Philippines rejects Canada’s late-June plan to bring back garbage | Power & Politics

Philippines rejects Canada’s late-June plan to bring back garbage | Power & Politics
Philippines rejects Canada’s late-June plan to bring back garbage | Power & Politics
It almost look like Canada’s garbage dispute with the Philippines was nearly over after Canada hired a firm to retrieve it this week and bring it back to Canada by the end of June. But today Philippine president Rodrigo 69 containers of trash running in the Philippines. For more than 5 years no later than next week, the containers were initially sent to the Philippines by a Canadian company, falsely labeled as plastics for recycling. So what does the federal government and now Shaun Frazier, is parliamentary secretary to the minister of environment and climate change? Has now from Halifax to see you in line at the time of that your government announced this week for returning the garbage or bringing it back to this country is not good enough. He said it has to be gone by next week. What is the government going to do with our counterparts? I can’t has offered to take back and pay for the transportation and disposal of the the garbage at issue. This is something that we’re committed to finding solution for and committed to doing in short order. The last update that I had understood was we were expecting to see the containers moving as soon as as the beginning of June, and I have the containers removed by June 10th. There’S been likely ongoing conversations send a, but we are working towards removing this an expedited way and, quite frankly, over the past few weeks, I’ve seen the process move faster than I’ve. Seen cover Move On many different files. I’Ve been impressed with the ability to order Contracting go through procurement process on such an expedited. When was the government kind of embarrassing president duterte so publicly admonishing? It’S been. People died before we took office in 2013, how we change the regulations, because we didn’t actually have the legal framework in place to demand the the repatriation of waste that was sent without the consent of the receiving country. 2016 you’re working on a diplomatic solution to this. Before it became a public news issue percent of the Philippines that actually found someone liable to remove it after they’ve been unable to to secure payment from those folks to make it happen by the Canadian company, who’s at fault has ceased to operate. They were registered. I believe in 2004 and haven’t really since I so there has been others that you could point to that should have been taking responsibility when we realized those Solutions, weren’t going to present themselves as we stepped up to the plate and said we are committed to making Sure this is removed and we’re willing to pay for it, and we do have some details sort out on the timing, but we are commitment, remains on shaken not to taking these containers of the Philippines and having them return to Canada. Convince your government. Is that realistic? What do you think we’ve been having with our counterparts on the Diplomatic level at both with global Affairs and environment, climate change? Canada have been very positive and we will towards a solution. That party seemed happy with. To be honest, it was a little surprising for meeting. Be in to see such a strong statement from the president in light of ongoing conversation, but obviously it’s a priority for him, and I know it’s a priority for Filipino Community through Canada as well. We’Re not going to give up on. We are going to find a solution and ensure that these containers are on the way back to Canada for processing ASAP process. Certainly so one of the reasons it takes a few days or a week to deal with this, as we actually have to make sure that we know what’s in the containers, we have to likely fumigate them. We have to ensure there’s not a risk of things like invasive species or risk to human health before the container to return how, when they get back I’ll, do it like to be a facility for processing on the the West Coast? I believe Port Metro Vancouver’s going to be entertaining a motion in the coming days as to whether they’re interested in taking the the containers so that that is built into the wall. Billy. The contractor who’s just been awarded the contract to to take care of the disposal. As well as well, that will be sorted out by the general contractor that we’ve just awarded the contract to total amount that this is going to cost. Canadian taxpayers are put that number increase. The total cost for the transportation of the containers of the acceptance of port and disposal of the the waste contained therein affected. The cost will increase from there when it does get, and this one we expect the last container to leave the Philippines. We expect them to start moving sooner than that, potentially at the very beginning of the month. I, which I know is, is pressing with the importance of Filipino Heritage Month, starting on June 1st. I know communities across Canada. We would like to see this. These containers move and we’re committed to seeing them get out of the airport in the Philippines as quickly as possible, given the company has gone out of business. Frankly, it’s something that’s extraordinary disappointing. This should probably be the responsibility of the company who exported the the materials without the consent of the Philippines and mislabeled. The content, Canadian should be very disappointed that a business they’re our country would try to pass this responsibility on. To the extent that we find someone who who could potentially, we could recoup the losses from that the Canadian taxpayers were going to pay our, we would explore those options. However, I would background litigation before I enter politics. I don’t want to throw good money after bad. I want to ensure that there’s a remedy at the end of the day before we pursue those outfits and climate change, has host of Power & politics, see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC News Channel or click the link for another video. Thanks for watching
The Philippines has rejected Canada’s plan to ship containers of garbage wrongly labelled as recycling back to Canada in late June. A spokesperson for President Rodrigo Duterte said that Canada’s timeline to repatriate the trash was not good enough, and that it will shipped back across the Pacific no later than next week.
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