Petitioners want to fine people calling 911 to complain about Amber Alerts

Petitioners want to fine people calling 911 to complain about Amber Alerts
Petitioners want to fine people calling 911 to complain about Amber Alerts
When your cell phone goes off like an air raid siren in the middle of the night because of an amber alert, do you turn it off and go back to sleep, or do you get angry and call 911? Many people do complain and Lauren out Titian, asking for real consequences for those people, thousands of people’s online Mercurio. We seem to see a lot of these 9-1-1 calls is a look at what it is. People signing up minute-by-minute, and so what a woman in Toronto is fed up with hearing stories of people calling nine-one-one to complain that they were woken up in the middle of the night that they television interrupted when they trying to watch something. She started that petition and she season taught that it was inspired by the living year old girl who went missing rare Rajkumar. She went missing on Valentine’s Day this year, who fathered had apparently taken her or not taking it home. It was an amber alert put out for her tragically 1 hour after the Amber Alert she was found. Did her father later died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound? I really tragic case and Amber Alert, put out to try and find her and join that Amber Alert. 89 people called nine-one-one to complain. One person called twice: one person complains that they were trying to watch the Leafs and that the programming had been interrupted, getting speed out with that kind of thing, Shelly and deposition Pages, something that she wrote. These people went home living their lives which were disrupted for all of two minutes, while the little girl with no more that would never find for taking time away from real emergencies. So she wants it to change people to realize that 911 is dedicated to a real emergency you’re tying up those phone lines when someone might be trying to call through she seems that people should be fine, and it looks like a lot of people support that as Well Janet, so where do you think how you spell looking for 75,000 signatures? I’Ve already got about 62,000, so they did well on the way there and then they plan to send it to Ontario Premier Doug Ford and his attorney general. In the meantime, though, we spoke to the solicitor general of Ontario earlier this month. Her name is Sylvia drawings and she told us that the Ontario government is already considering all options to ensure people and not wasting critical emergency resources. Didn’T elaborate on that might mean for these people who 9-1-1 calls during these Amber Alert in his complaint. Earlier this month, the Ontario Provincial Police, saying their priority is to educate people about the right time to call 911 when it’s a real emergency, not with a complaint but with an Amber Lily of the smoke. Some good advice coming from another police forces. Well, if you don’t want to get working out in the middle of the night, just put your phone on silent. It will not make that noise thanks very much Laura
A Toronto woman has launched an online petition asking Ontario Premier Doug Ford to levy fines against people who call emergency dispatchers to complain about broadcasts of Amber Alerts.

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