Pete Williams On Manafort Trial’s Start: Opening Statements Reveal Defense Plans | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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Pete Williams On Manafort Trial’s Start: Opening Statements Reveal Defense Plans | MTP Daily | MSNBC
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all righty hits runs and errors I know the opening statements Rick Gates is sort of the man-in-the-middle hear the best witness for the prosecution and the person that the defense want to discredit what did you learn from all of this so far and throwing we’ll just remember this is the first time since last October since Paul manafort was first arrested and charged in the District of Columbia that we have ever heard the nature of his defense two point worth elaborating on for a moment remember all the filing so far from his lawyer have been to discredit Robert Mueller and say he shouldn’t have been bringing this case he was wrongly appointed he was wrongly given the task he went outside is laying in Prosecco metaphor so today for the first time we heard his defense and his defense lawyer Thomas dinley said that manafort is here because of one man but it’s not who you think he says that one that as you noted is Rick Gates Gates is the one who was in charge of filing the tax returns handling the operational matters he’s the one that only says who hit the income from the IRS and he said for the first time we’ve never heard this before that Gates was embezzling money from the lobbying firm that he and metaphor Kyle work for and ran he also says that it wasn’t manafort’s idea on how the payments from Ukraine would be structured that we’ve known before that the government said that it’s not like they wrote it Viktor Yanukovych wrote a check to Palmetto for that instead yanukovych’s supporters other as the prosecution says Ukrainian oligarchs deposited the money in bank accounts in Cypress and then they were transferred to manafort’s accounts also Cypress and eventually used the prosecution says to buy luxury goods and Bill up by and and do work on properties here in the US they also say that that that whole scheme was the ID all the Ukrainian oligarchs because they did they don’t have Federal Election Commission rules they did not want it known his defense lawyer said whom they were supporting so that’s why they did it and sort of a third-party weigh so we heard for the first time the nature of the defense if you’re watching this it means you’ve checked out our channel so thank you now do me a favor subscribe by clicking on that button down there click on any of the videos to watch can MSNBC you get more Meet the Press content every morning and the first week newsletter if you’re tired of content that you don’t know anything about where it came from you don’t have to have that problem with us NBC News MSNBC MTP in the Meet the Press mindset here for you on YouTube subscriber now
NBC’s Pete Williams joins MTP Daily to discuss the latest from the Paul Manafort criminal trial underway today.
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Pete Williams On Manafort Trial’s Start: Opening Statements Reveal Defense Plans | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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