Pennsylvania Swing Voters Speak Out On Issues That Could Sway Their Vote | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Pennsylvania Swing Voters Speak Out On Issues That Could Sway Their Vote | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
Pennsylvania Swing Voters Speak Out On Issues That Could Sway Their Vote | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
As we move closer to the first primaries in the 2020 race, we are keeping a close eye on a few swing states that could ultimately decide this election. Like Pennsylvania, where NBC’s Harry Smith’s recently sat down with a group of undecided voters in Bethlehem city. That was split between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in 2016. Just four years later there was one issue that is still at the top of Voters Minds. How important is helping. Basically, if I don’t have my medications, / 36 hour., I will die it’s too expensive. It’S absurd Centerpoint Medical College afford it. I would like universal healthcare. I would like what other what I’ve seen in other countries can wait is really I I want change that conversation right there on the ground. Oh absolutely Healthcare is a huge issue for voters and four people in the Lehigh Valley. The important thing to know that access to health care is there for people in the Lehigh Valley. The issue is the affordability of the health care. If you think about it, the Lehigh Valley is so diverse, but it has a huge blue collar population. So you see people that are in two and three jobs really to make ends meet Charlie, should Democratic candidates based on what we just heard, simply be laser-focused on a Ford ability of life. This is a huge winning issue for Democrats if they don’t overplay their hand. I think that you saw this in 2018. The problem is that Republicans will flip the script even back. It becomes a question of we are going to take away your private health insurance in when you come up with a Medicare floor plan is going to cost 30 trillion dollars. Does it mean that Democrats have to make? Are they going to make this a net negative, something that Center left center right country and there are swing voters and there are swing voters in places like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and an if the focus is on? Well, how can we make Healthcare more affordable? What are the Republic doing with Healthcare? What is Donald Trump’s plan? I think that that’s a significant negative for the 4th for the Republican. On the other hand, this whole question of medicare-for-all. These voters, like many others, are very concerned with the growing divide between the rich and the rest of us. Let’S listen, the table’s not level to you is garnering. More and more of the total wealth in the world. You listen to the news. Everyday economy is going gangbusters Market on the news. What, if I don’t take money out of my 401k? Oh wait, I don’t have a 401k I had to spend. I need to know voter and as an energetic motor and someone who get people energized to vote, how they’re going to make sure that people, my age and people younger, aren’t going to be set up for failure to cite a system that tells us that were set Up for success, yeah means looked at messages, probably the same thing that those candidates on the trail or hearing in Des Moines and Nashua New Hampshire and Spartanburg South Carolina, and so I think, that’s why you’ve seen Kennedy’s, probably shy away from talking about the things that Make news here in the Beltway like impeachment hearings and talk more about health care, about Medicare for all versus expanding Obamacare, about just the affordability of life like you put it, but I think that that suggests that Democrats actually have the upper hand. I mean when you have a president, that that spent a good chunk of his political Capital passing a tax bill that expanded the wage Gap were expanded. The wealth gap between the wealthy and the poor and did not do anything but serve as a tax giveaway to millionaires in billion. If Democrats can effectively executes that case, I don’t see how Republicans can push back on the idea that they’ve been focused on people like those people around those tables right there. If you work hard 40 hours a week, you shouldn’t be struggling like this, and those people who are saying a strong stock market with the president’s house every day is smoking mirrors. It’S simply doesn’t articulate the full picture. This argument come back and bite the president. You Oughta be able to experience the American dream if we live in which you play by the rules anywhere still broke and people know run a company like we Works into the ground, and then it is not legitimate, been this for populism. This is a real area of vulnerability when people realized that Donald Trump is actually not making life better for the people who are struggling in the 40 hour a week. Job problem for him – and I think this really is a potential potential vulnerability for Donald Trump and a real opportunity for Democrats. They’Re talking about minimum wage watch issue with my top guy right now is making 15, but I do so he’s making that I hired a high school kid to cover some hours after school. I had thought I have to start him at $ 15 an hour. What do I do with that? Guy that’s been with me for 7 years struggling because of that you don’t see minimum wage get raised naturally, because of that very argument. Monster companies like a CVS and Amazon did they get away with not treating their employees because of the situation. Small businesses right I mean, I think you see that across-the-board. You know in the Lehigh Valley. It’S it’s a great example. Like you said, we have an increasingly large number of small businesses that are actually going out of business because of the fact that they can’t afford to pay people more than the minimum wage, and it goes back to what we were saying earlier. You have people working 40 plus hours a week, but they can’t afford to pay for their lifestyle, pay rent pay off their medications with just one income. You know so you see employers like Amazon and fees. Warehouse is coming in and, yes, you know they might get away with some things that they shouldn’t be getting away with, but I think overall for people that’s just being paid more, is more important to them. At least here, then, it is to work for someone where they’re going to be taken care of so Stoners can’t get by and he’s Mega Behemoth are able to Arbitrage the system. How should candidates look at this? Not as wealthy people vs less wealthy people? In other words, you know you’ve got the Millionaires and billionaires sitting atop the system and then you’ve got these small business owners fighting with their employees over over pennies. Basically, and I think that’s the power of the. So what Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are saying. Is you need big structural change in the way we think about those types of things we think about it as there’s only so much of a pie that’s available, and you can only give so much of it to the worker or the small business owner. I think a lot of progressives were like a discussion focused around. We need a rising tide lifts all boats, instead of paying less of the worker or not raising the minimum wage. We should be creating opportunities for small business and we should be raising the minimum wage and we can afford that redistributing money to the wealthy to the millionaires in the Billionaire’s. What that giveaways, I think that’s were progressives – would like to have this discussion or click on this list and see lots of other great videos.
In the key battleground state of Pennsylvania, NBC’s Harry Smith talked to voters in one of the state’s most major swing counties. Stephanie Ruhle is joined by Bulwark Editor at Large Charlie Sykes, Lehigh Valley’s “Es Tiempo” co-host Genesis Ortega, and Democratic Strategist Joel Payne to discuss what Smith found matters most to voters and what that means for the 2020 election. Aired on 11/25/19.
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Pennsylvania Swing Voters Speak Out On Issues That Could Sway Their Vote | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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