Perez: On Scrapping Virtual Caucuses, DNC & Iowa To Reach Decision In ‘2 Weeks’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Perez: On Scrapping Virtual Caucuses, DNC & Iowa To Reach Decision In ‘2 Weeks’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Perez: On Scrapping Virtual Caucuses, DNC & Iowa To Reach Decision In ‘2 Weeks’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Week, away from the next democratic debate will be on stage Thursday night half the number that participated in the first two dates, but they’re still 20 Democrats running and the ones who didn’t make the stage they’re not anytime, soon. Party’S convention with me now, Tom Perez chairman of the Democratic National Committee, set, the criteria is serving as a way to try to win of the field or not. Address percent is still a pretty low bar and we gave 2 % in 4 of those 21 by the people who made it. I look forward to next week. What are the debate format? Is they got you giving 62nd answers? There’S 10 of you out there and it’s hard to have the meaningful conversation like we can do in the town hall. 10. Most important thing, I think, is for somebody watching the debate able to picture how their life is going to be different. If your present versus any of the others – and I can floss for debates going on a long time, I’m thinking about you opportunity of opportunities to communicate both tackling the climate issue and I think, that’s incredibly important to help candidates 20/20 and sort of the the campaign For the Democratic party is this about defeating President Trump or pursuing a larger Democratic agenda, is focused on 1 Gap, ignore that fat, but I think what the voters are going to have is we have an alignment of values every single candidate, so Healthcare we have difference. Is there but the alignment of the an elected house Democrats have called for we made a little boy. Call it a word collage here: don’t big donors, I’m sure of the democratic party, some of whom would like to see this President out yesterday would like to see impeachment started. Yet what do you tell them when they complain that house Democrats they seem to have not not gotten them yet a prosecutor for a number of years of the Department of Justice under Republican and Democratic Administration. I learned Federal prosecutor. You have to ready. Why are you all looking at this going into what what time we can walk and chew gum, and you look at what Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in the house if passed, that was in Colorado yesterday gun violence? Guess we need to hold this present accountable and, yes, we’re listening to the fact that you want to make sure that if you have a pre-existing condition, you can keep your coverage. You want to make sure that we go after the pharmaceutical industry and don’t get into bed with that. It’S been a slow pace is that I have great respect for, and the first meeting was you’ve got a. We need to have less people in the race fast. Those critiques it makes me feel like maybe we found a love that which is create to sort of make it a day-long event, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and allow anybody to vote in anytime. During that day, you could create serve a firehouse primary. They already had their Nino all the locations. They want to do Sunday and Monday been thought of me as sort of a way to sort of mitigate the concern of of closing off the opportunity to purchase. an hour, or two ago we convened a team of experts, Nevada that we will not be using that. I need to know what are the rules of engagement there’s early voting allowed in Nevada under the rules of their caucus and soap play taking care of their situation in Nevada. What we can do to make this work, because our go everywhere, and – and I will remind you where designed to increase participation, Open, goaaal, primary and just forget this caucus are taking aggressive efforts to make sure they work is to make sure that we’re providing doing our Level best to ensure that people who can’t make it whether your senior citizen, it’s 2 weeks – and I have great faith in 2 weeks – make sure that everybody has not paid for this bait. Give me a favor subscribe by clicking that button down. There click on any of the videos to watch. You don’t have to have that problem with us, NBC News, MSNBC MTP in the Meet the Press mindset right here for you on YouTube subscriber now.
Chuck Todd sits down with DNC Chair Tom Perez on MTP Daily ahead of the third Democratic debate next week and to discuss the fate of the Iowa virtual caucuses.
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Perez: On Scrapping Virtual Caucuses, DNC & Iowa To Reach Decision In ‘2 Weeks’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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