Pence calls on Congress to pass USMCA

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Pence calls on Congress to pass USMCA
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Pence calls on Congress to pass USMCA
Pence calls on Congress to pass USMCA
Run the state I tried to talk every child into wouldn’t be Governor. I said you get to live in the governor’s mansion. You get pizza 24-hours a day you get to have breakfast or lunch or something or dinner with President Trump. Did you get to US-1? Maybe one time and Spidey and they’re all going to be together, so that was that was that was my job for 4 years. Try to make sure everybody want to be the governor of state. Now, I’m telling everybody that you want. President self I took I took. I took my five-year-old grandson as soon as Trump won the race. I took him to meet him on the tarmac and he had no idea who the president was that he knew the generals were. If he’s watch every Lego movie. So I said he was a top General in the world, so so now, every time I see him almost every weekend he asked how the world is doing. Today’S a special day we get to hear from a very good friend of mine, Mike Pence was was a sitting Congressman back in 2009. When I organized a group – and I did a lot of events actually up here – to try make sure we got real good at the health care reform done, that was going to be good for people. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a program that that reduce healthcare costs and made it better for people. But Mike was working hard for that. And then he got elected as a governor and I like the vice president lot, but he try to get jobs for Indiana and my job was the opposite. I would every job in the country in Florida, but vice president Pence worked hard to try to turn around and he did to improve the economy of Indiana and you can look at his record exactly what we care about. So if you think about it, I always have always said his Governor people care about three things. The first thing they care about is they want to go to work while we have a lot of jobs and we did a good job in Florida – boy what’s what’s happening of Florida and who gets up every day and fights to keep the promises that he made To the people of the sunshine state, I bring greetings from the 45th president of the United States of America. President Donald Trump, you know in our first year in office, President Trump promise the American people that we were going to. We were going to in his words higher and grow in America. American workers rebuild America, cities and towns because he said when, when we grow American manufacturing, we don’t just grow wages, America spirit as part of the country. We we make things and we grow things, and what was true in the Hoosier State is true right here in the Sunshine State and I’m proud to say under President Trump’s leadership. America Manufacturing in American agriculture are growing again, particularly when it comes to manufacturing, got to taste amazing. After we rolled back Federal Regulations at historic level, we unleashed American Energy, and, after this President signed the largest tax cuts and tax reform in American history. This American economy is soaring, you think about it since Election Day 2016, since Election Day 2016 business is large and small. This country, like those represented in this room today, so well, it created including 450 4000 good, paying jobs right here in Florida, the unemployment rate has hit in nearly 50 year low and the unemployment rate for African-Americans and hispanic-americans is the lowest ever recorded American history. The American dream is working again for every American and Hazard economy is expanding. The great news is wages. Wages are rising across this country at the fastest Pace that they have in more than 10 years, and I think what means the most of President Trump and I just today are rising most rapidly among Working Families. Blue-Collar workers, all across this country, are receiving the most rapid pay increases of any part of our economy. In a word, the Forgotten men and women of America – R4. It’S Working, America has a real statistic for you for the first time ever and now for the 13th month in a row we’re in the 13th straight months where there are more job openings in America than there are Americans looking for work, that’s not only the longest Streak in history, but it had never happened before it really isn’t. It’S particularly amazing to see how many facturing has come roaring back under This president’s leadership in the last Administration. The story about American manufacturing Administration actually lost 200,000 manufacturing jobs all across this country and across this state and remember the last president said we never going to back. I remember the middle of 2016. The last president remember he said when he was asked about manufacturing jobs. He said he said what magic wand do you have need a magic wand. We just needed President Donald Trump in the white house cuz. The truth is with the policy building on the policies of were talking about 500,000 manufacturing jobs, including more than 20,000 right here in Florida in October, 2018 was not only the best year for men. Factory job creation in more than 20 years is actually marked the highest level of optimism among manufacturers ever recorded. He said all of our all of our plants are humming that it’s all happened so Manufacturing and I we come from a philosophy. The knows that it’s the people of America is the Enterprises of America they’re doing all the work and I’m proud to be part of that Administration. That’S been letting people keep more of what they are and lower the business tax rate high school graduates to earn a solid income while they learn a trade. In fact, with this booming economy, this company has already invested $ 200,000 in career development for its employees and they’re. Just how to do that. President Trump and I both know that we’ve got to level the playing field for American workers. Workers here in Florida deal to be able to compete with companies around the world that begins by forging trade deals, American jobs in American workers. First, that’s what America First is all about, and we’ve been fighting for it everyday from Europe to the Pacific. This president has been fighting against unfair trade practice, treat us like we treat them. That’S what reciprocal is really all about, and I’m really proud to report that the president took a strong stand not long ago, and we have great progress in the headlines today. Thanks to the president’s leadership was he said earlier today: are grape farmers can begin doing business again in Mexico and Canada? The retaliatory tariffs are gone to big deal. Are you all remember? The president took decisive action to protect American Steel and aluminum not long ago, president reach an arrangement that, but I was I was a part of these discussions going forward with the with the prime minister particular where we we reached an agreement to put American Steel first Or defending American jobs, but also we’ve negotiated for Mexico and Canada to lift a retaliatory tariffs on American orange juice. Under this new agreement, Florida’s farmers are going to win like never before so we strengthened them. Twitter really brings me here today. I came here to Florida today to tell you for all the way done so far for all the way done to keep this economy moving. The time has come for the Congress of the United States, the largest trade deal in American history. The time has come for Congress to pass the usmca. The usmca is a Win 4 Florida and a win for America. The president has done his job is time for the Congress to do their job and pass the usmca this summer brought me here today. I’Ve literally been traveling all over the country. Talking about the United States, Mexico, Canada agreement, the difference that it’s really going to make not just in manual open the Hoosier State we literally saw almost entire Community shuttered is manufacturing factories closed after afternoon after the move South of the Border, but men and women of The Sunshine State those days are over the usmca levels. The playing field and puts American jobs in American workers. First today is ash good impact. More than 2 million manufacturing jobs in Mexico is absolutely usmca actually is going to end programs in Canada that allow low price products to undercut American Dairy agreements going to ensure the product grading is fair and transparent. It’Ll also help Americans protect the Innovative technology, they give us an edge and Global Marketplace. Many of these things were never even addressed in that you know there was a rule under the old NAFTA agreement that if a particular manufactured product wasn’t mentioned in the after that it wasn’t covered. So truthfully, China were able to manufacture products, shipping to Canada or shipping to Mexico and send them into the United States duty-free, but those days are over. We are not going to allow an outdated trade deal to her. American manufacturers are American farmers, anymore, good, paying jobs in the part of rebuilding the American middle class. Today American workers going to win like never before the men and women of Florida. I’M I’m here not just to tell you how important this is. What I’m here to ask for your help? The clock is ticking it’s time and the truth of the matter is you can’t afford Congress to do nothing. We need Congress to approve the usmca Vista summer to keep America growing. As I said, the presents. His job, we negotiated a deal that puts American jobs and workers first now it’s time, it’s time for Congress to do their job, but I got to tell you you all are going to be the people that make the difference. I don’t want you to let your voice be heard. I hope you’ll leave here today and give another round of applause to these great Congressman. This great Senator this great panel, the mayor Linda. I couldn’t be more grateful America’s first policies for putting this event together, because it’s going to equip you to be able to go out and make the case for the USMC. We need to reach out reach out to elected officials all across this great state. Let them know just how important this is reach out to people in both political parties all of the world. So I just encourage you to spin that Rolodex and for you, young people, ask somebody my age what a Rolodex was House in Jacksonville the other day. I ran into Mike and couple these great Congressman. They were telling me about this usmca and the truth is Washington. Dc is always chasing after one story or another. When I get up in the morning – and I sometimes I turn on the television with a stick – you know I don’t even did you get that one? Okay, I never know: what’s going to be on their economy is growing, it’s thriving America is back, jobs are coming back. You know that America is back, but America needs USMC growing and we need you to go. Tell the story. Will you do it always believe that you know where the American people set their mind to something and let their voice be heard? There’S there’s nothing that we can accomplish. There’S nothing that Congress won’t step up and do so just encourage you to let your voice be her. Let people know just how important this is. Let him know about the great stories that are happening in this economy. Just how much this agreement with Canada and Mexico is going to mean to a growing Florida economy and I’m absolutely convinced if all of us do all the week and in the days ahead, to call on our leaders at every level to call on our peers in Business, our neighbors and our friends to tell the story of just how important this usmca is. If all of us get behind the men and women like Senator Rick, Scott, these great congressman and all the leaders that are there standing up for the policies that are that are growing this economy, that was President Donald Trump in the White House and with that support And with God’s help, I really do believe: we’ve only just begun to see what this economy could do for this generation and the next and we will make Florida more prosperous and more secure than ever before and borrow a phrase. We will make America great again. So, let’s get out there, let’s get the usmca done and done for America. Thank you. God bless you and God bless the United States.
Vice President Mike Pence discusses the USMCA at an “America First Policies” event in Jacksonville, FL.

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