Peace on the Korean peninsula? – BBC News

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Peace on the Korean peninsula? – BBC News
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first of all he needed to nail North Korea Dome on any details on when you could ization and second of all he needed something for the people hit in South Korea explain to debate so did he win independence experts and to oversee the dismantling of one of his missile launch sites in the north of the country. that forward leave also said that they will get rid of one of their main nuclear sites the young bill in sight but only ask the u.s. do something first we think we know what that might be the names to the Korean War they want a peace treaty with anything you ask to do it when it comes to whether or not they’ve done enough well nice it’s over to President Trump so what can size Koreans get excited Kim jeong-hoon is coming to school by the end of the Hill be the first visit buy a North Korean leader going to get quite excited when he arrived here will be a few protest as well what else can you get excited about they’re going to create new road and rail links to the north and they’re also going to start pulling away from the board this is the idea that the demilitarized zone is going to become a piece they’re going to clear at the landmines going to take some time but they’re going to stop by removing guard post this summer and brought the trickery is closer to declaring an end to the war as to do it but they are making steps on their own and when Kim jeong-hoon and president Moon stand side-by-side and when they talk in this way about removing trips and guard posts from the board then that is a signal to people both North and said that somehow in someway this is some they’re going to work on it’s a partial when I think in terms of what he needed to do he’s done the job the problem is him and says Creator going more concerned about the economy the good more concerned about whether or not and I have a job next week rather than whether or not the north has nuclear missiles who does need to come home and deal with domestic issues but in times with Moon’s Mission Moon the mediator trying to get North Korea to talk to the and vice-versa it is nearly win President Trump says he’s very excited he did it in a tweet so that is a very good sign it might well be even if it advises aren’t ready President Trump seems ready the offer came jongens something is it the end of War declaration the peace treaty that they are so long and for assuming we’ll just have to wait and see
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has agreed to shut one of the country’s main missile testing and launch sites, says the South’s President Moon Jae-in.
Laura Bicker considers what might happen next.

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