People forget how talented the Splash Brothers are – Matt Barnes | First Take

People forget how talented the Splash Brothers are – Matt Barnes | First Take
People forget how talented the Splash Brothers are – Matt Barnes | First Take
How much would the Warriors miss him? If he’s not able to play the series of the rest of their core is going to play a lot of minutes and be very tired. I still think we’ll be able to get past Portland, but I think you know their core guys are going to be tired going into the finals. You know, Kevin Durant is taking a huge step this year and showing the world that you know. After all, this Pat Beverley can stop him. He got hurt. This is what you guys wanted to see. You know you continue to focus, Barre and he’s been incredible sense, but keep people I think they have deferred to Kevin somewhat and Kevin’s been so efficient. You you understand why, but you know what Kevin off the court is not that they want Katie not to be there but they’re fine. You know they’ve been there, their battle-tested they’ve done that and, like I said, the only thing that is there death and without KD or Boogie the stairs, and I think that’s how they’re planning on playing the series. You know Steph Steph Klay and I dream on Andre and really tired went to the finals, Steph and Klay. They won the first championship with an astronaut. Just those two guys with the whole group, wouldn’t ask for LeBron didn’t have Kyrie or Kevin Love. Give me a break. He had Matthew, dellavedova second player instead, six games, I’m saying right now, when I think about that year, I think of quickly. Obviously, if they were healthy, they would have won that series next year after the Warriors got better 73 game, but then Draymond and Mississippi is I have yet to see. I can do it in particular. We all know when it matters most. I haven’t seen that yet in the finals is Milwaukee there waiting for real, I think you can. Only time will tell you know we can figure out he’s in a good Groove going to get Space. You know his energy is good. I saw these guys before last game cuz, I did a pregame show and everyone’s energy is Right excited. You know obviously like I said they want Katie and Boogie back, but they’re realizing this round, most likely they’re going to do without them, but this is their time. I mean no one said the three was going to be easy. There’S there’s plenty of hurdles I and everyone saying this could be their last dance, so I think you’re going to see the best out of everyone that goes on that floor, including the bench and hats off to Steve Kerr working these guys in because I haven’t been Able to play that much this much in the playoffs, because we disagree with you is that is greatest Klay and Steph. Are they explode and when they’re explosive by me, we see what I mean. This is Steph Curry. Dropping 9-3 is the other night them combined. If the 12 things overall, when they get when they going again, they’re the greatest shooting back what we’ve ever seen in NBA history. But this is not the same team because it doesn’t have the same level of depth. We’Ve been marvelling at what we see from a dollar, because we saw a decline physically because of Cajun nutrition. We certainly seen that from Shaun Livingston as well, even though he stepped up and Game 6 against Houston and showed that he could still get it done.. You can rely on God’s and pivotal moment, but the game is 48 minutes. You know that better than both of us Matt. That’S all I’m saying to you when you think about a team like Milwaukee who, by the way, let us not forget, will have home-court advantage and you think about the bodies that they’re capable of throwing at you. You got the Greek Freak. You got Meera tissue got, Littleton, you’ve got Bledsoe, who can be a bit bolt. Rob is now coming up to bench, he’s giving you some minute. You look at the just just a potpourri of individuals that they can throw at you. I am of the mindset you have to have Kevin Durant to win the championship. If the Golden State Warriors do not get Kevin Durant back, I don’t think they would beat the Milwaukee Bucks, because I think the depth that you you glossed over is going to be pivotal and it’s going to be lacking against team light. Milwaukee Huda fan and is not going to let you get off like that. I agree with me from the beginning of the season. This is not one of the deeper benches golden state of health. Same thing, you said that young team that that that word young scares me the lady getting the playoff Ally, seeing as you know, the lights get a lot brighter and in the end you have the whole world on you. The further you go, you know for this young team. If they’re forcing us to get back pass Toronto playing in the championship is going to be brand new for all those guys, you know prefer Brianna’s for bled for Brogdon for Middleton for the whole crew. So I’m going with experience, I mean young teens are great during the season to Milwaukee a lot of people wrong play in the playoffs, but I’ll always want to go to experience when it gets later in the playoffs and definitely in the files. Because, like I said earlier, these guys are battle-tested, they’ve been down, they’ve been up, they’ve lost, leaves and come back in 1 championships. That’S all stuff! You can’t practice at. I actually been there.
Matt Barnes defends Steph Curry and Klay Thompson’s ability to lead the Golden State Warriors to victory against the Portland Trail Blazers without Kevin Durant on the floor.
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