trump keeps and of how he sees and navigates the world it is true Sam he has represented unsavory he’s all over the world it is also this case is not about Russia and it’s true that Russia is the backdrop for all of it yeah it’s a weird it’s a weird thing happening here in which you have obviously the former chairman of the Trump campaign right in the middle of a very high-profile obviously controversial trial in Donald Trump’s name wasn’t mentioned today in campaign in 2016 campaign or is work on the Inaugural Committee it is a highly separate trial involving a past client of Paul manafort’s and I think you’re reading between the lines it is the Prelude to something that’s supposed to be bigger obviously the prosecutors have a case of the bring here but it does seem like they’re looking down the road to try to get to participate in the larger Mission which is the investigation to collusion in the Trump campaign does under this type of pressure I do agree that the case the defense he’s bringing it seems highly uncompelling basically shame I did all this without my knowledge Paul manafort is there to believe a story The prosecutors are telling them here are the receipts and so he’s got a really bad car. He still playing it and it all begs the question why is he not trying to get some bigger deal done I don’t know if there are great answer to this other than he’s waiting for potentially a pardon down the road are there great videos
The Mueller investigation’s first trial gets underway. And officials in the Paul Manafort trial got off to a quick start covering a lot of ground on day one. Josh Gerstein, Cynthia Alksne, & Sam Stein all join to discuss.
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Paul Manafort Trial, Day 1: Opening Arguments… And An Ostrich Jacket | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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