Pharmacare, health care, affordable housing | Campaign Roundup Day 13

Pharmacare, health care, affordable housing | Campaign Roundup Day 13
Pharmacare, health care, affordable housing | Campaign Roundup Day 13
Like many Canadians, I’m proud to live in a country where we have Universal Health Care, but I also know that our system is not perfect, spell promising more money for healthcare. He started the day in Hamilton before visiting local businesses in Stoney Creek. He finished the day with a stop in Niagara Falls. The feces Selena shivji has more on the announcement he made earlier today. Selena second big promise from the liberal campaign here in this part of Ontario. Yesterday it was a tax cut and cutting cell phone bill. Today, it’s a promise to work towards some sort of national pharmacare program. I promise that is rather vague on the details for the money that the Liberals would devote to. This is 6 billion dollars over the next four years, but it includes not only steps towards pharmacare, but also ensuring that Canadians have better access to a family doctor to mental health care and to Homecare the big promises, leaving lots of questions first off on costing the Parliamentary budget officer has estimated that a national pharmacare program would cost 19 billion dollars a year here, we’re only talking about 6 billion 4 and its steps to implement. Also, it is clear that this would include major tough negotiations with the province’s over what this could look like when asked about how Justin Trudeau would do that Justin Trudeau had this, it’s just say over and over again, who do you want standing up for you who Do you want negotiating with Doug for when it comes to your health care time in that news conference, and not because it fits right into his message track that this election is about a choice between his party and the unpopular Ontario Premier? That Trudeau was trying to link with conservative leader Andrew Scheer, He’s Surely hoping that message will obscure the fact that a string of his policy announcements are rather short on concrete details. Thanks for Lima, that’s Lima shivji, covering the liberal campaign this weekend. If he is also making a pharmacare promise back system to coverage, this will mean thousands of dollars in savings. This is a bold step for Democrats. He was in Bathurst where he also introduced a new candidate. He then moved over to Halifax Nova Scotia, where he held a town hall on Healthcare, the CC’s Ashley birth, the sky’s, the cash-strapped party waited until day 12 of The Campaign as a way to save money. Today is going to be staying, visited New Brunswick for the fourth time since becoming a leader almost two years ago, and that’s going to probably for him he’s faced criticism. I’M really sorry and I’m sorry I didn’t get here earlier – I’m happy to be here. I’M honored to be here and it’s a beautiful place. I would say I mean so there’s no question about it in East use of just not my bad, but I can tell people in New Brunswick if they want someone, that’s in it for them. Let’S look at the policies and look at what we’re proposing is the sum of these undecided voters. Their didn’t know anything but showed up, because they were curious about him. It’S really an uphill battle for the NDP in New Brunswick and last month there were a number provincial NDP Canada Behind the Green saying that there was no path to victory for the party here has taken the party up until today to find people to run in Alton riding then announced that last candidates this morning and then he took off. Healthcare enough, where I am right now getting ready for it to start and where the parties might have a better shot that she thinks Ashley. That’S Ashley Burke reporting on the NDP campaign for us this week: conservative leader, more affordable in communities across the country, both urban and rural, the cost of living is so high that it’s become almost impossible to save for a down payment, baby announcement in Woodbridge Ontario later He stopped in Markham to visit a seniors home he’s also hosting a campaign event there. The entire has more Forest time home buyers plan today was the conservative to and Pawn in Suburban Toronto making their own page, which includes a proposal to roll back. One of the changes made by the previous conservative government in response to the 2008 financial crisis, not when that crashes. Of course, it was unsecured, unstable mortgage lending in the state, Canada, with more insulated by Finance Minister Tim Flaherty. The conservative minister at the time, wanted to make it even safer, and one of the changes he made was to reduce the maximum amortisation. Morgan so we’re prior to 2008. You could take out a mortgage for 30-35, even in some cases, 40 years gym parties put a 25-year cap on any mortgage longer than that and you could not insure it says he would roll that back. Permit 30-year mortgages again, but only in the case of first-time buyers. Now, when the Liberals came to power bill, Morneau brought in an additional safeguard for the Canadian Financial system, which we call the stress test. They have enough liquidity not only to make the payments as interest rates and now, but they could continue to make the repayments if interest rates were to write, don’t want to scrap the stress, that’s all together, but I appreciate it does say that it’s too restrictive, that Is driving home buyers to unregulated lenders rather than banks, in some cases driving young people out of the housing market altogether they considered, as he said, would look at the stress test. I make it less restricted. The last issue, the Liberals, have tried to attract foreign ownership of Canadian home for speculative purposes and we seen already attacked him DC targeting foreign buyers. We don’t intend to live in the homes they buy. The Trudeau government has said that, if re-elected, it would take that tack Nationwide. It’S somewhat different Andrew Scheer, wants to investigate what he calls that money laundry in the real estate market he’s suggesting he does believe. A lot of that is coming from offshore sources similar to the speculators targeted by the liberal, but there’s no word yet on where investigation might lead What policies, actions or even texted it might lead to. So what we’re seeing are some rather different proposals around housing, but both of them targeting very much the same kind of Voters, young people looking to buy their first home and wondering how they’re ever go able to do it.. You and I are reporting on the conservative campaign this week, green party leader Elizabeth, May targeted mental health. Today, this is the election to make mental health a key election issue demand of all parties that they make firm commitments that we can track and follow up and insist upon after the election is over. What ever May says, the greens would expand mental health and Reba patient services. If elected, she made that announcement in Fredericton for stopping over in Moncton and then finishing the day in PEI in Charlottetown. Finally, People’s Party of Canada by the Chamber of Commerce has host of Power & politics, see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC News, Channel or click the link for another video
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has promised to ensure Canadians have better access to family doctors and prescription drugs, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh announced more details of his pharmacare plan and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer pledged to make it easier to buy a home on Day 13 of the election campaign.
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