Pence on Korean War remains: Our boys are coming home

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Pence on Korean War remains: Our boys are coming home
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Admiral David General Brown Lieutenant General Brown distinguished members of Congress honored guest members of our armed forces and most of all veterans from our Korean War and the cherished families of our missing falling thank you for joining us for this historic occasion greetings and great respect to all those gathered here from our commander and chief who’s leadership and compassion brought this day about the 45th president of the United States of America Donald Trump the book says if you if respect then respect at this honorable Carrie ceremony to receive 55 flag-draped cases which we trust include the remains of American Heroes who fell in the Korean War Korean War The Forgotten War but today we prove these Heroes were never forgotten today our boys are coming home president Trump on this day on his behalf and honestly I’ve never been more humbled to be asked to represent him as the Admiral just said my dad Lieutenant Ed pence in combat in the Korean War the real heroes of the Korean War we’re the ones that didn’t get to come home and I just know there’s no place dad would rather have me be than here with all of you welcoming these Heroes home 65 years ago last week the Armistice was signed to bring the Korean War due to close from the moment the guns fellsilent American soldiers returned home some of their families and Futures and some of their Eternal rest but more than 8,000 Americans did not come home at all our nation has worked tirelessly to keep our sacred promise to leave no man behind and well several hundred of the missing Fallen have been returned for more than a decade as a result of North Korea’s nuclear threats and escalations search and rescue and Recovery efforts have been suspended until today on June 12th president Trump travel to Historic Summit in Singapore with Kim Jeong Hoon of North Korea as our president entered into negotiations with North Korea he also had are falling on his car as a secure to compliment for the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula are present and also security promise from chairman Kim to return the remains of all servicemembers lost in North Korea and we see today is tangible progress in our effort good cheap eats on the Korean Peninsula but today is just the beginning our work will not be complete until all are coral fallen heroes are accounted for and home we will see to it in the days ahead that these Heroes will be the heroes who led the way too many more home coming in the future Korean War Memorial is a tribute to the brave Americans who fought their it reads our nation on her sons and daughters who answered the call to defend country they never knew and a people they never met at the time through that call America was weary from war less than 5 years before we had emerged Victorious from the planes of World War II but the end of that struggle marked the beginning of a new one a war between the forces of freedom and the forces of communism 68 years ago in the Korean Peninsula the battle was join on June 25th 1950 at dawn communist North Korea invaded the Free Republic of South Korea its armies stormed across the Third parallel in just a few short days they nearly succeeded and driving freedom from that Peninsula America new March would not have stopped in South Korea emboldened by a victory there communism put them spread to every corner of the asia-pacific toppling Nations one by one until America resolve to stop communism advance in Korea and we send our best to do it over 3 long years nearly 2 million American Patriots hook up the pipe more than 100,000 were injured and 30 6574 gave their all to defend our freedom and secure freedom for South Korea they’re actually courage were no less heroic than that of their brothers in arms who stormed the beaches of Normandy or he would Jima they beat back Relentless sending me a text at the pusan perimeter for 6 Straight week South Korea from being driven into the sea it came up short in Sean and then pushed Inland retaking Soul the capital of free Korea relieving there can Patriots to the South and opening a crucial new front they made their stand at the Chosin Reservoir surrounded and outnumbered 4214 17 heroin days and night as temperatures plunge the 35 degrees below zero they kept fighting until they broke through the Enemy Lines and became legends from Heartbreak Ridge to pork chop Hill the Old Baldy in foxholes over mountains through rice paddies they soldiers on they drove back the enemy they held the line and the armed forces the United States together with our allies defended our freedom and won a lasting freedom for the people of South Korea that prosper in just a few moments the remains of some of those same American heroes with finally return to American soil draped in the colors of the country they served today they are known but to God but soon we will know their name and we will tell their stories of Courage they were soldiers yes but they were also husbands fathers brothers and neighbors long gone but never lost to the memory of their loved regenerations their families had only a black and white photograph to claim to a faded letter for the precious memory of an Embrace on the day they left we don’t know who will come off these Plains today but we do know they are Heroes all heroes with stories like Army Sergeant dumb eritano a World War II combat veteran from Ohio who went missing after a fierce battle on Hill 717 for his courage Under Fire he was simply awarded the Silver Star and the Purple Heart or they could be heroes remember just like major Charles Loring who been held a prisoner by the Nazis after being captured in 1944 less than a decade later he returned to battle I’m a sortie of enemy territory near a place called sniper Ridge is fat was hit by anti-aircraft fire and instead of diverting friendly territory major Loring directed is playing in to the very enemy artillery that was threatening American soldiers they could also have stories like first lieutenant Hal down house trained for combat as a second world war came to a close we got married Edison took a job at a car company but on his first day as he said before I even had a chance to sharpen a pencil his wife called him and said he’s been recalled to the United States Air Force he went without hesitation and on tonight bombing run over North Korea Lieutenant Downs was lost he left behind his wife Eleanor their unborn daughter Donna and a three-year-old boy named brick who everyday is work without ceasing to honor his father’s memory and support the families of our missing falling from the Korean War and Rick we are honored by your presence with us too or finally they couldn’t stories like first lieutenant Frank cell is called up from the Nevada Air National Guard who volunteered to leave his duties to serve in Korea you were shot down on New Year’s Eve 1952 while flying a recon mission over enemy territory the four years old when he Stout from Travis Air Force Base we met Diana last night at that very same Air Force Base the base where she saw her father depart for the last time it was the first time that she had been back there Diana you honor your father and all of us by your presence today as well emerges from these aircraft today begins a new season of Hope for the families of our missing call hope that those who are lost will you be found hope that after so many years of questions these families will have closure and hope that is President Trump said just yesterday that these and those that follow will in his words finally come home to laser rest in American soil and so they shall sum in Arlington National Cemetery song in National cemeteries in the churchyard alongside love ones long gone and Simon call Family plot fire cornfield on a lonely road but wherever they go these and all those who will follow she’ll be remembered With Honor for his the Bible says greater love has no man than this that he should lay down his life for his friends and as these heroes are laid to rest so we pray they were restaurant to the families of our fallen here and looking on know that our hearts are with you today we share your hope that someday soon your loved one’s precious will be restored to your tender care and we pledged to you we will never stop striving until every hero lost in the Korean War is all did the veterans of our Korean War brothers and sisters in arms thank you for your service we hope that ends Sarah in This Promise kept you see once more the Deep gratitude that every American feels for your skirt and that you leave with the absolute assurance that the Korean war is forgotten no more into our honored Dead who gave the last full measure devotion for their families and our freedom to these Great American Heroes falling so long ago today as a nation we read the word of thanks for your service and sacrifice and we say to you as one people with one voice welcome home may God bless the memory of our fallen and their families may God bless all who have served heard the display in the uniform of this great nation and may God continue to bless the United States of America
Vice President Mike Pence represents the Trump administration at honorable carry ceremony for presumed remains of U.S. soldiers returned by North Korea.

Read more on the ceremony here:

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